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    Default Jeff Garfield/Candidate

    Jeff Garfield is running against John Ramsey. Michigan really is his home.

    Here is Mr. Garfield's website.

    Jack Apol is also running in the District 105 race. Here is Mr. Apol's website.

    If you find any websites of candidates running against Ramsey please post them here. I am trying to collect them to update the website.

    FFJ C/O Tricia Griffith
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    Default Hah!

    From Jeff's site:

    We all know about John Ramsey and his many great accomplishments in Michigan...he got a drivers license and changed his voters lets learn a little about Jeff.

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    We all know about John Ramsey and his many great accomplishments in Michigan...he got a drivers license and changed his voters registration...

    About Jack...

    I like this guy (at least on the surface.) Anyone who can poke fun at himself has to be somewhat all right. Plus he appears to be very much a down home - family man.

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    Default More

    From Patsy's Webbook site:-

    U.S. House of Representatives - 1st District - Don Hooper

    Locations(s): Iron River Campaign Headquarter


    U.S. House of Representatives - 1st District - Bart Stupak

    Locations(s): Menominee - Campaign Headquarters
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    What John has accomplished in Michigan
    Driver's license
    Changed his voter's registration.

    What Garfield has accomplished in Michigan:
    Jeff Garfield is currently an Otsego County Commissioner and has been named by CNN as the strongest opponent in the race for the State Representative seat.

    Mr. Garfield has been on the Otsego Lake Township Board, the Planning Commission, the United Way Board of Directors, the American Red Cross, Rotary, Gaylord Right to Life Board of Directors, Chairman of the Otsego County Townships Association, and a coach for the OCHA hockey club.

    Currently, Jeff Garfield is a Special Deputy Sheriff on the Search and Recovery Dive Team, is on the North Central Michigan Community Health Agency Board of Directors, liaison to the Family Independence Agency Board of Directors and the Otsego Conservation District and is 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus.

    Jeff is a full time parent of James and hosts international exchange students for 10 months of the year. To date, Garfield has had two students from Germany and one from Mexico and the Czech Republic.

    Garfield was the first attending student in U of M history to establish a scholarship endowment, purchased and trained a drug dog for use in area schools, donated the Jaws of Life to his local fire department and was the recipient of the Flint Community Achievement Award in 1996.

    Who ya'h gonna vote for?????????? What a tough decision.

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    Forgot to add to John's mindboggling list of accomplishements:
    Gave 1,000 donation to his kid's camp from the JBR foundation.

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