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    DejaNu, I think you hit them all.

    Ego and power are number one for me.

    Followed by restoring his "good name" so he and Patsy are not only remembered as the prime suspects in the murder of their daughter.

    John Ramsey said that he had been given a platform because of the case. Therefore he has taken this platform and is using it to run.

    My question is why didn't Ramsey use his "platform" to do something with the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation? He doesn't need to run for anything. He has the platform. He can make changes juse using his name.

    Look at Marc Klaas. Look at John Walsh.

    John Ramsey has choosen to sit on his behind and whine about his treatment by the media. Then what does he do? Run for office.

    It's ego. All ego.

    Think about it.

    By actually doing something with the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation like he said he would, Ramsey would not have POWER. The JBR Foundation would mean WORK without great rewards of power.

    It's ego and power. That's all.
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    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    To answer the question, it is necessary to understand in
    considerable measure the working of the minds of John and Patsy.
    Much information is provided by their appearance on CNN six days
    after the death of JonBenet.

    I can understand the suffering parents of a missing child pulling
    it together to go public in an effort to help find the child, but
    this is not the situation with the Ramseys. The child was dead
    and nothing they could do was going to change that. The reason
    for this appearance is found in the content of the transcript
    with a particular theme showing up again and again in other

    JOHN RAMSEY:...... And we know that there's many people that are
    praying for us, that are grieving with us. And we want to thank
    them, to let them know that we are healing,...but we want to
    thank those people that care about us.

    PATRICIA RAMSEY: We have just been overwhelmed by the cards and
    letters and visits and people we haven't seen for years have come
    to call and be supportive.....

    Behind the transparent guise of making the appearance to help
    find the killer, the real objective was to garner “public
    approval” as vindication. Indeed, the many subsequent appearances
    and interviews with the same theme marks this as an obsession.
    John’s run for office is more of the same.

    Although John Ramsey brought the death of JonBenet into the
    political arena, for the most part, it’s been ignored. Yes, there
    is often passing mention, but no follow up. If he hadn’t brought
    it up, chances are that it would have been ignored even more, if
    not entirely. The fact that he did bring it up and set it right
    out front tells that political ambitions have nothing to do with
    his running. What’s you’re seeing is a continuation of the same
    emotional directive that was behind the first interview in 1997.
    It’s all about “public approval” as “vindication” as “good
    people.” In these minds, it has the effect, (though temporary) of
    assuaging the feeling of guilt.

    Even the psychology of manipulation is shown here as in the past.
    Patsy could have called 911 and reported an accident without
    mentioning the confrontation. She didn’t. She relied upon her
    ability to manipulate and deceive much more that she did in her
    ability to come across as honest and innocent. That night, she
    didn’t trust others to trust her word; yet, that is what she has
    been doing since for over seven years. Her word is all she has.
    The evidence tells a different story.

    After the initial circumstance, they could have withdrawn from
    the public and interest in the case would have diminished
    considerably taking then out of focus. They did not make this
    choice. Instead, they have consciously and actively stayed in the
    light to promote their claim of innocence. They “need” public
    approval like a heroine addict needs a fix. It’s the whole basis
    for their sense of self value. Behind it all is Patsy saying:

    The part that galls the most, the most despicable and
    contemptible of the whole campaign thing is John Ramsey saying
    he was “given” a platform to do good. This is about as low as low
    can go.

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    Well, I'm only speculating because I don't know the Ramseys

    But I consider the Atlanta friends - the Westmorlands & co. They were supposed to be the Ramseys best friends in Atlanta - yet they kind of faded out of the picture. None of the "wonderful" Atlanta friends spoke out on their behalf - it was all friends from long times gone by who did that.

    So I wonder, were the Ramseys utlimately shunned by their rich Atlanta friends? Maybe not even shunned, but not exactly "included"? These are people for whom position in society is everything. Would they be true friends in time of need? John couldn't get a job and they were America's "most hated couple". They may have found out who their real friends were and been left with a feeling of "I'll show them" with regard to any former friends.
    This is my opinion and it may not be copied in whole or in part without my written permission

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    Shunned by the lunch bunch? You know what? I think that is really behind the move to Michigan.

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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    Really good question as to why JR is running for office…not that it is a very "high" office or anything…but it might just serve to make him think he has a little power, and if he were to be elected he could then say "See…I can't be guilty of a crime, or the people wouldn't have elected me…" and I also think as Driver said that it would help their re-entry into the social circles Miss Patsy thinks they should be in. It may all be a part of Woody's bin Limpy's PR advice perhaps? Who knows, maybe they are running out of people to sue, and they were hoping more protesters would show up and say negative things? Who the H-E-L-L knows why these people ever do half the things they do??? They have certainly tried harder to clear their own names than they have to see a killer brought to justice…oh wait…that would be them wouldn't it…Hmmm…nevermind?

    It's probably too late to get justice for JonBenét. Maybe it always was. But knowing where things went wrong is the first step to not going there again. **-- Alan Prendergast-Dec 21, 2006--**

    Bring all our Missing Home
    Prayers for our military who are protecting our freedom.

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    From a psychological standpoint, I'd have to agree with EZ. Purging a guilty conscience that won't grant them peace is a powerful motivator for obsessing over clearing their names. Even if JR's elected King of Siam, their guilty consciences still won't be appeased. They've engaged in every classic form of denial available--blameshifting, rewriting history over and over ala Smit's ever-morphing intruder theory, etc. They protesteth too much-trying to convince themselves of their own innocence. You can run, but you can't hide. Run John Run indeed!

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    Default why ramsey is running

    Dear Tricia,
    When I heard Ramsey was running--in the state I now live in--I sent him a letter suggesting that the first thing he do upon election is sponsor legilation to criminalize child beauty pageants. That way, I told him, no child will have to go through what yours went through.
    I'm also thinking of suggesting that I hold a book signing in front of his campaign office, all proceeds to go to Organizationa that work on behalf of sexually abused children. Also, perhaps, a benefit performance of my play.
    As you probably know, in this heavily republican area he--great right to lifer that he is--is likely to win.
    I also tried to get USA Today to run a counter story, but of course they and the mainline media only want to play things woody's way.
    Some kind of countermovement should be mounted.
    Best, Mac Davis
    p.s. By the way, Wood continues to NOT follow through on his promise to sue me and "by a new jaguar and thoroughbred racehorse" from the money he'd make.

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    John Ramsey needs to feed his ego IMO.

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    Default Run John, Run...

    Why is John Ramsey running for public office?

    My, oh my, that is a tough one.

    Let’s see. It couldn’t be because he’s interested in improving the conditions of his fellow citizens, or inspiring them to a better way of life. We, who know him, know that much.

    Then, why, oh why could he possibly be interested in running for public office? I agree with most all of what my wise and smart colleagues have previously stated. So, I delve into my old ticker and ask meself, why?

    Why, indeed!

    He will NEVER, and I mean, NEVER, be able to stop the slings and arrows that have been, and still are, being propelled towards his reputation. His tarnished image will (and he is smart enough to know this) follow him to his grave. What to do? Oh, what to do, to insure that his last breadth on this earth will be kinder to him that that?

    He is, IMHO, just egotistical (and/or psychotic) enough to believe (and I mean REALLY BELIEVE) that he can turn the public’s perception of him around. What better way to do this than to seek public office? Once embedded into a respectable position, he will show the world that he is, after all, worthy of respect and love. Naturally, the world will, thereafter, just forget about his daughter, buried six feet under, in the cold, hard clay of Georgia soil. If that’s what he’s thinking, he had better think again!

    Whereas most of us just want to live out our lives in good health and security (as we take
    our good reputations for granted) John Ramsey is thinking of something else. You better believe that he is thinking of something else!

    He’s probably thinking of who will give his eulogy and what he or she might say. And, he's probably very concerned about the wording in his obit. He knows, that up until now, there are not a lot of good things that can be said. Nothing good will ever enter his life until his daughter’s murder is solved. Everyone who had any part in murdering that little girl enters into a wasteland of hopelessness.

    No matter how blasé he may seem on the outside, JR is a bundle of insecurity, regret and misery. He must have nightmares about that December night, some eight years ago. He must see that sweet face of JonBenet in his dreams, over and over again.

    He probably erroneously thinks that securing a public office will make the nightmares go away. There is no escaping the spiritual punishment of ethereal law, Mr. Ramsey, even if you do escape the civil punishment of earthly law.

    As for your election, Sir, don’t count on my vote.

    P.S. Is that really you, Wilton? Where have you been?

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    Thumbs up I'm late on this thread,

    So I'll just say:

    What Deja Nu said!! Dittoes.

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    Default My Initial Reaction was.....

    Burke reaching the age of 18 and that cash-cow drying up from the lawsuits on his behalf. John and Patsy HAVE to be in the news for them to sue the news.


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    Default Differing Opinion....

    I have offered this opinion before and never received any interesting responses....

    I have always believed that John and Patsy Ramsey actually want to be identified by authorities as the murderers of their daughter, JonBenet....

    It is obvious to me that through the many public and foolish acts that they have accomplished since the murder, that they unconsciencely want to be punished for their daughters murder....Even though John and Patsy may not realize what they are doing, from the very beginning with the CNN interview, they have been pointing the finger of guilt at themselves, saying please eliminate all of the suspects that we suggest or name and realize that we are truly the only suspects who make sense....We are exposing ourselves publicly, time after time in every way that we know how....Please take all of the hints, the contradictions, the personality traits and the obvious lies and put them all together...

    Please all of you expert detectives, DA's, news people, internet beer can collectors, and freelance internet freeks, take all of the clues we have given you, put the case together, and punish us for the horrible murder we have committed upon our own child....

    This is the motivation of both John and Patsy, as I have always seen it, in remaining in the public eye....As Christian oriented people, they truly feel an unconsciencous need to be punished...

    Working to fullfill the Ramsey's unrealized dreams,
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