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    Default Jeff Garfield Wants Our Help ...

    I wrote to Jeff Garfield regarding John Ramsey's recent dirty tricks campaign against him, and asked how I could help. John Ramsey has decided to sling mud in order to get elected, and I believe the voters of Michigan need to know the REAL John Ramsey behind the sleek facade.

    Mr. Garfield said that a recent poll showed the election was between him and John Ramsey. The fact that John Ramsey has resorted to planting Garfield's past cocaine conviction in the media shows he knows the race is close, and is scared he might lose the primary. It was a risky move in Ramsey's part since he lives in a huge "glass house," and any stone he throws may come back to hurt him.

    John Ramsey, still under the umbrella of suspicion in his daughter's murder, should be the LAST person to cast aspersions on another candidate's character. I think he needs a good dose of what he's dishing out.

    Mr. Garfield's reply to my e-mail is copied below. He says he needs people to write short (300 words or less) letters to the editors of local newspapers. If nothing else, we could write a short paragraph telling how the TRUTH about John Ramsey, and his run for office, can be found at


    Thank you for the concern. What I need is short letters to the editor, 300 words or less. They can be sent to:

    Gaylord Herald Times
    Petoskey News Review
    Antrim County News
    Charlevoix Courier
    Cheboygan Tribune

    I will be conducting a poll later this week, but from the last two polls it will either be me or John Ramsey.

    Let others know that I need your help. Thanks.



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    That's so cool. There I was thinking he was going to be asking for money. I love him.

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    Wow, Cherokee, thanks for making this contact and posting. I will get right on my letter to the editor, with a copy to Jeff. I also plan to move out of the country should John Ramsey get the party nomination.

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    Thanks Cherokee! I will get right on writing my letter.

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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    Thanks Cherokee...I'll work on my letter after I take my daughter to work, or else get to it by the weekend!

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    The "Truth" site has been updated. It's the info ACR has on her page. Thanks ACR.

    If the people of district 105 really knew only about John Ramsey's lies concerning the JonBenet Ramsey Foundation they would run him out of town. Let alone all his other lies.

    I have heard, and I am trying to confirm, that John Ramesy HAS PAID FOR A SATELITTE TRUCK SO HE CAN GO ON THE DEBRA NORVILLE SHOW (MSNBC)

    If this is true, why in the world is Ramsey going on national TV? Why not keep it local?

    I am on the road. If someone can watch the DN show tonight on MSNBC I would appreciate it.

    Edited because John didn't trash Garfield
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    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    Incredible ACR, my gosh we are not worthy! Wonderful update...shows what the Ramseys are REALLY like. Don't listen to their 'meaningless' words...look at their results.

    As far as paying for satelite on national television in a small local election. Well... heck betcha Patsy organized it in her 'bigger than Texas' way.

    Mr. Garfield please read the first page, puts the info in a nut shell and ACR has the documentation God bless her.

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    Default Deborah Norville

    John Ramsey interview: (VERY ROUGH REPORT!!!)

    Opens with him announcing his candidacy, then Deborah giving a recap of the history.

    Ooh... John and Patsy

    DN:Why are you pushing yourself out there now?

    JR:Life needs to keep moving forward. Way we can contribute./..blah blah

    DN:Why did you decide to make your vacation homw your permanent home?

    JR:Michigan is a wonderful place to live... have talked about it for a long time... talked to Burke about it... He felt he would like to continue with school in Charlevoix..that was all we needed to make the decision.

    DN:Patsy, when did you realize your husband had a politcal bug?

    PR:I didn't realize it at all...etc elaborating

    DNid the death of your daughter help him to change from businessman to politics?

    PR:Yes, I think so.. etc.... lots of cliches... giving back, etc.. doors opening.. JOhn feels like this is a way he can contribute..

    DN:Jonbenet - this certainly gives you a lot of name recognition that the other candidates don't have.

    JR:Yes. people have realized that we got a pretty raw deal...blah blah.. people have been wonderful to us..

    TV Commercial being shown.. Deborah asks about it..

    Oh brother that commercial is pathetic. John political ad

    JR:"we felt it was important because people didn't know the facts. There have been many significant developments in the last 2 years.

    DN - says she doesn't think MSNBC has ever covered the Michigan state representative race before. She then reads off the others names,"just to be fair". She says something about the fairness of his getting all of this media attention and he mumbles something patronizing about them all being good people.

    DN asks Patsy about her cancer treatments.

    Patsy says her chemo ended just the other day. Goes on to expand on all of the folderol.. That she finished her chemo and was able to meet/greet 360 people right after blah blah blah.That everything seems to be going well for Patsy..(which I am happy to report). She looks pretty, and healthy.


    Asks JR what the new significant developments are.

    JR says getting the new investigators appointed. Results have been that they have been f0llowing up on leads.. mentions that they were able to extract very strong DNA evidence and have entered it into the data base.

    DN:Patsy how optimistic are you that someone will find the killer of your little girl?

    PR:I am very optimistic. I will not give up. The DNA has been so instrumental in clearing people who have been suspected (gag) and I am convinced we have the killer's DNA and we will find him. etc etc

    John says he is trying to address the immediate needs of his district.. protecting children blah blah. job creation is a big issue.. a key part of what he wants to try to effect.

    DN:Patsy, where do you get your strength.....etc....they accused you, how did you keep going...

    PR:The same thing that has sustained us for 8 years. We believe in Jesus Christ and that he is our Savior. It is the rock and the strength that we will one day be again with my mother, with JB, with my aunts and uncles (didn't mention John's other daughter).

    DN:Will you always have a pain in your heart? (to PAtsy)

    PR:Yes I will always have a pain in my heart. .... I think JB would be very proud of her Daddy. We said a prayer before this show and asked that JB and Beth be with us (?? lost train of thought - maybe that they would direct us)..

    Commercial break.

    Now showing snippet of Alex Hunter dismissing the GJ.

    DN:What's your best guess of what happened to your daughter?

    JR:Well, all we know is that absolute evil came into our home that night. It is unimaginable that someone could do that to a child. Other than that we don't know. We hope that one day we will know.

    She asks about possibility of an employee, etc.

    JR:Says that current investigators are doing a great job and he is confident that they will get the guy. That the investigators have told him so. And until he says they can't do anything else, he will believe it.

    DN:Asking Patsy about opening her house up to the public for the tour. Asked if she had any regret about being so public about their private lives..

    Patsy says she wouldn't do that again. Your home should be your sanctuary..

    DN says she is from the South and understands about pageants, etc.

    SHe asks if the pageant involvement might have had something to do with it.

    Patsy say no, because it was just such a little part of their lives. She says that Little League ball is so much more public. (HUH?) Now she is talking about how people have been supporting John... throws in the website URL &
    says people may not know about them, but they might send in a dollar (she caught herself from saying sending money and then said "a dollar").. and DN sort of snickered and said, "We will let that be the last word."

    (I think DN didn't expect her to throw in the plug for the website unsolicited. Ha. she should have known.)

    Not even going to proof this.. sorry it is such a rough report. maybe someone else can fill in the blanks.

    Oops... DN is back again and asking her about the missing woman in CA..what they could say about that. he is saying how horrible that family must feel and all of the reasonable things that any one of us might say. It is a horrible thing.

    DNoes it give you a flashback, Patsy?

    SHe said yes, and that when she was listening to DN's report right before their segment she just prayed from the family, etc.. very sincere comments from them.

    But then John said he would advise anyone to do everything possible that they could think to do and not to just rely on the people handling the case.. (Oops, John.. Then why didn't you and Patsy do everything YOU could to help in the investigation of JB - like be interviewed by the police rather than stonewalling and making all kinds of demands for conditions, etc for 4 months?)

    Okay.. I think that's it folks. Hope it helped for those of you who missed it.. It is in no way verbatim, but I did my best to at least convey the gist of what was said and asked.

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    Thanks Driver. I am going to see if there is a rebroadcast later tonight, just to watch Patsy blink! Or was she even blinking tonight? LOL

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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    I don't usually watch Deborah's show, but tonight I just happened to tune in because I am interested in Lori Hacking's case. Then when they announced Goat and Wife would be on and "new information on the investigation into their daughter's murder" I couldn't believe it. (Where was Toejam's alert to this newscast?) Anyway, I watched it and played a drinking game with myself to take a sip of wine every time Lizard Tongue licked his lips. I counted 8 times that the serpentine tongue was offered to the camera (probably was much more than that in reality, off camera), strangely enough, once for each year this crime has remained unsolved. It got more active when JonBenet was brought up. Anyhow, I really expected them to mention Helgoth & Gigax but no, nothing was mentioned on them. Maybe they read here and realize Bucky's crock was just that.

    Oh Tez, by the way, Deborah asked the Ramsey's their advice for the parents of Lori Hacking, since they listened to that broadcast before they made their appearance. Patsy did a long blink then, saying she said prayer for them. Other than that, I didn't notice any blinking on Patsy's part. Deborah told her she looked damn good for having her last chemo treatment last Tuesday. And Patsy mentioned some kind of "supernatural" thingie going on with her cancer....
    I despise the Ramseys and this is just my opinion

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    I thought for sure he was going to attack Garfield. Still trying to confirm if John paid for the satelite truck or not.

    It is so frustrating to watch uninformed talking heads let the Ramseys tell their fairy tale. Just once I would like to see them challenged.
    FFJ C/O Tricia Griffith
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    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    Default LOL, Thor

    ...about Lizard Lips flicking his tongue exactly 8 times for the 8 years his daughter has been dead. You crack me up!

    The half-hour political commercial for John Ramsey was very boring and reiterated everything they said on LKL.

    RE: the website and sending in money, Patsy said "Some people only send a dollar, but we appreciate it". HAHA--Sparky--that line was for YOU!

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