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    Default Deborah Norville, Ramseys, YADAYADA

    The Ramseys got a full half hour of free publicity for their campaign in the 105 District this evening on the D. Norville Show. I think the other half dozen candidates should demand equal time.

    The Rams looked good for a couple who have been through so much in the last eight years. John was all botoxed up and had on more makeup than Norville. Patsy looks terrific for someone who just finished cancer treatments a week or two ago.

    Their well-practiced routine was repetitious of everything they said on their campaign visit to Larry King, so I won't go into detail. I'll just say they are slicker than Willie Clinton, and if I didn't know anything about the case, I might be persuaded to vote for them. (I say them, because Patsy appears to STILL be the moving force behind her ventriloquist dummy of a husband).

    Patsy got off her many familiar lines about being saved by Jesus Christ and getting her strength from above. Maybe "above" means CNN and MSNBC in this instance. (Where is Orson when we need him most?)

    The old gal certainly was energized tonight. Looked and sounded like she was on speed; while he looked and sounded comatose. Pats had been knocking on so many doors today that her friends were calling her "The Avon Lady".

    Maybe someone can find a transcript tomorrow. Since it was on cable, maybe 99% of the Michigan voters missed it. Norville's talk show is the next to last in the evening cable ratings. So maybe John Ramsey picked up four or five votes tonight. :dogpee:

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    Default Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle Dum are at it again!

    Yea, Lurker, it was a crock all right. They have rehearsed for so long that their lies just roll off their tongues with the greatest of ease. It was painful to watch, especially when John said, (in response to Debie's question, as to why he was running for office) He's concerned with his legacy! What an egomaniac!

    Although D.N. doesn’t get high marks for the interview, I found her more prepared than some others. The most relevant thing she said was: (I’m paraphrasing) “You know, of all the things you have said, in running for office, I didn’t find one mention of anything pertaining to crime.”

    John he-hawed around and I don’t remember his answer, but it was lame.

    When Patsy was rambling on about Jesus Christ, her Savior, and the strength He gives her, she went on to make a comment that was very telling (telling only in the sense of the topic under discussion). She mentioned that He had, after all, died for our sins. I thought, sure, Patsy all your sins have been erased now. I found it chilling.

    She obviously had on a lot of makeup, but she looked good. However, she has had some work done on her teeth. It looked like she had a mouthful of chiclets.

    John looked plastic and emotionless. (In fact, neither one of them showed any emotion.) He appeared to be trying mightily to come off as sincere, yet he was almost aggressive in his attempt to display himself as a good, outstanding, solid citizen, who desperately desires nothing more than to “give back” something to society.
    Surprisingly, there was not a tear in sight. He did most of the talking, and rattled off so many misstatements, in reference to the case, that my head was spinning. He talked about the DNA database, which in time will “find a match.” (Paraphrasing) WHAT DNA? I thought Dr. Lee said that it is not a DNA case. “We WILL find him,” he said. Yea, say I, he’s sitting in the same chair that your behind is currently occupying.

    Patsy also mentioned their web site, and she said that the two of them were on it “all the time.” She invited others to come visit with them there.

    Again, as in the past, she insisted that JonBenet’s pageants were a minuscule part of her life. She mentioned the many, many people who have written, called and emailed them, wishing them well. They have, she said, a great support system.

    All in all, it was boring. Debbie tried to ask a few interesting questions, but she was weak on follow-ups.

    I just looked at them and thought:
    What nerve! Coming on national TV to expound their skewed views. They should be hiding under their beds, with sheets over their heads. (Who knows, maybe they’ll find Betsy under there, with one or two of her imaginary Masons. LOL!)

    I am looking forward to reading the transcript. I am not very good at making these reports, but wanted to post something, while it was still fresh on my mind.

    My bed awaits. May God save us from Ben Ladan and the likes of the Rams.


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    Where are all the good investigative journalists?

    I'll bet Norville was handed a list of questions not to ask like: SHOES, JBR foundation, not cooperating with police, not fulfilling their promise to change the laws reguarding children, etc...

    John's more than slick, he is positively evil in his greedy quest for money and power. He will say anything to get elected.

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    I was hoping I wasn't the only one who saw that interview. Just happened on it by accident. Did you also notice how many times they spoke of "moving on"? John must have licked his lips so many times that there can't be much left of them. ewww And, yes, Patsy did look pretty good for someone who just finished chemo. No emotion, just the same old rhetoric. They sure are presenting a strong case against the killer and putting their hopes on the DNA.....(cause there ain't nothin else!) and we all know how far that is gonna go!


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    Rats! I posted the following on another thread. I am now gonna move it over here add to the ones posted on this thread.

    Deborah Norville


    John Ramsey interview: (VERY ROUGH REPORT!!!)

    Opens with him announcing his candidacy, then Deborah giving a recap of the history.

    Ooh... John and Patsy

    DN:Why are you pushing yourself out there now?

    JR:Life needs to keep moving forward. Way we can contribute./..blah blah

    DN:Why did you decide to make your vacation homw your permanent home?

    JR:Michigan is a wonderful place to live... have talked about it for a long time... talked to Burke about it... He felt he would like to continue with school in Charlevoix..that was all we needed to make the decision.

    DN: Patsy, when did you realize your husband had a politcal bug?

    PR:I didn't realize it at all...etc elaborating

    DN: Did the death of your daughter help him to change from businessman to politics?

    PR:Yes, I think so.. etc.... lots of cliches... giving back, etc.. doors opening.. JOhn feels like this is a way he can contribute..

    DN:Jonbenet - this certainly gives you a lot of name recognition that the other candidates don't have.

    JR:Yes. people have realized that we got a pretty raw deal...blah blah.. people have been wonderful to us..

    TV Commercial being shown.. Deborah asks about it..

    Oh brother that commercial is pathetic. John political ad

    JR:"we felt it was important because people didn't know the facts. There have been many significant developments in the last 2 years.

    DN - says she doesn't think MSNBC has ever covered the Michigan state representative race before. She then reads off the others names,"just to be fair". She says something about the fairness of his getting all of this media attention and he mumbles something patronizing about them all being good people.

    DN asks Patsy about her cancer treatments.

    Patsy says her chemo ended just the other day. Goes on to expand on all of the folderol.. That she finished her chemo and was able to meet/greet 360 people right after blah blah blah.That everything seems to be going well for Patsy..(which I am happy to report). She looks pretty, and healthy.


    Asks JR what the new significant developments are.

    JR says getting the new investigators appointed. Results have been that they have been f0llowing up on leads.. mentions that they were able to extract very strong DNA evidence and have entered it into the data base.

    DN: Patsy how optimistic are you that someone will find the killer of your little girl?

    PR:I am very optimistic. I will not give up. The DNA has been so instrumental in clearing people who have been suspected (gag) and I am convinced we have the killer's DNA and we will find him. etc etc

    John says he is trying to address the immediate needs of his district.. protecting children blah blah. job creation is a big issue.. a key part of what he wants to try to effect.

    DN: Patsy, where do you get your strength.....etc....they accused you, how did you keep going...

    PR:The same thing that has sustained us for 8 years. We believe in Jesus Christ and that he is our Savior. It is the rock and the strength that we will one day be again with my mother, with JB, with my aunts and uncles (didn't mention John's other daughter).

    DN:Will you always have a pain in your heart? (to PAtsy)

    PR:Yes I will always have a pain in my heart. .... I think JB would be very proud of her Daddy. We said a prayer before this show and asked that JB and Beth be with us (?? lost train of thought - maybe that they would direct us)..

    Commercial break.

    Now showing snippet of Alex Hunter dismissing the GJ.

    DN:What's your best guess of what happened to your daughter?

    JR:Well, all we know is that absolute evil came into our home that night. It is unimaginable that someone could do that to a child. Other than that we don't know. We hope that one day we will know.

    She asks about possibility of an employee, etc.

    JR:Says that current investigators are doing a great job and he is confident that they will get the guy. That the investigators have told him so. And until he says they can't do anything else, he will believe it.

    DN:Asking Patsy about opening her house up to the public for the tour. Asked if she had any regret about being so public about their private lives..

    Patsy says she wouldn't do that again. Your home should be your sanctuary..

    DN says she is from the South and understands about pageants, etc.

    She asks if the pageant involvement might have had something to do with it.

    Patsy say no, because it was just such a little part of their lives. She says that Little League ball is so much more public. (HUH?) Now she is talking about how people have been supporting John... throws in the website URL &
    says people may not know about them, but they might send in a dollar (she caught herself from saying sending money and then said "a dollar").. and DN sort of snickered and said, "We will let that be the last word."

    (I think DN didn't expect her to throw in the plug for the website unsolicited. Ha. she should have known.)

    Not even going to proof this.. sorry it is such a rough report. maybe someone else can fill in the blanks.

    Oops... DN is back again and asking her about the missing woman in CA..what they could say about that. he is saying how horrible that family must feel and all of the reasonable things that any one of us might say. It is a horrible thing.

    DN: Does it give you a flashback, Patsy?

    Patsy said yes, and that when she was listening to DN's report right before their segment she just prayed from the family, etc.. very sincere comments from them. blah blah blah

    But then John said he would advise anyone to do everything possible that they could think to do and not to just rely on the people handling the case.. (Oops, John.. Then why didn't you and Patsy do everything YOU could to help in the investigation of JB - like be interviewed by the police rather than stonewalling and making all kinds of demands for conditions, etc for 4 months?)

    Okay.. I think that's it folks. Hope it helped for those of you who missed it.. It is in no way verbatim, but I did my best to at least convey the gist of what was said and asked.

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    Here's my post from another thread on the latest bullsmit from the Ramseys:

    I don't usually watch Deborah's show, but tonight I just happened to tune in because I am interested in Lori Hacking's case. Then when they announced Goat and Wife would be on and "new information on the investigation into their daughter's murder" I couldn't believe it. (Where was Toejam's alert to this newscast?) Anyway, I watched it and played a drinking game with myself to take a sip of wine every time Lizard Tongue licked his lips. I counted 8 times that the serpentine tongue was offered to the camera (probably was much more than that in reality, off camera), strangely enough, once for each year this crime has remained unsolved. It got more active when JonBenet was brought up. Anyhow, I really expected them to mention Helgoth & Gigax but no, nothing was mentioned on them. Maybe they read here and realize Bucky's crock was just that.
    I despise the Ramseys and this is just my opinion

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    [QUOTE=Show Me]Where are all the good investigative journalists?

    Please allow me to revise: Where is ONE good investigative journalist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Show Me
    Where are all the good investigative journalists?

    Please allow me to revise: Where is ONE good investigative journalist?
    AMEN! One brave soul....probably win some major journalism prize.

    It makes me sick to watch the Ramsey's, once again, parade the virtues they don't posess, on TV. Waiting for the praise and adoration they think they deserve.

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    FYI, it's possible that Mr. Ramsey PAID for the satellite truck to come out so he could be on the show.

    That is what I was told by someone I trust.

    I find this so highly unusual that I have to keep checking. If this is true then this is the most obnoxious and revolting thing I have ever heard of.

    Also heard that he was going to trash Mr. Garfield but he has had such a negative reaction from bringing up this old charge that he decided against it.

    If true, then John Ramsey's campaign contributions went for a 40 minute infomercial so he and Patsy could proclaim their innocence once again.

    What a pig.
    FFJ C/O Tricia Griffith
    6300 N Sage Wood Drive
    Suite H #214
    Park City UT

    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    Default Whatever?

    NORVILLE, HOST: John, I‘m surprised. All of the time you‘ve been under the media spotlight has usually been during the most unhappy periods of your life. Why push yourself back out there now?

    JOHN RAMSEY, Father of JonBenet: Well, Deborah, life goes on. You‘ve got to keep moving forward. No one said life was going to be easy. No one said life was going to be fair. You‘ve got to keep moving forward, and we think this is a way we can contribute.
    Notice how John still speaks as though he's speaking in the third person? "You've got to keep moving forward." It sounds like he's telling Deborah to keep moving forward, he should have said "We've got to keep moving forward" or at least, "I've got to keep moving forward." To me it sounds like he's just saying whatever he's been told to say, like these are someone elses words.

    NORVILLE: John, I am really surprised, given your family‘s personal situation, when I went on and looked up all of your positions that you are using as your campaign platform, crime is nowhere to be mentioned. Why is that?

    J. RAMSEY: Well, it is certainly a personal issue, but I am trying to address what I believe are the more immediate issues of our district.
    Short answer, no rambling or speaking in the third person here...

    NORVILLE: There was talk of an employee at your company who might have been upset for some reason, because the ransom note had a specific dollar figure to it. There was a domestic worker that at one point there had been a suspicious glance cast that way. There were others who had been visitors to the home. You don‘t think any of them might be that DNA link you were talking about?

    J. RAMSEY: Well, what we know now is that the people working on the case are extremely competent and are looking at all those avenues they have at this time.

    I‘m very confident. But, at the point they tell me, look, we have exhausted everything and there‘s no more we can do, then I will believe there is no more they can do. But I think they‘re going to—I think they‘re going to get the guy.
    John isn't even answering Deborah Norville properly, he jumps from one thing to another and neither are really the answer she was looking for, John should have replied "Everyone that has been a suspect voluntarily offered their DNA for comparison, the DNA does not match any of the people you mentioned, or anyone for that matter. But not everyone that had been in our home in the past 5 years was tested, so that remains a possibility from our perspective." Or something, what a chooch.

    Here's the nearly same answer from Patsy a few minutes later:

    NORVILLE: But, Patsy, if they have got this DNA sample out there and there is some question as to how well the information in the database has been entered in, how optimistic are you that somebody is going to find the killer of your little girl?

    P. RAMSEY: I am very optimistic. Until the day that they tell me they have done everything and they cannot find the killer, then I will give up. But, until that day, I will not give up. The DNA has been so instrumental in releasing people who were exonerated—erroneously.
    Note how she realized John's error and swept up as best she could without seeming to obvious, she mentioned DNA but stuck with part of his answer so not to make him look like a moron.

    Reading at Patsy's other answers, she sounds more confident that John about this whole thing, it's her that's using the proper wording and speaking liberally about their feelings.

    IMO she's the driving force behind his campaigning and I'll bet she's just loving all the elbow rubbing she's done so far, we know she LOVES being on TV from the 96 Christmas letter about being on the Today Show outside "for a few fleeting moments" it certainly doesn't make her seem like the kind of lady who just casually approached her many TV appearances.

    Life IS her pageant and she's gonna smile and carry on until she can't for whatever reason, I think John will crack LONG before she ever will.

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    Default get the feeling the Ramsey's are preparing us for them to 'give up' hunting the killer? Since Gigax's and Helgoth's DNA doesn't match, as well as upteen million other DNA suspects, I think one day they will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Show Me get the feeling the Ramsey's are preparing us for them to 'give up' hunting the killer?
    Excuse me? Don't you have to start doing something before you can stop doing it? Just askin'
    Never let the children, Elders, the sick, or the infirm be exploited.

    "I love everything that's old: old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines." Oliver Goldsmith

    Let's bring all our missing and military home safely!

    All of my thoughts written here are my constitutionally protected opinion.

    I reject any form of government in which the opinion of the village idiot is given the same weight as the opinion of Aristotle. (author unknown)


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