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    Default Friend: Peterson left suspicious message after wife disappeared

    (Court TV) Scott Peterson told police he last saw his wife the morning she went missing, but in a phone message to a close friend, he implied he hadn't seen her for two days, according to a police report obtained by Court TV's Catherine Crier.

    "Have you or Kristen seen or talk [sic] to Laci today or yesterday? I can't find her," the friend, Greg Reed, quoted Peterson as saying in a "panicked" voice mail on Dec. 24, 2002.

    In the same interview, Reed told Brocchini that he found his friend's behavior suspicious for reasons beyond the phone message.

    He said Peterson regularly talked to him about hunting and fishing, but never disclosed his recent purchase of a boat. Reed found it especially strange that Peterson had phoned him at 3:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve to chat, but did not mention that he was en route home from a fishing trip.

    He also told the detective he thought it was odd that Peterson would not give media interviews about his missing wife.

    Brocchini quizzed Reed about the Petersons' finances.

    "Reed said the only thing he noticed was last year when the fence between Reed's mother's house and Scott's house needed to be replaced, Scott said they didn't have enough money," Brocchini wrote. But, Reed went on to say, "About a month later, Scott was having a swimming pool installed."
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    That is what made me think that he actually killed Laci on the night of the 23rd rather than the early morning of the 24th. I think he probably killed Laci shortly after she talked to her mother on the phone. I think he slipped when he made that phone call. I actually think he slipped a lot. I watched CC today, and she talked about the interview that he was giving when his cell phone rang, and he never looked at the number, he just shut if off. Then continued with the interview like nothing was amiss. Now, if my loved one was missing, I would be looking at the number and probably answering the phone!!! Then there is the famous alibi slip-ups. He couldn't remember if he was fishing or golfing. Didn't he think any of the people he talked to would compare notes? And when he couldn't say what kind of bait he used or rather if he even used bait....I swear he was not in the top of his class in Criminal 101.

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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