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    Default "Lake JonBenet" in MI- J&P bid $500 to name a lake after her

    Happy Birthday JonBenet

    Okay, first, if this has already been discussed please forgive me, I did a search for "Lake JonBenet" and got 3 results.

    First let me start by explaining that I was reading DOI again yesterday and came across a portion on pg. 193 of the hardback edition that describes a silent auction John and Patsy attended in MI in June (97, I think) they won the rights to name a lake so they named it "Lake JonBenet."

    Here is the excerpt:

    "When I returned to Charlevoix, Patsy and I attended a silent auction for "Keep Charlevoix Beautiful," which is held to raise money to pay for all the petunias that line the streets in the summertime. At this particular benefit they were auctioning one of the small, manmade lakes on the golf course of the new country club, which has become the heart of the cities social activities. The highest bidder got to name the lake in front of the clubhouse. JonBenet had been the first person to step into the swimming pool when it was built at the Charlevoix Country Club, and she had her picture taken by the local newspaper. How nice it would be, we thought, to commemorate her life beside this small lake.

    Patsy and I won the auction with the high bid of five hundred dollars, and the lake there is now named Lake JonBenet. In the future we hope to place a big rock beside the lake with a little plaque to remember Little Miss Charlevoix."

    This caused me to do the search to see if there was anything on the net about it, like I said, I got THREE RESULTS. One of them is found below and was entered into the "Flowers For JonBenet Ramsey" section:
    "JonBenet, not a day goes by that you aren't in my heart. You had this amazing inner beauty and joy about you. You had so much love inside of you. I am going to visit your lake, "Lake JonBenet" this summer. I am going to leave you some flowers and enjoy the beauty of this special place named after a very special little girl. I know that they will solve your aweful murder soon. Even though you aren't here on this Earth with all of us anymore, I know that you are watching over your family and friends. I know you are much happier in Heaven then in this life. I love you JonBenet and someday your life here on Earth will find it's Justice!"
    Added: 3/3/2004

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    There are 967 messages left for JonBenet there

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    Hey JC, I completely missed this one.

    I wonder if the Ramseys ever got around to installing the plaque at the lake?

    JohnBoy has some time on his hands now so perhaps he can get around to it if he hasn't already.

    I'm sitting here shaking my head. Why not do something to help find the killer of your daughter? Where is the tip line? The information from the family. Anything. But no.

    I don't get it.
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    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
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    I missed it the first time around too, I also wonder if even that tiny promise has been fulfilled, but my gut feeling tells me they have never followed through there either.

    I wish they would do something to honor her memory, the site you are offering is atleast something, they had the time to set up a website for John's campaign but can't maintain even just one page that expresses their ongoing feelings, whatever they may be....

    I was pretty miffed when I found this to be honest, it would have made a wonderful addition to the Michigan voter information; it won't make much difference to them now but it was still worth posting.

    I totally understand your frustration, I too feel like they should be doing something to honor her short life; they exploit her murder to further themselves and still have done nothing to keep her memory alive, I think it's because they want everyone to forget about her; if they forget about her they'll forget about her suspicious parents.

    I'll never understand them.

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    Default Rocks

    John and Patsy have rocks in their head.

    What is this fetish, to commemorate a lovely child with rocks?

    First the rock cairn in the backyard at the old Charlevoix house.

    Then the "rock with a plaque by the lake".


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