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    Default JR and Lurker....

    Thanks JR for the answers to some of my questions...hopefully RC will be back online and able to contribute to this discussion soon...

    Lurker, don't know why I could not access those links yesterday, but I went back this morning and they worked just computer has been acting up a bit the last few days though, don't know what's up with that!

    Anyway, I think that your question in an important one and needs to be addressed....Another factor that needs review and investigation, in my mind, are the 180 digital recordings of young women, a number of them even under the age of 18, which were found in this man's home and in the rented constrution trailer where he was conducting the Hooters interviews....

    Since this man shows a proclivity for filming young women, one wonders if he might be somewhat obsessed with the young and attractive women employed by this company.....Who knows, even if he was never employed by the Hooters where Rachel was employed, he might have been a customer there or have been there at some time and become obsessed with some fantasy of Rachel, secretly filmed her with a digital as she worked in the restaurant or was on campus in San Diego and even followed her to Texas....

    One wonders if all of these digitals have been completely reviewed and if the police department in West Covina has positively identified all of the women on those digitals....If not, it seems that a comparison with pictures of young women who have gone missing might be a good idea... I wonder if the officers in Texas investigating Rachel's case have heard about this West Covina conviction with it's digital evidence, and if so, would consider sending Rachel's picture to them to see if a match can be made....


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    Quote Originally Posted by LurkerXIV
    The links work fine for me. Maybe your security firewall is blocking them?

    I want to know where Juan Martin Aponte was on January 10, 2002.
    I sent the information to LE. Thanks for identifying it. Rachel worked at the downtown San Diego Hooters in the Gaslight Section.

    The only thing is does Juan own a yellow Pinto and sometimes go by Bill? Just joking. It's a lead worth looking into.


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    Default Rc

    I hope this lead pans out.

    Today was a beautiful day in my part of Pennsylvania, so I went outside and planted a dozen pastel pink, white, and yellow tulip bulbs around the dogwood tree that I put in last fall in Rachel's memory.

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