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    Default Patsy's 40th bday celebration: Did Patsy freak out about this???

    From the moment I read the final paragraph of the Ramsey's 1996 Christmas newsletter, I knew something happened at her 40th birthday party that caused her to change the title of friend to 'friend' in someones case, at the time I had no idea where to start in terms of trying to figure out who she was so angry at other that John; "my dear husband" just had such an icy tone to it. When read John said Priscilla had hired a man to impersonate not just Miss America as a character but Dorothy Benham, the 1977 Miss America winner who beat Patsy; I realized I had a contender.

    From JonBenet By Steve Thomas and Don Davis.
    Paperback edition: Pg.93.

    "The holiday season of 1996 was a long series of parties, including an early surprise fortieth birthday celebration at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, attended by Patsy's friends. None of her Atlanta women friends responded to their invitations. A comic dressed up like the girl who beat Patsy out for the Miss America crown did a three minute spoof from material supplied by Nedra."
    Knowing Nedra was responsible for the Dorothy Benham comic causes me to ponder the thought of a long-standing 'grudge' against Dorothy for beating her. Why else would they have spoofed her of all people??

    From Vanity Fair Article:
    "When John Ramsey and decided to throw his wife a surprise 40th birthday party a month earlier, on Nov.30, he turned to Priscilla to organize the event at the swank Brown Palace in Denver."
    Here John explains the party in a vague detail, note there is not a mention further than Miss America, he left Ms. Benham out completely but didn't spare a pause between putting all the ownership for that party on Priscilla.

    MIKE KANE: Do you have any follow
    22 up, Lou?
    23 LOU SMIT: No. I don't believe
    24 so.
    25 I did have one follow-up question
    1 and that was in regards to the Brown Palace.
    2 There was mention in one of the reports about a
    3 comedian, some comedian that somebody had hired
    4 for that.
    5 JOHN RAMSEY: Priscilla hired. It
    6 was a -- he dressed up as Miss America. With a
    7 beard, with a --
    8 LOU SMIT: Do you know if he was
    9 from Boulder here?
    10 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't know where
    11 he was from.
    12 LOU SMIT: I was just wanting to
    13 know if anybody knew his name?
    14 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't know that we
    15 did or would. I don't. I think Priscilla
    16 arranged for it.
    17 LOU SMIT: If you happen to hear
    18 it, we can make a quick check on him.
    Was Priscilla the scapegoat for a blow-up between Patsy and John about the party that reminded her of how old she was getting and looking? Did she whine because her chin and cheeks were sagging and because the goatee of the comic was a reminder of her own little goatee?

    Here I just wonder what Johns "800" comments was about, a little slipped out and he stopped himself: "My idea was less than hers, the scale of the 800 -- the concept. Mine was less than hers. But she (INAUDIBLE) with it."

    MIKE KANE: On the -- I want to
    24 talk about Patsy's birthday, there was a big
    25 party down at the Browns, that's what I
    1 understand?
    2 JOHN RAMSEY: Uh-hum.
    3 MIKE KANE: And that was in
    4 November?
    5 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, it was late
    6 November, early December.
    7 MIKE KANE: Who organized that?
    8 JOHN RAMSEY: Priscilla White.
    9 I funded it, she planned it basically.
    10 MIKE KANE: Did you take any role
    11 in planning at all other than writing the check?
    12 JOHN RAMSEY: Not much, other
    13 than writing the check. Actually my idea was a
    14 lot less elaborate than Priscilla's. I wanted
    15 to go up to Boulderado and -- (INAUDIBLE). So I
    16 actually my idea which got shot down.
    17 MIKE KANE: What besides
    18 Boulderado?
    19 JOHN RAMSEY: I think that was the
    20 main one. My idea was less than her, the scale
    21 of the 800 -- the concept. Mine was less than
    22 hers. But she (INAUDIBLE) with it.
    23 MIKE KANE: I mean, you say you got
    24 shot down. Obviously, you must have agreed at
    25 some point that--
    1 JOHN RAMSEY: Well Priscilla is a
    2 pretty forceful person. I mean just she was,
    3 no, I can't do Boulderado. You know, it's got
    4 to be -- out in Denver.
    5 MIKE KANE: And how many people
    6 were there?
    7 JOHN RAMSEY: There was gosh,
    8 50 maybe.
    9 MIKE KANE: And what were the
    10 arrangements I mean how did you all--
    11 JOHN RAMSEY: Well they, she -- we
    12 hired two Greyhound buses, as I recall, and
    13 everybody met at a parking lot, where the bus
    14 was and then we all got in the bus and both the
    15 buses came over and pulled up in front of our
    16 house and we got Patsy, I had arranged for Patsy
    17 to go out for dinner just her and I, as I think
    18 it was a belated anniversary dinner is how we
    19 billed it so she was dressed to go out.
    20 MIKE KANE: So it was a surprise?
    21 JOHN RAMSEY: Yes, I believe
    22 it, yes, it was a surprise, the reason I believe
    23 it was a surprise to her was that she was, that
    24 she said herself this old wool dress was ready
    25 to go up to a restaurant in the mountains, she
    1 said she would have in no way worn that dress,
    2 if she knew what was up. So yeah, I believe it
    3 was a surprise.
    4 MIKE KANE: How did she react?
    5 JOHN RAMSEY: Oh, she was, I
    6 knew now, she was just excited. The kids came
    7 on the bus.
    8 MIKE KANE: The kids stayed at home
    9 for the party?
    10 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, yeah.
    Photo's of Ms. Benham now reveal a smoothed look that clearly required assistance that Patsy and John could afford, they had more money than Dorothy I would assume. So I wonder if Patsy also used this 'reminder' as a way to get plastic surgery out of John, a man who still wore plaid shirts and trousers each day and hated spending money...
    A comparison: Dorothy Benham in 1977

    Dorothy Benham in 2001

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    Good research (again!).

    IMO, I can see why Patsy would have been super stressed in the days leading up to Christmas. Partys, planning, coordinating - it was all up to her.

    Here is something I wrote a while ago that sort of ties into all of this. Some are quotes from books and some notes to myself.

    I suppose to start out I think Patsy was on the brink of total exhaustion this night. She pushed herself to keep up the image of the strong, in control woman with the perfect children, husband, marriage.

    Page 58: NE

    ST: Did you, John or Burke have any ill effects, uh, after eating dinner at the Whites in coming home? Any feelings of intoxication or drowsiness?

    PR: I, I remember just being really tired. I don’t know that I was drowsy, but you know, it had been a big day. I was tired and I was anxious to get to bed.

    Page 61 NE

    ST: …And was everybody on this same page about going to Charlevoix as far as, uh, will and wanting to go? There was no dissension in the ranks that, “I don’t want to go” or “she doesn’t want to go?” Everybody was looking forward to this trip?

    PR: Well, I mean, we were. I wasn’t real crazy about going ‘cause I just thought it was cramming a lot of stuff in there, you know. I told John I didn’t really want to go. I’d rather, ‘cause, Christmas, going to Charlevoix, then going to , it just seemed like a lot, you know, but then we decided as a family to go and, you know, been looking forward to it. We never had Christmas up there before so I called the florist and had them put up lights and a wreath and flowers and all that ‘cause Melinda and Stewart were coming up and John Andrew.

    Page 144:

    TH: Okay. So we are still at the ironing board and this little red outfit. What do you do with that, how long does that take?

    PR: Just, I don’t know, just a few minutes. And I don’t know, I can’t remember what I was doing. I just remember I was trying to get this bag ready to go to the lake, I had two suitcases…of the children’s things, I was trying to get ready, because when we came back from the lake we were going on to Disney and the Big Red Boat.

    TH: You’re going to go to Charlevoix, am I saying that right?

    PR: Charlevoix.

    TH: You’re going there the 26th at seven in the morning. How long are you going to stay there?

    PR: Just a couple of days, I think, because we were due back, I think we were supposed to leave on the Big Red Boat on my birthday, which is the 29th. So would that – was that Saturday?

    TH: I think Christmas was – 25th was a Wednesday, and so Sunday would have been the 29th approximately.

    PR: Well, somewhere around there. I just didn’t have very much time when we got back. So I was prepacking stuff here.

    TH: Let me just keep you on this. The Big Red Boat thing on the 29th, what time were you going to leave for that, do you recall?

    PR: We had airline flights out of Denver…we didn’t go from Charlevoix, we had to fly back from Charlevoix to Denver to take a commercial flight to Orlando.

    TH: And do you know when you would have come back from Charlevoix?

    PR: Just like the day before.

    PMPT Page 130-131 – Schiller quotes Mike Glynn, an employee of Access Graphics & friend of John Ramsey

    John Ramsey seemed like an introvert. He was just nice and shy. He never wavered in what he was like, and you could tell he was a deep thinking guy. I never saw him ruffled by any circumstances. Sometimes, internally, he must have been. One time we were negotiating with Sun Microsystems, our largest vendor, and the frustrations of dealing with the games played in the computer industry got to John. Yet he stayed level-headed. He steered away from confrontation.


    While John was low-key, Patsy was off the scale as an extrovert. Once John made a mildly sarcastic remark: “Patsy spent more money renovating the house than I did buying it.” As I got to know John better, I saw the impact of his older daughter’s death on him, Beth was her name. He was just eaten up inside. He read a lot to try to come to terms with it. It changed him.

    PMPT: Page 71-72 – Kit Andre, a dance instructor who worked with JonBenet.

    Patsy told Kit that JonBenet participated in pageants and she herself had been in pageants when she was younger. She’d brought an audiotape of music – “I want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart.”

    There was no time for JonBenet to learn the basics of ballet or tap, but Patsy said they needed a song and dance by summer. “And whatever it takes, I’ll pay for it,” Patsy said. Private lessons were $100 each, Kit told her. That was no problem, Patsy replied.

    Jump..(Patsy does not want to wait in the reception room while Kit works with JonBenet. She wants JonBenet to improve her singing. She schedules JonBenet or three lessons a week. She’s determined that JonBenet would be ready for the summer pageants.)

    “It will be better if I’m here,” she insisted. “I’ve done this before.”

    (Kit discovered that JonBenet had a wonderful personality – learned gestures etc, she felt she was smart and talented. )

    But she also understood that JonBenet was performing because her mother wanted her to, not because she wanted to. JonBenet wasn’t one of those kids who had seen someone dance and decided, That’s what I want to do.

    Kit Andre: I’ve looked at that pageant video several times. They make JonBenet look like a clown. Someone else taught her those pseudo-adult movements, the provocative walk, the poses, all of it.

    The pageants were Patsy’s gig. JonBenet was her alter ego. Patsy had the money, she had the costumes, and she had the kid. She could relive her own pageant thing. You got the picture right there. Patsy didn’t have a sense of proportion about how this should fit into her child’s life. What I saw on the pageant video…you don’t do that to a six-year-old. – Kit Andre.

    PMPT Page 95:
    Most pageants include a “Most Photogenic” or “Photo Portfolio” category, where the entrants are judged solely on their photographs. Pasty ddcided it was time for JonBenet to have a portfolio, and Pam Griffin recommended a photographer, Randy Simons, who could make a six-year-old look twenty. When a pageant favored the seductive look, Pam told Patsy, Simons was the best.

    PMPT: PAGE 258 -259 - Linda Wilcox (a Ramsey housekeeper – left in 1994)
    After Patsy finished decorating the house, Burke became her favorite child. She spent all of her time at his school. He was her first project.

    At that time JonBenet was too young to do anything spectacular. She hardly got Patsy’s attention. Suzanne Savage was in charge of her, JonBenet wasn’t in school yet, and her world revolved around adults, whereas Burke’s life revolved around his friends.

    Then, when JonBenet started school, she became Patsy’s second project. The children really were like projects to her. I’m afraid that after JonBenet became Patsy’s focus, she also became her obsession.

    I think that to Patsy, nothing and no one had the right to be imperfect. Everything had to fit Patsy’s image of what it should be. So JonBenet was under immense pressure to fit the image Patsy had of her new project.

    When the police interviewed me, they asked if the kids wet the bed a lot. I said yes. Detective Harmer asked if I thought that was unusual, and I had to say, “Not really. Not at that age.” Burke wore Pull-Ups until he was six, and Jon Benet always wore them. But I also told the police it was curious to me that Burke stopped wetting the bed when he stopped being the focus of Patsy’s attention. And that was when JonBenet became a chronic bed wetter.

    This is just one example of outsiders noticing that the children had a problem with bed wetting, yet Patsy would constantly refer to it as “not a problem” or “no big deal”. She would revert to her being a cancer survivor (again, bringing the topic back to herself).

    I think Patsy was very intolerant of those she felt were not in her class, those who did not meet her idea of acceptable. I think she felt no qualms about trying to manipulate people, was condescending to those she didn’t feel were in her class and didn’t hesitate to turn on the Southern Belle charm and innocence to her advantage.

    PMPT Page 195 – Did Nedra think JonBenet would have fought an intruder? The detectives asked. “I guarantee you” she replied.

    195-196 – Nedra Paugh (Patsy’s mother)

    Patsy was growing anxious about High Peaks, the school JonBenet and Burke were going to. There were children in some classes who would never be self-sufficient, physically handicapped, but they were being mainstreamed into the classroom. They have a right to be educated, but there were these other intelligent little boys and girls who were growing up to make a living, pay taxes, and they were sitting and waiting. The teacher told me her first obligation was to those handicapped children. And you wonder how much time in the course of a day is spent on the children who need to be learning so that they can take their place in society. I know the teacher wanted to do more, but there was only one of her and an aide.

    Page 28-29 NE

    TT: Okay. Patsy, are there any concerns in the neighborhood up there or have there been any concerns in the neighborhood up there…door to door salesman? Any of your neighbors talk about prowlers, anything like that over the last six months?

    PR: Yeah, sometimes children, you know, like a, um, black children. I mean, they don’t look like they’re from my neighborhood or nothing, or look, you know like they’re from Denver and they have candy bars…

    Page 24-25-26-27 NE
    Detectives Steve Thomas & Tom Trujillo interview Patsy. They initially ask her to tell them a little about herself. Patsy has not problem recalling her many accomplishments. It was all about her.

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    Wow Little,

    I really want to thank you for posting all of this, each little excerpt is a piece of the puzzle as told by the Ramsey's or someone close enough to them but yet not considered a compromised witness because they were so honest and forthcoming; which is a deep contrast to the solid ones who would only say that they were a nice family and the they needed to be left alone.

    What I really want to talk about is the whole Linda Wilcox statement, she was their cleaning lady too so she would have gotten a feel for everyone in the house fairly quickly; I think she's one of the most reliable witnesses in terms of describing what they were like as a family. I also take what Suzanne Savage says seriously, even though I found out these ladies all found out 'through church' about the Ramsey's need for housekeepers, I never could find out whether they went to St. John's or not.

    How about when Patsy admits she didn't even want to do the Charlevoix Christmas thing, she brought up valid points about lugging everything out there for one night just to have Christmas with the 'big kids' before they went on the Big Red Boat for a little while? Sounds like she was trying to get them to just fly to Boulder, they got there on the 26th, didn't they?

    Then again, Patsy said she called a florist to hang up the lights and wreaths outside the house out there followed by ‘cause Melinda and Stewart were coming up and John Andrew.' So she admits that she wanted to impress someone that day, but says she didn't take a shower because hers was broken; with so many other showers in the house; I find this excuse extremely hard to swallow.

    And all of the pageant references are a real inclination that nobody liked what Patsy did to JonBenet, and I don't think the pageant videos were shown to just everyone who popped by; crowns, sashes, trophies, and photos are nothing compared to seeing how she operated on stage; she looked like she was coached by all of the Ziegfeld Follies! At six, she was far too young to be winking and giving those stares, but yet having both such diluted women in her life she had no choice; Nedra told her it was her job, she had to do it. Patsy probably didn't care what she wanted, she seems more prone to telling JonBenet to do something rather than asking her if she'd be interested in it.

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    Holy Smokes!!

    Dejanu the Great has just pointed out to me that the man that Dorothy Benham is standing next to in each of the photo's I provided is The Hour Of Power dude Dr. Robert Schuller, who was investigated by the IRS years ago. Still looking for the results of this... Dr. Schuller's daughter just recently purchased 755 15th Street with her husband
    Article Published: Tuesday, May 18, 2004
    Ramsey's Boulder home sold to televangelist's daughter
    By The Associated Press

    Boulder - The home where 6-year-old JonBenet was killed is being sold to the daughter of "Hour of Power" televangelist Robert Schuller.

    Carol Milner and her husband, Tim, expect to close on the 15-room, Tudor-style home next week for $1 million.

    "Our Realtor said, 'Here's a wild idea'," Tim Milner said. "I said, 'I'll go look, but I don't know.' All we saw was compassion for the little girl. ... The house didn't seem weird."

    Carol Milner grew up in Southern California, where her father's Crystal Cathedral Ministries is based. She lost a leg in a motorcycle accident as a teenager, and was a member of the U.S. disabled ski team based in Winter Park in the 1980s.

    The 6,800-square-foot house John and Patsy Ramsey bought for $500,000 in 1991 has been renovated since their daughter's death in 1996. The basement room where her beaten and strangled body was found has been sealed off by a new wall.

    The Ramseys moved to Atlanta in the months following their daughter's still-unsolved death. John Ramsey is now seeking election to the Michigan Legislature.

    In 1998, a private group of investors comprised of Ramsey friends purchased the home for $650,000. University of Colorado football strength coach E.J. "Doc" Kreis called the house home for two years before he was fired a year ago. It also housed a number of CU graduate students.

    The Milners and their four children moved from California to Boulder in 2002. Tim Milner said they outgrew their home and the Ramsey house seems like a good fit.

    He said they checked with the kids, ages 9 to 17, before committing to the sale, and at first they were a "little freaked out."

    "But the house we're in now is a hundred years old, and I'm sure people died in this house," Milner said.

    Tim Milner said he is not worried about a steady stream of curious onlookers coming to the home, though he plans to add a plaque with their family name to the house.

    He said he also hopes an address change in June 2001 - from 755 to 749 15th St. - may throw people off track.

    "Maybe I'm being dumb," Milner said.

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    I think Patsy's 40th was a stressing factor. The use of numbers and dates in the rn indicates an anxiety over transformation thresholds with a number significance. The number 40 is prominent in Judeo/Christianity as being associated with judgement, probation, initiation and death.
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    Little. Great refresher! Thank you! I can actually feel just how T-I-R-E-D Patsy Ramsey was on Christmas night. It wouldn't have taken much for any woman to have been irritable with the pressure she was under.


    PMPT Page 95:
    Most pageants include a “Most Photogenic” or “Photo Portfolio” category, where the entrants are judged solely on their photographs. Pasty ddcided it was time for JonBenet to have a portfolio, and Pam Griffin recommended a photographer, Randy Simons, who could make a six-year-old look twenty. When a pageant favored the seductive look, Pam told Patsy, Simons was the best.
    This really upsets me to read "When a pageant favored the seductive look" the seductive look for small children (?). Shame on all of them! It's the parents who need reeducated here. When will they ever smarten up?

    Is it any wonder Patsy Ramsey was frazzled with the following schedule:

    1. Ramseys would have arrived in Charlevoix on Thursday 26 December.

    2. Ramseys would have stayed in Charlevoix Thursday and Friday 26 - 27 December.

    3. Ramseys would have left Charlevoix on Saturday 28 December, For Denver.

    4. Ramseys would have left Denver for Orlando on Sunday 29th December.

    Lighting up the house for a few nights. Who could be bothered with all this Raz-ma-taz? Patsy Ramsey,of course!
    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
    Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinCase
    Holy Smokes!!

    Dejanu the Great has just pointed out to me that the man that Dorothy Benham is standing next to in each of the photo's I provided is The Hour Of Power dude Dr. Robert Schuller, who was investigated by the IRS years ago. Still looking for the results of this... Dr. Schuller's daughter just recently purchased 755 15th Street with her husband
    Thank you for posting this JIC. Thank you Deja for for the update. Makes me feel a bit squeamish. How can anyone live in that house after such a tragedy?

    The Ramsey house should have been bulldozed, and it doesn't matter whether the new owners change the address, it will always be known as the Ramsey House, and the house where six year old JonBenét Ramsey died at Christmas time.
    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
    Just my opinion.

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