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    Default Chapter 9 part 2

    It is also remarkable that P. Ramsey has knowledge concerning medical expressions. She understood very well what was going on, as everyone would have. Therefore, what the plastic surgeon was doing there remains a question, but he was not there to explain medical expressions, or the situation. Further, wouldn’t you prefer that your partner be called in such a situation? Wouldn’t you need the moral support the most from your partner?

    In addition, the following remarks made by P. Ramsey are questionable: “Most of all, I was horrified to confront John with this condition. He certainly didn’t need me being sick; he was still reeling from Beth’s death.” E. Ramsey died in a car crash on January 8, 1992, while the Atlanta hospital event took place on July 2, 1993. So after 1.5 years, P. Ramsey was horrifie to confront J. Ramsey with the possibility that she might have cancer. Pay extra attention to the word horrified--and couldn’t she count on his support? Her next statement is that she kept crying; “My poor husband. My poor husband doesn’t need this.” Up until now, there is not a word about her children. Doesn’t that sound, to say the least, odd? All this takes place on Saturday, after the surgery on Monday it registers that she has two small children to raise. Wouldn’t a loving mother, as she claims to be that, have thought of her children by now? That should at least give you some idea about who and what the “we are a loving family” Ramsey’s are. A little later in the book, P. Ramsey is suddenly telling about a loving J. Ramsey: “the one she was horrified to confront”, who was trying to calm her down after she heard the she had stage IV, instead of stage III ovarian cancer. Now doesn’t that sound at least like a contradiction?

    However, the description that is given by her concerning her cancer is as follows, “Obviously they had removed my ovaries and performed a radical hysterectomy.” “The cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, he said. This means that you are at Stage IV, rather than Stage III, as they told you in Atlanta.” “There is also a tumor about the size of a tennis golf ball behind you pelvic bone, he said. It may have developed since your surgery.”

    Let us have a look at some facts concerning ovarian cancer. The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) has standardized the staging of gynecological cancers. The stages of ovarian cancer are described as follows:

    Stage I
    Stage I ovarian cancer means the cancer is only affecting the ovaries. It is divided into three groups:
    Stage Ia = The cancer is contained inside one ovary
    Stage Ib = The cancer is contained inside both ovaries
    Stage I = 1a or Ib AND either there is some cancer on the surface of at least one ovary OR cancer cells are found in fluid taken from inside your abdomen during surgery OR the ovary ruptures (bursts) before or during surgery

    Stage II
    Stage II means the cancer has grown outside the ovary or ovaries, but it is inside the pelvis. Stage II cancer can be:
    IIa = The cancer has spread into the fallopian tubes or the womb
    IIb = The cancer has grown into other tissues in the pelvis, for example the bladder or rectum
    IIc = IIa or IIb AND either there is some cancer on the surface of at least one ovary OR cancer cells are found in fluid taken from inside your abdomen during surgery OR the ovary ruptures (bursts) before or during surgery

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    Default Chapter 9 part 3

    Stage III
    Stage III cancer of the ovary means the cancer has spread outside the pelvis into the abdominal cavity. Your cancer is also stage III if there is cancer found in the lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, groin or behind the womb. So stage III cancer can be:
    IIIa = Cancer can be seen under the microscope in tissue taken from the lining of the abdomen
    IIIb = There are small tumor growths on the lining of the abdomen
    IIIc = There are tumor growths larger than 2cm on the lining of the abdomen; the lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, groin or behind the womb contain cancer

    Stage 4
    The cancer has spread into other body organs such as the liver or lungs. (If there is cancer on the surface of the liver but not within the liver itself, then the cancer is regarded as Stage III.)

    This leaves me with no other conclusion, that if her description of her disease is accurate it can only be stage III ovarian cancer. Which lead me to two possibilities, either the physician needs schooling or she is lying, since she nowhere indicates that the cancer, at that time, had spread into other body organs. My personal opinion, I think she is lying to gain sympathy and that is exactly what doesn’t work with me. This disease is already bad enough, there no need to lie about it or to make it sound worse then it already is. Moreover, if you already lie about this then I ask myself what else are prepared to lie about.

    Also, do you know what? P. Ramsey is constantly slipping up when it comes to the ovarian stage IV cancer. In the 700 Club interview, that took place in July 2000, with S. Ross, P. Ramsey stated she was diagnosed with cancer in July 1992. However, on Larry King Live, aired in November 2000, she stated; “I will celebrate my sixth year since my diagnosis.” Now I believe we all can count year 2000 minus 6 years would bring us to the year 1994. The book was published on March 17, 2000, and stated the cancer was diagnosed in July 1993. Now, don’t we have a problem here? Something that might, at least, make you suspicious? I sure think so!

    Next, ‘divine intervention’ takes place at a hotel in Annapolis, Maryland. While P. Ramsey is staring at the ceiling of the hotel room, she thinks Burke and JonBenét; “didn’t deserve to have a mother with cancer!” Odd choice of words, don’t you agree? Wouldn’t “what will happen to my children, should I die,” not be a more natural thought? She then takes the Gidion Bible off the nightstand, opens it randomly, and reads a verse. Psalm 57 and she reads; “In the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge, Until these calamities have passed by.” Conveniently, she forgets the first part of the psalm: “Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge in You.” This psalm describes what King David said when he fled for Saul, into a cave. However, P. Ramsey explains it as, it was a direct message from God to her and it meant: “Now I realized that the words were telling me that the calamities would some day pass by” and “a sense of strength and presence of the ‘divine’ settled around me. I went to sleep, knowing that my problem was in the right hands after all, the hands of my Heavenly Father.” It may be a surprise to P. Ramsey, but your destiny is always in the hands of God, He gave you a free will. And one does get the strange feeling P. Ramsey does not understand much about religion, let alone the bible. She explains all that is written to her advantage--but it does not work that way.

    Next, she is comparing herself with Job--unbelievably! Would you dare to do so? Yes, God is talking to her again! In addition, this time He is saying, according to her; “those ‘babies’ are your reason to live. Get up and get with it.” That is how God told her to get up and live--just as he had told Job. After that she thought; “You’re right. We’re going to beat this together. God and me and the chemo.” Something does not quite fit here. It sounds like--hey, let us throw in the chemo treatments as well--you never know. Again wouldn’t someone more likely think: God and I together are going to beat this?

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    Default Chapter 9 part 4

    In addition, God is making sure that, although the flight back to Denver is fully booked, there is always something happening that makes the seat next to her empty so she can lie down. Somehow, all of this sounds rather strange! To be more precise, it sounds arrogant and presumptuous. Religion asks for being humble, not for arrogance. Never overestimate yourself!

    As for the healing session, it is ridiculous! Nice for a novel, but in this case it is just used as an excuse--'look how good I am, even God heals me'.... Again, it does not work like that. Just look at what she says; “The warmth of the Holy Spirit’s presence settled over me. I felt the healing touch of Jesus Christ working in my body.” Looks nice, doesn’t it? Only it does not convince me of anything-divine taking place here. Why? Two days later, she was taking the CT scan in the Boulder hospital. She asked the doctor about the tumor that had remained in her pelvic area, and she wanted to know whether it had shrunk, as the doctors in Bethesda and she had hoped for. Now wouldn’t you say it has gone, I mean she ‘felt the healing touch of Jesus Christ working in her body,’-- so why even think it was still there? It just doesn’t make sense…doubts after all? Then miraculously the tumor (the size of a golf ball) is gone. However, the chemo treatments have to continue according to the doctors in Bethesda, at the NIH, so she had to go for the third treatment.

    After the fourth treatment, and just before the fifth treatment, the cancer had spread. It was stated that it had metastasized, which means: “the transfer of disease from one organ or part to another not directly connected with it. It may be due to either to the transfer of pathogenic microorganisms (tubercle bacilli) or to transfer of cells, as in malignant tumors. The capacity to metastasize is a characteristic of all malignant tumors.” Therefore, this means that in order to be able to spread--the disease must already be there. This leaves me with a kind of puzzle. It would have been normal to have said the disease had returned. However, to have, that does not make sense, you do not say such a thing when you are convinced that God cured you from the disease. That is what she stated, she told the doctors at the NIH in Bethesda that she no longer needed the treatments, as God had healed her. Again, this gives you something to think about.

    Then on the plane trip to Bethesda, she tells God this: “God, I don’t know how you are going to do this, but I know you are going to change what that film says. I have total faith that you can do it.” Here she is demanding from God, that He change the CT scan. She is actually telling Him what to do. Not asking 'please'--but telling Him what to do! This is unbelievable! In the meantime, she had already declared herself a missionary, and finds it necessary to state that two people had declared her an angel. Now how was that saying about modesty?

    Then reading the last paragraph, at least for a moment it flashes to your head--the motive, talking about the motive. Indeed a scary thought. Being the center of attention, known by people all over the world, because of JonBenét’s murder--that is why she can act at as tool for Christ, she claims. She is a sort of living miracle, cured from cancer by God. Coupled with being known because of what happened to JonBenét, it makes her known to people all over the world. So, could that be a motive as well? Scary, isn’t it?

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