Kathryn Hauser was murdered in her own home in Albuquerque NM in the upscale NobHill residental area near UNM University in Bernallio County earlier this year.

Initially, her husband was strongly suspected of the crime in which she was sexually assaulted and blugeoned to death with a brick....robbery did not appear to be a motive and the victim's keys were left in her front door.

The husband and wife had previously had police responding to their home for domestic altercations in which the husband was found to have abused his wife, making him an immediate suspect.

Then is a sudden turn of events, a transient and chronic burgler by the name of Phillip James Busey was arrested near the Hauser home. Subsequent evidence, including his DNA found at the crime scene were convincing enough to charge him with Hauser's murder.

Local prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty for Busey in this ongoing capital murder case in Bernallio, reported Dictrict Attorney Kari Brandenburg on Friday July 22nd....