I wanted to share this article about Shasta - and I didn't 'see' a thread already started for her; if there IS! Hoping the mods will transfer this thread over there!



In the early hours of July 2, a waitress in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho handed Shasta Groena a page from a coloring book.
Ten to 15 minutes is all Shasta had to partially complete the coloring of the page. This small window of time was, for all intents and purposes, the first step back into the now unfamiliar territory of her childhood.
...What would prove inconsequential to the league of pre-dawn patrons, the police.. - is that the only item colored on the picture of the flying fairy princess, was her clothing.
Within the frame, an illustrious, red dress blares from the bodice of the pale princess. Arms, legs, hands, even her princess crown sits untouched above her camera ready sile. Her only act of defiance, a magic wand she holds gingerly, almost apologetically, pales in comparison to the carefully colored dress.
you have to read the WHOLE article - poor child... I hope she gets all the help she needs...

The color of the dress Shasta colored it - ?? - red - as in a HUGE red flag for the waitress? or ?