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Thread: Patsy Is Dead

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    I'll bet she's in her mid-thirties, early forties at the oldest. I think John likes them as young as he can find them. But does he have enough money these days to actually get one?

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    I am so sorry about Patsy. Most of all of I feel for Burke though.

    Don't be surprised if John suddenly appears with a note saying Patsy did everything. I am also sure he has a trophy wife in mind.

    Patsy has to answer to God and JonBenet now. I am sure there are some hard questions she is wishing LL Wood was there to help her with.

    I just feel that JR is going to show up with a confession in Patsy's handwriting, thereby absolving himself. I think he should be under the jail.

    Oh Jameson, we do have compassion here, sorry that you are too blind to miss it. The BORG did not contribute to Patsy's demise, cancer did. Maybe you can go make another 40 grand with Cranky.

    The above is just my opinion, right or wrong, but please leave it at FFJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherokee
    It won't be long before John takes a new wife, but he'll wait until after the 10th anniversary of JonBenet's death before he ties the knot. He'll want to play the widowed husband and grieving father during all the media interest for the 10th anniversary, and then after the spotlight is gone ... he'll feel like it's safe for him to do what he wants.

    John will be 63 on December 7th. I'm giving ten to one odds that his new wife will be at least 15 years younger than himself. He needs a youngish trophy wife to help him get back in the political arena. An unemployed CEO with nowhere to go, and nothing to do but file frivolous lawsuits, MUST continue to climb the ladder of success.
    I agree totally.

    Cherokee, did you check your vmail on your cell?
    FFJ C/O Tricia Griffith
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    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    These guys are fast:

    Curious that her occupation is listed as "relative". Follow the link to John Ramsey and his mother's name is listed as Mary Jane Bennett Ramsey. You all probably realized that Bennett was his mother's maiden name, but I didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia
    I agree totally.

    Cherokee, did you check your vmail on your cell?
    No I didn't, sorry memsah. I was at a baby shower when it came through, and I've got a million other good excuses, I promise. Mostly, I have no memory cells left, and I turned off my phone before remembering to check it again. I'll go do that right now. Thanks for the reminder.

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    Default Odd

    Getting away with murder,00.html
    The Observer, UK - 6 hours ago
    ... been pregnant at the same time. Burke Ramsey and Lindsey Phillips were born a month apart. Judith, a photographer, now lives in ...

    Waves at Tricia -I have no excuse, I'm a shleprock
    "The pedigree of honey
    Does not concern the bee,
    A clover, at any time, to him,
    is aristocracy."
    Emily Dickinson.

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    Default Of course I love you....

    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia
    I've been around...just not involved. I got so sick of Smit's BS and Wood blackmailing the media.

    I truly hope Patsy's demise brings new life to this case, but unfortunately, it'll have nothing to do with the truth.

    The Patsy Welcoming Committee ...

    (aka, Meet your new neighbors, Pats)


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    Quote Originally Posted by VP
    Getting away with murder,00.html

    The Observer, UK - 6 hours ago
    Thanks for the link, VP. Here's a good excerpt about the much bally-hooed and worthless partial DNA ...

    In 1999, just before the grand jury was about to be sworn in, the internationally recognised forensic expert Henry Lee was brought in. Yes, he suggested, the DNA in the underpants was not the Ramseys', but who was to say it was the murderer's? It could have been left there at any time, from the point of manufacture onwards.

    'They were going to test all the Bloomingdales factory workers in Hong Kong, until they realised it wouldn't have made any difference,' says Bob Grant, former District Attorney for Adams County and adviser to the grand jury. 'I can make the whole argument - it came from the factory, it came from the cleaners, it came from the pants being placed in a hamper with other clothes that had other foreign DNA on them - it could have come from any number of places ....'

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    Patsy Ramsey

    News Obituary Article

    Mother of JonBenet dies at 49 of cancer


    In the last years of her life, Patsy Ramsey lived under the worldwide media glare of personal pain and tabloid innuendo.

    On the day after Christmas 1996, her daughter JonBenet, a 6-year-old beauty pageant winner, was found murdered --- beaten and strangled in the family's stately home in Boulder, Colo.

    Even after the couple moved to Atlanta, the place of JonBenet's birth, the questions followed. Who killed JonBenet? What did her parents know about the murder? Did Patsy Ramsey kill her own child?

    Amid the questions, Patsy Ramsey faced another challenge: ovarian cancer. Before dawn Saturday, Patsy, 49, died in her father's Roswell home, said the family's longtime attorney, Lin Wood. Her husband, John, was by her side, Wood said. The couple lived in Michigan but returned to the Atlanta area a couple of months ago as Patsy Ramsey's condition worsened.

    Diagnosed in 1993, Patsy took an aggressive form of treatment that removed the cancer, Wood said. The cancer returned in January 2002, Wood said. Patsy wrote about her emotions on having ovarian cancer in a book about JonBenet's murder.

    "I knew I was staring death in the face," she wrote in the book, "The Death of Innocence: The Untold Story of JonBenet's Murder and How Its Exploitation Compromised the Pursuit of Truth." "I wanted to be mad at someone for doing this to me . . ."

    Patsy said she turned to her faith.

    "We're going to beat this together, God and me and the chemo[therapy]," she wrote.

    Funeral arrangements had not been finalized by Saturday afternoon. Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Homes in Marietta said it was handling the preparations. The Associated Press quoted a funeral home spokesman as saying Patsy would be buried next to JonBenet at St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta.

    Boulder police named the Ramseys as suspects. Although never charged in the still-unsolved slaying, they lived under suspicion fanned by television tabloid shows and supermarket tabloids --- even after a judge hearing a civil suit related to the case said the Ramseys were innocent. Wood recognized the suspicions had become Patsy's legacy.

    "I think it's a tragedy," he said. "She's going to be remembered as someone who was falsely accused."

    The murder remains an open case for Boulder County prosecutors. On Saturday, District Attorney Mary Lacy declined to discuss specifics about its investigation, but said the Ramseys had been helpful and praised Patsy Ramsey for her battle against cancer.

    "They were 100 percent cooperative with our office," Lacy said.

    Along with O.J. Simpson and the Menendez brothers, the JonBenet Ramsey case was part of the initial wave of made-for-cable TV news true crime stories. The Ramseys were successful and wealthy. Their daughter was adorable, with her bouncing blond hair and fancy costumes, smiling as she performed in beauty contests. The case was a mystery.

    The Ramseys claimed they had no involvement in their daughter's death, eventually proclaiming their innocence in their book.

    They filed a $65 million libel and defamation claim against a former Boulder police detective who wrote a book accusing Patsy Ramsey of murdering JonBenet and claiming John Ramsey helped cover up the crime.

    On Saturday, Bill Wise, a Boulder prosecutor who worked on the case for several years, recalled counting about 100 Web sites devoted to the case. Most, he said, accused the Ramseys of some involvement in JonBenet's death.

    In another legal dispute, the Ramseys had a measure of vindication when U.S. District Court Judge Julie Carnes wrote in a ruling that there was no evidence the couple had killed JonBenet. The more likely scenario, she wrote, was that the killer was an intruder.

    Initially, Wise suspected someone in the family. Over time, he said, his viewpoint changed, primarily because DNA evidence found on JonBenet's body could not be connected to any relatives.

    Wise never talked to Patsy Ramsey, but after hearing about her death, the now retired prosecutor thought about Patsy dying before her daughter's killer could be found.

    "It's a sad thing," he said.

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    Default Don't know how I feel

    If Patsy didn't have anything to do with JonBenet's demise, I would have thought she would have made a statement on her death bed...

    Lots of people change wills, say things that they have kept inside...

    Why didn't she say she had "no idea what happened to JonBenet"...very simple.

    How can anyone say someone is a good Christian? Don't buy it. Many display things by acting....Patsy in my opinion talked but didn't live it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watching You
    OMG, I can't believe a mother would pull her car over, go to her trunk and pull out a gun and put a bullet into all three of her little kids. But, she did. I can't believe a mother could drive her car into a lake with her helpless babies strapped into their car seats. But, she did. I can't believe a mother would drown five of her kids in a bathtub, but she did. I can't believe parents sexually abuse their children. But, they do. I can't believe parents kill and maim their kids. But, they do.

    Of course they do. I have acknowledged that. But there are too many difference scenios and not enough physical or circumstantial evidence to nail down a motive or identity of the perp.

    There is no profile for a parent who murders her own child.Perhaps not. Maybe I should have used another term. There are no at-large perps in this case. There is no evidence of any intruder in that house that night, regardless of the garbage Lou Smit has fed the public. Patsy Ramsey is all over that ransom note, and the Ramseys did everything they could do to avoid cooperating with the police right after the murder. That's the truth, and all the rest is BS.

    I could leave my home unlocked without the security system armed. An known person could enter and kill everyone in it and walk out without leaving any personal identity markers behind. Could he not? Sure he could. There are too many unsolved cases where those are the exact obstacles to solving them.

    Sure, Patsy's handwriting was a possible match...but so was Burke's. And they were never positively identified as the author....only that they COULD have written it.

    Almost all the forensics identified inside the home were there because all the family members left them there. It's where they lived. With the possible exception of some unidentified boot prints in the basement.

    I disagree with your analysis that any possibility in this case in BS.

    But, you're entitled to believe what you want to believe, darlin'. Keep on believing there's some profile that the Ramseys don't fit. Only they know what went on behind closed doors, but anyone who thinks the public face always matches the private face is not being realistic.

    I, nor anyone else, know with absolute certainty who killed Jon Benet. If one's mind is closed to the possibility of other persons outside of the family, then they will surely get away with murder. Because, as yet, no family member has been arrested after nearly 10 years. And don't think Boulder wouldn't love to nail the person/persons responsible.

    It's been a long day, and I'm not in the mood for being tactful. Best I get out of here for now.
    Well, I am not that emotional about any case of murder. It is not productive in the pursuit of justice.

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    One account I heard on TV stated that before she died, Patsy asked everyone to keep looking for JB's killer. We all know how hard they were looking for JB's killer.

    As far as the DNA goes, on the 1 in a billion chance that they ever come up with anything close to the partial DNA they have in the CODIS system, they still have to prove that person was in Boulder and in the Ramsey house THE NIGHT OF THE MURDER. It's also obvious that all the victims the Ramseys and their shady investigators threw under the bus in order to keep themselves out of jail did not match the DNA profile.

    My brain gets confused trying to keep up with their dizzy reasoning. Susan jameson Bennett claims the DNA will "nail the killer." Overused as that term may be at the swamp, it's a pretty clear statement, even if it is poorly reasoned. The DNA will not identify the killer. It can only be of use as a piece of the puzzle - the whole of which is needed to convict.

    Which brings me to the second part of my confusion. If, as the warped one at the swamp so clearly states in her faux law enforcement slang that the DNA will "nail the killer," why does she continue to allow her equally-warped members to accuse innocent men whose DNA does NOT match the sample in CODIS of killing JB? And, why hasn't that whiz-bang defective Lou Smit been able to prove his accusations against people like Gigax and others? If that DNA is going to be the magic bullet that NAILS THE KILLER, then why hurl nasty allegations against people whose DNA does not match? Just another example of the brilliant reasoning powers of the swamp queen and her cult. Not.
    Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry,
    the philosophy which does not laugh,
    and the greatness which does not bow before children.

    ---Kahlil Gibran---

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