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    Exclamation John Ramsey - Handwriting Examples

    John Ramsey, JonBenet's Father

    Below are two samples of John Ramsey's handwriting -- the first from 1978 and the second from 1997. There is a remarkable difference between these signatures indicating a definite change in his personality.

    John Ramsey 1978 Signature This 1978 signature reveals a man who makes decisions based on what he thinks is best for him. He is arrogant and wants the world to know how important he thinks he is. He has a huge imagination and a tendency to blow things out of proportion. His physical drives are strong which creates determination in his actions, a need to release energy in a physical manner and a desire for career or financial success. His code of ethics is not set -- he is unsure what he believes concerning right and wrong. His mind is quick and analytical.

    John Ramsey 1997 Signature By the time he wrote this in 1997, John has undergone a major personality change. He has eliminated all but the capital letters of his name which indicates he no longer wants to reveal much about himself to the outside world. The letters are written on top of each other showing emotional conflict within himself and a difficulty in coping with his everyday affairs and how they relate to his image. This may even indicate potential self-destruction. His ego is highly inflated as he tries to hide from the world and protect himself from a large level of anxiety, fear, and confusion.
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