Below is our Cold Case story for your Forum: Tina and Bethany Sinclair missing from NH for over 5 years
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Tina and Bethany Sinclair (mother and daughter) have been missing over 5 years from West Chesterfield, NH. They were living with a "now-convicted sex offender."

Tina Sinclair, at the time age 34, and her 15-year-old daughter Bethany, were living in the Chesterfield home with Eugene Van Bowman. They were last seen on Feb. 3, 2001. According to Bowman, the two had a fight, and Bowman told police he ended it by walking out of the house. By the time he came back, he told police, Tina and Bethany had taken their clothes and left.

Left behind were Tina's car and cat, and both women's possessions.

On Monday, Feb. 5, an unknown woman called Keene High School to say that Bethany, who was a freshman at the time, would be out sick. The last person to talk to Bethany was her date on Saturday night, over the phone, just before midnight. The women have not been heard from again.

Chesterfield police were called after the women had been missing a week, and state police were brought in after that.

Officially, the disappearances are classified as a missing persons case, and no suspects have been named. However, Bowman has been called a "person of interest" by authorities, and his home has been searched several times, including a search of the residence in April and a river search after the river thawed out.

After five years, it is doubtful that the women will be found alive.

UPDATE: APRIL 28, 2006 - CHESTERFIELD, N.H. Searchers with dogs were in woods Friday in West Chesterfield, an area that has been searched before.

State police say the search was prompted by a tip from Canine Alert Search Team. (They have not communicated with us [family] on the search, before or after.

The family and friends have published a NEW website in attempt to bring new life to their COLD CASE. They are soliciting the public's help in finding the missing mother and daughter.

Their contact email address is:

Sharon Garry (sister of Tina Sinclair and aunt to Bethany Sinclair) can be reached at:
MerryJo: friend and webmaster can be reached at:
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