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    No...I don't think so.... Neither she nor John even thought to get Burke up and say, were you playing a joke here? Do you know anything about this? Have you heard anything?
    This is one of the things I and most just can't get past.

    This is probably one of those things that deserve a thread of its own with the little, basic things one just can't get past and that there has never been a reasonable, sane explanation for.

    The Ramseys have displayed some atypical behaviors not usually associated with the events that were happening at the time, such as the NOT waking Burke up after finding their young baby gone from her bed and a note that is at best, horrifying

    This is a behavior that as far as I am concerned, can't be explained away by the classic "people react differently", or "you don't really know what you would do in the same situation" category.

    99.99% of parents or caregivers, upon finding one child missing and presumably kidnapped, WOULD WAKE UP THEIR ONLY OTHER CHILD TO ASK HIM QUESTIONS

    There are some really incriminating behaviors exhibited by the Ramseys that have never been explained with any sense of reason and logic and this is just one of them

    I will give the benefit of the doubt regarding differing reactions by differing people. Many aren't the type to cry and display upset publicly and there are differing forms of grief, etc. No problem. We, as adults have all seen people at funerals and in other crisis situations that either hold it all together and show little to no emotions to the over the top hysterics. I'm not talking about those types of behaviors or reactions. I'm talking common sense.

    These are things that the average person reacts to. This requires no scientific or forensic mind; this requires no research; this requires no DNA expertise; this requires no graphology degree. This is obvious stuff. Stuff parents just don't do

    leave town
    Not speak to authorities
    leave town
    Not speak to authorities for four months
    leave town
    refuse polygraphs
    leave town
    Hire a PR firm for the funeral
    leave town
    Go on CNN without having spoken with police
    leave town

    How many people do you know who would behave like that????


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    Hi Babs. I recall the first time I read the circumstances of this case--and I stopped cold when I heard Patsy and John didn't wake Burke. I was like whoooaaa let's back it up here. That doesn't make any sense at all. How did they know the kidnappers weren't still in the house? Why would J and P just assume Burke didn't see or hear the kidnapping? That is crazy--he was in the next room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Punisher
    Sometimes I wonder, Jayelles. I know one person was willing to put in print that she would hit JB. Plus, JB had an awful lot of nasty-looking bruises.
    Punisher, who is this person? Please tell us more about this ok?
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    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    Default Who Would Have Thunk?

    Burke may have been kidnapped as well, or hurt, or missing!

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    When? That morning when she was discovered missing? Or when they got him out of the house that morning? Or when he went back to school or anywhere out of their eyesight?

    Yeah right - Burke's safety from the kidnapper was quite the concern for the Scamseys.

    "Don't play dumb with me, RR! You're no good at it." The Punisher

    "Although no one is anticipating a prompt resolution to this long and much-detoured case, perhaps - just perhaps - might we see one of those moments “when a chance arrow of history scores a perfect bullseye on a deserving target”? Steve Thomas 2009

    "Justice hasn't had a chance so far. Anyone who doesn't have this as their prime goal, we'll have a falling out with." Fleet White - Time Magazine

    "What happens is that evil comes in," Fleet says. "If you don't have truth, all you have are lies, then what comes in is evil. And evil just does its thing. In the Ramsey case, it just did its thing, and it's eaten up so many people."

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    Some have a pathological need to forgive Patsy. It ain't our job to forgive Patsy ... that's God's job. Our job is to continue to condemn Patsy, if only to act as a deterrent to others who would mistreat their children.

    Forgive Patsy for her part in the sexual abuse of her own child? No phukking way!

    Forgive Patsy for her part in the murder of her child ... the coverup ... the staging? Not THIS kid!

    Forgive Patsy for her 'Stage Mother' abuse and tarting-up of JonBenet for her own sick needs? Hell NO!

    Forgiving the evil-ridden corpse of Patsy is tantamount to telling the living that such behaviors ARE FORGIVABLE. Those behaviors are NOT FORGIVABLE ... even in death. It's our job to get a clear message out that if a person chooses
    Patsy's itinerary in life, then we will track them down even to their phukking deathbed. They will NEVER be forgiven!

    I can forgive Phatsy for befriending the equally disgusting piece of humanity, Jameson. It has effectively brought that perv into full public scrutiny where we can keep an eye on hir. It's more effective than just having Jambo on a sexual predators list. And since Jameson attracts fellow sexual predators like maggots to Patsy's putrifying body, we have effectively shown a bright light on still more cockroaches. Those phuks are too stOOpid to know it, but we (the authorities) know who they are, and where they are. It would be interesting to know how many arrests have been made based, in part, upon leads gleaned from Jameson's cesspool.

    Forgive a friend who has lied to you, and feels remorse ... NOT a remorseless predator like Patsy.


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    "Punisher, who is this person? Please tell us more about this ok?"

    This would be LHP in that first chapter of her book. You can believe it or not.

    "Our job is to continue to condemn Patsy, if only to act as a deterrent to others who would mistreat their children."

    Sometimes I wonder if more people in this country have tried to kill their kids and get away with it because of this case. Because if they did, she had a hand in it!

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