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    OK, here are Patsy's stories in the 2000 interview about how the knickers got on JonBenet:

    [Jayelles, do not read this, as the offensive word is used no less than two hundred times.]

    21 Q. Okay. What we are trying to

    22 understand is whether -- we are trying to

    23 understand why she is wearing such a large

    24 pair of underpants. We are hoping you can

    25 help us if you have a recollection of it.


    1 A. I am sure that I put the package

    2 of underwear in her bathroom, and she opened

    3 them and put them on.
    Notice that JONBENET opened the package in this part of the story.

    Now notice the change in pronoun in the next section...and also that "we" rather than Patsy/I collectively made the decision to use the too large panties rather than send them to Jenny. Does she mean "we" as in she and JonBenet, or "we" as in she and...? Because she says JonBenet opened the package, then she says "we" decided to use them. Yet Patsy also says SHE/PATSY put the PACKAGE in JonBenet's BATHROOM, and JonBenet opened it and put them on.

    So, next we hear: Patsy and someone made the decision to keep the larger panties for JonBenet. Putting that with what she just stated, JonBenet then OPENED the package AND PUT THEM ON HERSELF, but Patsy put them in JonBenet's drawer. Let's see what else Patsy says about the panties.

    Notice also Patsy's speech pattern in the following answer: it's choppy, she switches to PASSIVE VOICE--it happened indirectly, again, directing credit for the action elsewhere, now away from JonBenet having committing the action: "the package had been opened." Then Patsy says "I GUESS" and uses a "group" pronoun, we, to share responsibility rather than take it as solely hers.

    Patsy did not want to tie herself to these size 12/14 panties. She was also avoiding the topic of how they were opened, changing that story as well. I believe the panties were a painful and/or damaging association to JonBenet's murder, after going through this carefully again.

    20 A. Well, obviously we, you know, the

    21 package had been opened, we made the

    22 decision, you know, oh, just go ahead and

    23 use them because, you know, we weren't going

    24 to give them to Jenny after all, I guess,

    25 so.


    1 I mean, if you have ever seen

    2 these little panties, there is not too much

    3 difference in the size. So, you know, I'm

    4 sure even if they were a little bit big,

    5 they were special because we got them up

    6 there, she wanted to wear them, and they

    7 didn't fall down around her ankles, that was

    8 fine with me.

    9 MR. MORRISSEY: Did you ever see

    10 if they fell down around her ankles or not?

    11 THE WITNESS: No.

    12 MS. HARMER: But you specifically

    13 remember her putting on the bigger pair?

    14 And I am not saying --

    15 THE WITNESS: They were just in

    16 her panty drawer, so I don't, you know, I

    17 don't pay attention. I mean, I just put all

    18 of her clean panties in a drawer and she can

    19 help herself to whatever is in there.
    OK, notice that Patsy establishes it was JonBenet's idea to keep the panties and that she wanted them because they were special. Now Patsy has stated SHE/PATSY put the clean panties in the panty drawer with all the clean panties. But Det. Harmer picks up on the discrepancy here and follows up:

    20 MS. HARMER: I guess I am not

    21 clear on, you bought the panties to give to

    22 Jenny.

    23 THE WITNESS: Right.

    24 MS. HARMER: And they ended up in

    25 JonBenet's bathroom?


    1 A. Right.

    2 Q. (By Ms. Harmer) Was there - I'm

    3 sorry. Do you recall making a decision then

    4 not to give them to Jenny or did JonBenet

    5 express an interest in them; therefore, you

    6 didn't give them to Jenny? How did that --

    7 A. I can't say for sure. I mean, I

    8 think I bought them with the intention of

    9 sending them in a package of Christmas things

    10 to Atlanta. Obviously I didn't get that

    11 together, so I just put them in her, her

    12 panty drawer. So they were free game.
    So now Patsy suddenly isn't clear why or when she/we decided to put the panties in the drawer. Patsy also CHANGES THE STORY here: PATSY is the one who decided not to send the panties, so she just put them in JonBenet's drawer.

    Patsy has already said JonBenet opened the package, and she has said that she put the TOO LARGE panties in the drawer. But remember, jams has said many times, THE PACKAGE OF PANTIES WAS NOT IN THE DRAWER, THAT THE RAMSEY'S PRIVATE DETECTIVES FOUND THEM AND TOOK CUSTODY OF THEM. Is jams saying the panties were LEFT in the drawer, that LE/forensics didn't take them? That would be strange because here is what LE said about that during this interview:

    1 Q. (By Mr. Kane) Okay. Were you

    2 aware that these were the size of panties

    3 that she was wearing, and this has been

    4 publicized, it is out in the open, that they

    5 were size 12 to 14? Were you aware of

    6 that?

    7 A. I have become aware of that, yes.

    8 Q. And how did you become aware of

    9 that?

    10 A. Something I read, I am sure.

    11 Q. And I will just state a fact

    12 here. I mean, there were 15 pair of panties

    13 taken out of, by the police, out of

    14 JonBenet's panty drawer in her bathroom.

    15 that where she kept -

    16 A. Uh-huh (affirmative).

    17 Q. -- where you were describing that

    18 they were just put in that drawer?

    19 A. Yes.

    20 Q. Okay. And every one of those was

    21 either a size four or a size six.

    22 Would that have been about the size pair of

    23 panties that she wore when she was six years

    24 old?

    25 A. I would say more like six to


    1 eight. There were probably some in there

    2 that were too small.

    3 Q. Okay. But not size 12 to 14?

    4 A. Not typically, no.

    5 MR. KANE: Okay.

    6 Q. (By Mr. Morrissey) And you

    7 understand the reason we are asking this, we

    8 want to make sure that this intruder did not

    9 bring these panties with him, this was

    10 something --

    11 A. Right.

    12 Q. - that was in the house.

    13 A. Yes.

    14 Q. And we are clear that, as far as

    15 you know, that is something that was in this

    16 house?

    17 A. Yes.

    18 Q. -- that belonged to your daughter,

    19 these panties?

    20 A. Correct.
    So...Patsy says clearly SHE PUT THE PANTIES IN THE DRAWER. LE says clearly THEY TOOK 15 PAIRS OUT, AND NONE WERE SIZE 12/14.

    Jams says the Ramsey PIs ended up with the panties. If jams can be believed...heh...she has stated more than once that LE LEFT THE REST OF THE PACKAGE OF SIZE 12/14 PANTIES BEHIND AT THE HOME, where the Ramsey PIs found them and confiscated them.

    So...did LE only take PART of the panties in the drawer? I doubt that very much. Where then did the rest of that 12/14 package go, that LE missed them entirely, in 10 days of scouring the house for evidence? But how convenient, the Ramsey PIs found them!

    I smell more STAGING OF EVIDENCE here, I believe.

    Obviously from this interview, LE did NOT have the rest of the szie 12/14 package of panties. So that PACKAGE of size 12/14 panties DID GO MISSING, and that's why LE didn't find them. Then they turned up for the Ramsey PIs to find so conveniently. Blame it on careless LE. But we never heard anything about this until jams told us. Why did jams give out this info? Because this interview transcript was released and revealed that THE REMAINING PAIRS OF SIZE 12/14 PANTIES WERE NEVER FOUND BY LE?

    Where did they go?

    Did Aunt Pam get them?

    Did they go the way of the roll of duct tape and cord?

    But then HOW did they end up at the Ramsey house for the PIs to find? (If jams can be believed, which she can't, but maybe she is telling this RST story as it was told to her, because they wanted to get out the information that the MISSING SIZE 12/14 PANTIES were in fact just MISSED BY LE.

    But this doesn't necessarily make sense, because we do not know if LE ever found the new Bloomies that FIT JonBenet, do we? If they were in that drawer, did LE find the WEDNESDAY pair, as well? Were those the soiled panties on the floor?

    And two more questions come to mind: first, why would Patsy have the remaining larger-sized panties disappear? Was she hoping LE wouldn't notice they were not part of the same set of size JonBenet actually wore? And thus not start looking for the CORRECT size panties...which were incriminating in some way?

    Second, why would Patsy put an UNOPENED package of panties in JonBenet's drawer, for the child to open with scissors or a knife--as Why Nut pointed out leads to the question of the kitchen knife on the washing machine? Patsy said JonBenet opened the package. Patsy said she put them in the drawer. But they weren't found in the drawer.

    Once again, Patsy's story falls apart.

    No wonder Lin Wood was about to bust a gut interrupting and preaching and leading Patsy's answers in the process.
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    "University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos declared the letter a 'reckless exoneration.' He went on to state, 'Everyone knows that relative immunity from criminal conviction is something money can buy.
    Apparently another thing it can buy is an apology for even being suspected of a crime you probably already would have been convicted of committing if you happened to be poor.'"
    FF: WRKJB?

    Bloomies underwear model:
    3 Dimensional

    My opinions, nothing more.

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