jameson addressed the topic - and dismissed it. That was to be expected. From then on in, the other members diverted the discussion into one about the bedwetting - that was also one outcome I predicted (i.e. diversion - not necessariily bedwetting).

This isn't about bedwetting. Actually, if it weren't for the fact that Patsy admitted knowing about the huge knickers, it could even have been twisted into intruder evidence. If Patsy's reaction had been different, I would have considered it intruder evidence because I do not think there is any way Jonbenet chose to wear those knickers OR that any self-respecting, caring mother would have put them on her.

I think it's another bugaboo.

I've seen old photos of poverty showing little children wearing nothing but vests and too large knickers dangling down round about their knees - barefoot and dirty. I associate these too large knickers with poverty and deprivation. I don't associate them with the Ramsey family.

My photos show how uncomfrotable they would have been to wear - how they would have slipped down - maybe even fallen down gradually.

Anyone who attempts to excuse that or dismiss it needs a reality check.