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Well, that actually isn't a bad theory, Jayelles, but it certainly wouldn't eliminate one of the Ramseys as the perp; in fact, it would implicate them more, since intruders typically don't have knowledge of where certain items of clothing are stored. Most people I know don't store underwear in the bathroom cabinet, so an intruder would have had to have gone rummaging through all the drawers in JB's room and bathroom, and I haven't heard of any such evidence of rummaging through drawers. Besides, why would an intruder take a child from her bedroom down two flights of stairs, then go back upstairs to get more underwear for her?
I beg to differ here because we store our underwear in the bathroom unit drawers. Having said that, we didn't do this in the days before en-suites! JonBenet had her own en-suite.