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For what it is worth, hearing that Patsy said she stored underwear and nightwear in the bathroom struck an odd note with me and my family, since, in our experience, storage space in the bathroom is generally used for cleaning supplies, health supplies, and stuff associated with the bathing process.

As pictures show, there was not that much room in JonBenet's bathroom. Her sink area had two large drawers, two medium drawers, and two small drawers. There was no towel closet in the room, nor right outside it. In my own household, the large drawers would usually have contained towels and washcloths and likely rolls of toilet paper, the medium drawers the cleaning supplies, and the small drawers the health needs like toothpaste and shampoo and hair brushes, things like that. If Patsy was filling drawers with underwear and pajamas, where did the towels go, or the toilet paper, or the cleaners, or the health and cosmetic items?

It's the same in our house. I prefer the comfort of my bedroom to dress in, and when the younger grandchildren are here, they always use the bathroom in the hall, or the one downstairs when they're playing in the garden or rec room. Medication is in our bedroom, but toothpaste, Shampoo etc., is kept in the bathroom. Towels are kept in a hall cupboard upstairs, and the downstairs bathroom has small wicker shelves for towels. Cleaning products in our house - bakind soda or Borox. No chemicals. Easy system. Works well. I would make a good hotel maid.

The Ramsey home was one monster of a house, and Patsy had it remodelled. I couldn't get over their bedroom not having a door, when I saw Bill Curtis climb the stairs and walk right into it. I didn't like that idea at all.

I guess we all have different lifestyles, but the Ramsey's was far out (?).
These are lovely clear pictures Why_Nut.