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    The "Beehive State" It's true. Look it up

    Default The Palm Print Has Been Identified.

    Anderson Cooper is going on and on about the "palm print" and what if it's Karr's.

    The palm print was IDENTIFIED IN 2002.

    Here you go...

    From the Rocky Mountain News (Charlie Brennan, August 22, 2002):

    “A palm print on the door leading to that same wine cellar, long unidentified, is that of Melinda Ramsey, JonBenet's adult half-sister. She was in Georgia at the time of the murder.”…


    “…L. Lin Wood, the attorney representing the Ramseys, who now live in Atlanta, doesn't debate the palm print findings…”
    FFJ C/O Tricia Griffith
    6300 N Sage Wood Drive
    Suite H #214
    Park City UT

    I am unaware of anyone who's profited from exploiting the Ramsey murder over a longer period of time, with a greater disregard for the principles of accuracy and fairness, than the production team of Mills and Tracey.They truly do inhabit a different moral universe from real journalists. It's the difference between journalism and propaganda.
    Alan Prendergast,reporter for Westword

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    Great find, Tricia! Another red herring bites the dust. Have they tested her DNA yet?


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    Thanks for posting this, you lil sick chick! LOL Y'all get bettah, heah! :queen:

    Somebody send this and the DNA articles to Anderson Cooper or Wendy Murphy!

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    I have heard both the Hi-Tech shoe and the 'unidentified' palm print both mentioned on the news in the last few days as evidence of an intruder, so there is still misinformation being touted as fact.

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    Whatever happened with the shoe print? We know Burke told the GJ he owned some Hi-Tecs but what was the official position on it? Thanks!!

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    Default Wondering...

    What size shoe made the Hi Tec print? I can't remember.

    John Karr is a small-framed man. His hands are small, and I expect his feet are also.

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    Trip De Muth keeps on repeating the "unidenified" palm print.

    And he was part of the investigation

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    Wasn't there a Ramsey home video showing Melinda making the palm print?

    I wrote "Melissa" the first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tril
    Wasn't there a Ramsey home video showing Melinda making the palm print?

    I wrote "Melissa" the first time.

    I don't remember that...but I'd love to know.
    Maybe this article will shed some light.

    The BoulderNews Ramsey Archive
    Articles from the Daily Camera
    Ramsey kin to give DNA

    The samples will be compared to evidence in JonBenét's murder

    By Charlie Brennan and Lisa Levitt Ryckman
    Scripps Howard News Service

    Police will collect DNA samples and palm prints from five relatives of slain child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey in the Atlanta area next week.

    The samples will be compared to evidence gathered in the investigation of her murder, which marks its two-year anniversary Dec. 26.

    Police want to know the source of a palm print found in the basement of the Ramseys' Boulder home, a stain on the girl's underwear and tissue scraped from beneath her fingernails, according to sources close to the case.

    Boulder Detective Ron Gosage called JonBenét's maternal grandparents, Don and Nedra Paugh, of Roswell, Ga., last week to schedule the tests, a source said.


    Pam Paugh, JonBenét's aunt, said she is among the five relatives who will provide mouth swabs and palm prints. She said the other four are Don and Nedra Paugh, Polly Paugh Davis and Polly's husband, Grant Davis.

    None of the five are known to have been in Colorado on Christmas night in 1996, when the murder took place.

    The 6-year-old was found beaten and strangled in the basement, hours after her mother reported finding a ransom note.

    Her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, are under suspicion in an ongoing grand jury investigation, but vow they are innocent.

    John Ramsey, in a Sept. 28 letter that urged the killer to surrender, wrote: "We have been told that the authorities have your DNA. They will know it is you."

    Pam Paugh said it was her understanding that the DNA evidence that will be compared to the DNA from the five relatives "is not the DNA found under her fingernails.

    "This is co-mingled DNA — JonBenét's mixed with someone else's," Pam Paugh said. "They have already tested it against John, Patsy and (son) Burke's DNA, and it doesn't match theirs."

    Paugh criticized investigators for waiting two years to take samples and prints from other family members.

    "Why weren't they running tests on everyone at the same time?" she said. "And they say they've done a complete and thorough investigation. I say not."

    No new requests have been made of John Andrew Ramsey and Melissa Ramsey, the two adult children from John Ramsey's first marriage, or Burke Ramsey, said Jim Jenkins, their Atlanta lawyer.

    He said he thinks the new evidence might be needed to exclude the relatives as suspects. It was likely generated by the grand jury probe, he said.

    December 4, 1998

    rest of article at link.

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    Default Yep Lurker

    Quote Originally Posted by LurkerXIV
    What size shoe made the Hi Tec print? I can't remember.

    John Karr is a small-framed man. His hands are small, and I expect his feet are also.
    I'm thinking there's a lot small on Johngirl ....

    Well you knew one of us sick puppies was gonna say it

    "The pedigree of honey
    Does not concern the bee,
    A clover, at any time, to him,
    is aristocracy."
    Emily Dickinson.

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    Yeah, but Trip wasn't there when they found out about the print.

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    Default MSNBC Idiots!

    They are still touting as solid evidence:

    1. the palm print
    2. the Hi-Tec shoeprint
    3. the body hair

    Lou Smit must be getting an extra bonus DeLorean this week. All the false info he put out there is still circulating as fact on the lamestream media.

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