If you listen to the morning show with W&J at http://www.houstonrock1037.com ("enter", then click on "streaming audio") they have twice this morning (so far) played a song which includes the lyrics "Baby you can fry John Karr" and is a good knockoff on the Beatles' original song, "Baby You Can Drive My Car".
There is a local guy who has a recording studio and does all these great song knockoffs that they play on this particular morning show, so I am not surprised to hear this one.
The audio is live on the internet and there are callers in to this show from all over the US. Makes for some interesting background music on the computer at the workplace...especially with the relevancy of this song to the JBR case. BTW, the DJ's on this particular show say that they know that this guy is just a nutcase who is confessing to a murder that he didn't do but that he deserves to fry anyway as a pedophile. This on the most popular radio show in the A M hours for the huge city in the South, Houston.
A bit of trivia for the interested. And no, I am not techie enough to record this song and bit it into the web here. You gotta catch it live and hear the talk and banter about Karr anyway for it to be really good.