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    Default A letter to Colorado Governor Owens

    I dont' know that this will receive any attention, but I felt better for having written and sent it:

    September 1, 2006

    Dear Governor Owens,

    Please accept this letter as an inquiry from an ordinary citizen and a non Colorado resident.

    You have in the past, shown yourself to be an advocate for JonBenet Ramsey as well as having shown a real desire to find her murderer/s. I remember very well the press conference you held and the heat you received for asking the Ramseys to stop hiding behind their lawyers. I remember how proud I was to hear a politician speak from the heart and how relieved at the time I was to hear a State Governor speak for a little girl, unable to speak for herself.

    Unfortunately, the case has withered over these past almost 10 years and many inconceivable events have taken place.

    Lou Smit was allowed to make a deal with Alex Hunter to keep confidential case information and his "powerpoint" presentation.

    Lou Smit shared confidential information with an ordinary citizen in Hickory, NC who goes by the name of Jameson on the internet, and in reality is Susan Bennett.

    Susan Bennett freely admits that she, through her husband's job, received the autopsy report via fax before the report was public

    Susan Bennett freely admits that she has confidential information sent to her by an "unknown source" that she not only claims publicly that she still keeps, but also has sold to the tabloids

    Michael Tracey was allowed to have access to confidential police files as well

    Lin Wood has seemingly been allowed to run the DA's office and Mary Lacy's "investigation" into the murder by threats and intimidation and has openly discussed case evidence that was incorrect in an effort to continue financial gain from the death of this little girl

    Fleet and Priscilla White have been more cooperative in this investigation than the Ramseys themselves and yet, Fleet White spent time in prison for his refusal to participate in a lawsuit that any thinking person understood was "payback" for speaking out against the Ramseys, as have many others.

    Susan Stine, a long time supporter of the Ramseys, impersonated Chief Beckner in e mail correspondence

    The list is long and the consequences for all of the above actions was .....NONE for any of those freely admitting illegal activities.

    How can you allow that to occur in your state?

    The BPD, while having made its share of errors is not the only group culpable in the fiasco which has been the JonBenet Ramsey murder case

    The DA's office continues to cave in, as Alex Hunter did, to the demands of the Ramseys, Lin Wood and their support "team" (Haddon, et al)

    I, like so many across the United States, as well as across oceans, have seriously, and jokingly called Boulder, Colorado a separate country from the rest of the USA. Unfortunately, there really is no humor in all of this.

    The list of improprieties is very long and I won't list them all as you would be reading for a very long time but would have to be surprised at the amount of the improprieties that realized NO consequences for any of the participants.

    The only persons who have suffered in this case are those who have demanded justice for a little girl.

    I am a member of Forums For Justice, an internet website dedicated to the discussion and advocacy for JonBenet Ramsey. No, we are not a bunch of internet lunatics. FFJ is non profit and is composed of educated, professional people who have donated their expertise and time in their various fields (linguists, lawyers, medical professionals, mental health professionals, reporters, and even a politician or two and many more professions) to tear this case apart and solve the mystery of this murder. We, of course, no longer believe it a mystery, but nonetheless, continue to review the evidence available, coming to the sad conclusion that this murder has been intentionally stonewalled, something you as the Governor have the authority to rectify. The forum members have presented you, some years back with a petition signed by many people who would like to see a special prosecutor from outside of Boulder take over this case.

    While I make no actual accusations of corruption or "evildoing" in Boulder, you must realize by now, that the public across the world PERCEIVES Boulder, Colorado as a corrupt area of Colorado that is a humiliation to the rest of the fine Law Enforcement in Colorado.

    As you know, the public's PERCEPTION of what is going on is as important as what is ACTUALLY going on. Of course, those of us who have followed this case for the last 10 years are more informed about the inside politics and downright feuding between law enforcement and the accusations of corruption and dirty dealings within Boulder law enforcement

    I can't imagine how this can be allowed to have gone unchallenged by your office

    Please, now that this case has been on the public's TV and is being discussed all over the world for the past two weeks non stop, as well as the many who have discussed this case for 10 years, take another look at how this investigation has been run, the people who have been conducting themselves immorally and illegally and put a stop to it.

    On behalf of the members of FFJ, and on behalf of JonBenet Ramsey, we will hope that you take the appropriate action. It's never too late for justice.

    Thank you for your time
    Brooklyn, New York

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    Well done!

    "We're not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be." - C.S. Lewis


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    Excellent Barbara!!

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    Barbara, what a fabulous letter!

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    Oklahoma.....30 miles from the bombing.


    Wonderfully written!!! Way to go.

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    Well done, Barbara. Thank you for speaking for all of us here.

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    Very good letter . I can't wait to see the response from him.

    Life is a journey, not a guided tour.
    --- Bryan Rehard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara
    I dont' know that this will receive any attention, but I felt better for having written and sent it:
    Excellent letter, my friend! You have inspired me to write Governor Owens myself. If everyone here at FFJ would innundate the Governor with snail mail and e-mails DEMANDING Mary Lacy's head on a platter, and most importantly, AND INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF THE BDA AND THE RAMSEY CASE ... I believe we could make it happen. We have GOT to bring pressure on the Governor's Office RIGHT NOW while the Karr fiasco is still fresh in the public's mind.

    As I said before ... there's only two ways to get a politician to do what you want ... give him a bribe, or put your foot on his neck.

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    A perfect letter.

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    Good job Barbara! I couldn't add a thing.
    I despise the Ramseys and this is just my opinion

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    Default Barbara

    Your letter is superb!

    Thanks for representing us so eloquently.


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