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    There is a public outcry if the studies that show a beneficial new drug to have no major side effects is funded by the company that produces the drug.

    Where in this Ramsey-based scenario is the outcry?

    If a new drug is found later to have major side effects after all, then there will be a host of civil law suits from the folks and their families that were adversely affected by said drug.

    Where are the lawsuits from the victims who have been trampled by the RST in their efforts to draw our attentions away from the true perpetrators and toward a continually enlarging group of people whom they are sacrificing on the altars of the media (all in the name of JonBenet)?

    I think it's about time for the tide to turn. This last accusatory tirade against a man who is guilty only of being a pedophile who is loonier than an Animaniac on LSD...well, it shows how desperate the RST is to try and fly away from the truly guilty party (-ies). They're grasping at straws and feeding lines of alternate reality to genuine nuthouse candidates.
    It's all just my opinion. They're like noses-everybody has one.

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    The DNA may not be the killer's so NO-ONE can be cleared on DNA. People are cleared if they have an air-tight alibi (i.e. Karr/Young Ramseys).

    Lies like this do NOTHING to further the way the Ramseys are perceived by the public.
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    The stun gun is another lie.

    It's a theory, not a fact.

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