Let's look at this trio for a moment.

You have Michael Tracey, a known fraud when it comes to the JonBenet Case, basically recruited by the D.A.'s office to be an "informant." Let us not forget Tracey has written a book about the Ramsey case and is looking for a publisher. How lucky for him...Karr came around at the right time for Tracey and his book. Tracey had been e-mailing Karr for 4 years, even sharing some emails with his class at C.U.

After four years of emails, just when Tracey is looking for a publisher, Karr starts sending emails that make Tracey contact the Boulder D.A's office. Amazing coincidence isn't it? Can't find a publisher, case has died down, and low and behold, Tracey, after FOUR YEARS decides now is the time to pick up the phone and call Lacy.

Let's look at Judge Roxanne Bailin.

While this fiasco was going on many people called me and said, "LACY HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING ELSE...A SMOKING GUN." I told them, every single time that no, she has nothing else other than the emails. Why? Because she is just dumb when it comes to this case. She has no clue. I can't tell you how many people would argue with me that she had to have something..all along I knew she didn't.

Which brings me to Judge Roxanne Bailin.

Why in the hell would a judge sign an arrest warrant based only on the emails of a rambling lunatic and provided by a person who has lied before and has an agenda?

Let me quote from Steve Thomas' updated letter at www.forstevethomas.com

...It does, however, leave detectives puzzled as to why the DA chose to act with such a terribly "thin" probable-cause affidavit, given that historically this DAs office (and Boulder judges) have been quite demanding in their scrutiny of BPD warrants for thoroughness, investigative completeness, and yes, corroboration.
In other words, the judges and the D.A's office would go through the cop's warrants with a fine tooth comb and they better have solid probable cause. After all, this is Boulder where the guilty go free.

This question needs to be asked AND answered: Why did Judge Roxanne Bailin sign the arrest warrant based on only the emails? We know now that is all Lacy had.

Did you know that Judge Roxanne Balin and Patsy Ramsey's defense attorney Patrick Burke wrote a book together?

Which brings me to Lacy. Mary Keenan Lacy.

When you hear hoof-beats don't look for Zebras.

I love that quote. It captures Lacy's mindset in a nutshell. Someone suggested I should change it to When you hear hoof-beats don't look for Unicorns. since Mary Lacy's outlook on this case is like a fairy tale.

Lacy said no one has been cleared, yet she showed the Tracey/Karr emails to JOHN RAMSEY....HE IS STILL A SUSPECT.

Can you see Chris Darden showing something like this to OJ.?

When you hear hoof-beats don't look for Unicorns.

Mary Lacy has no problem believing in an unbelievable intruder scenario. So much so that she believed a lying scam artist with the title of Professor attached to his name. Lacy believed him so much that she was able to convince Judge Bailin that an arrest warrant was valid based ONLY on the emails from the Professor.

We have been over the mistakes that were made and there were plenty.

Now, it's time for some answers. It's time for this trio to take the heat. To step up and take the blame and explain the unexplainable.

Then we need a real prosecutor who will not look for zebras when she/he hears hoof-beats. Someone that will start from the inside and work outward.