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    Quote Originally Posted by BobC
    MAME SAID SHE HAD A BODY GUARD?!!! LOL!!!! DING DING DING ATTENTION WHORE ALERT!!! I'm sure Mame was confusing one of her customers with a bodyguard because, after all, body cavity searches can get a bit confusing.
    You are so funny!
    omg! bahaaaaa :-p

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    Mame is like BobC bait. I've seriously wanted to give her a break, but she just won't let me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YumYum012
    I hear ya, Strat ... but I couldn't be a propah Guttah Hag if I lost my mustache. Besides ... I don't plan to unleash the twins in public too often. And I'm trying to wean myself from video games, so my new C-cups should give me something else to play with. I'm hopin' that the vision of my tight, hairy bunz in a thong will distract attention from my plastic mamms.

    ... and don't even ask me about my left nut!

    mmm... thanks for that visual, Yum. Ick.

    I know what you mean about the video games though, on the weekends, I only leave the PS2 for food and sex. If the PS2 had a sexual appendage and scotch coming out of it, I'd never leave.
    Occam's Razor... "One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything."

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    JFYI - HoraceMills/BillSalisbury is posting at Topix under the hat Henrietta McPhee!
    This is my opinion and it may not be copied in whole or in part without my written permission

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobC
    Remember when Rainsong told me with a straight face that it was safer to write a ransom note in the victim's home, rather than composing one beforehand, because the police might stop you on the way and find it?

    Yeah this is kind of intellectual we're dealing with.
    Thanks, Bob, I had forgotten that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayelles
    JFYI - HoraceMills/BillSalisbury is posting at Topix under the hat Henrietta McPhee!
    Do you have a link?
    It's probably too late to get justice for JonBenét. Maybe it always was. But knowing where things went wrong is the first step to not going there again. **-- Alan Prendergast-Dec 21, 2006--**

    Bring all our Missing Home
    Prayers for our military who are protecting our freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moab
    Do you have a link?
    He's all over the Jonbenet forum:-
    This is my opinion and it may not be copied in whole or in part without my written permission

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    Thanks, Bob, I had forgotten that one.
    I hadn't. Didn't make sense then, doesn't now, either.

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    Yikes! Mary Suma is displaying her insanity again at the Jambo Cesspool.

    Check out the thread titled "Could Karr be credible?"

    Here is her opening post ... and it gets worse from there:

    Member since 8-20-06
    10-16-06, 10:19 PM (EST)

    "Could Karr be credible?"

    Is there a chance Karr could know more about this murder? Larry Kobelinkski(sp) expressed my concerns. Karr's perceived innocence is based on a one perp theory. We know it's very possible there was more than one person in the basement that night.

    Will he release items and documentation he was in Boulder and present at JBR's murder?
    Where is Dr Ablow when we need him?


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    The only thing Kobalinsky proved was how little he knows about this case.

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    Default So Many Idiots Part Deux

    The other thread that Moab began was so long, I thought we should have another one with the latest: Okay, I'll start:

    Member since 5-8-02
    10-17-06, 05:42 PM (EST)

    15. "RE: Karr on King...Monday"
    In response to message #0

    Barbara, who bills herself as an "Alpha Hag from Brooklyn, New York", watched LKL and I found her post on the subject interesting - - typical BORG.
    I guess you don't bother to read Ashley's posts either and have joined the ranks of those who just read her posts when she is praising you and Mame. The "hag" title was given to me by Ashley and applauded by the other forum members. I guess you have added a new "flavor" with Mame as well.

    She said that she watched half of the show then just "had to turn him off." This is so typical of the BORG - - they don't read or listen but want to sell themselves as "experts' on the case. Such jerks.
    Unlike some of your posters, I don't need to listen for a full hour to the ravings of a lunatic and another JBR bloodsucker to know when I have had enough. If I wanted to hear self promotion regarding the JBR case, I would just re-read some of Tracey's ramblings and Lou Smit's powerpoint, or maybe even some of Lin Wood's latest interviews when Karr was arrested and get my fill of self promotion/bloodsucking

    We did agree on one thing - she wrote, "Karr had nothing to say as far as I'm concerned worth listening to." I agree the interviews were all part of his plan for "self promotions" - - just as the interaction with Tracey was.
    Yeah, but Tracey should NOT have needed 4 YEARS to figure out what most of us figured out A LOT SOONER. tell, what the hell is Mary Lacy and Lou Smit's excuse???

    Barbara "... particularly resented and was really upset that they kept showing pictures of JBR during the breaks and such; how dare they perpetuate the scam and run photos of JBR while interviewing Karr?"

    Question - - would they have pleased her if they showed pictures of feet or caricatures of Tricia?
    Truthfully, pictures of feet, and certainly pictures of Tricia would have pleased me more.
    Is it better by continuing to keep him "connected" to JBR, when there is NO connection, except in the mind of Karr, Tracey and some others? Sure, keep showing JBR and feed into the sham of "connection"

    What else were they going to show?
    How about footage of Wood talking about the "vindication" of the Ramseys due to Karr's arrest? How about footage of Lacy's press conferences? How about footage of Tracey's interviews? How about footage of Pam Paugh's interviews of "relief" that he was finally caught. How about NOT keeping him in the limelight by sweet pictures of a little girl whose 10 year old body lies under the dirt while so many lowlifes are making her a career? How about footage of Smit? How about footage of his plane ride? How about footage of the psychiatrists speaking about him? There were many other more appropriate choices! Did you really need me to tell you this? Rhetorical of course, as it seems you do

    The man confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey. Of course they were going to use her images - - I only wish they had played clips of his confession - - the really vivid and descriptive clips - - during the program. Let him explain those.
    Karr is a nobody who now wants to be somebody. NO clips of him or JBR should have been played. See above for better suggestions

    Then Barbara makes a rather startling statement. She wrote, "
    Phucking Tracey, Smit and Lacy. It's all their fault."

    What - exactly - is their fault? Seems to me everything is KARR's "fault".
    Being disturbed may be a "fault", if you want to characterize it that way, but nobody would know Karr's name had it not been for PHUCKING Tracy, Smit and Lacy (and a few others) putting this "disturbed" individual out there as "show and tell" and then making him a celebrity. Yes, it is all their fault! He had his 15 DAYS of fame thanks to the aforementioned and will continue his new career as suer and talk show whore on the name of JBR, ALL thanks to the fine efforts of Tracey and the even finer efforts of the DA's office.

    Except the murder, of course.
    Well, EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT, unfortunately, Tracey et al knew that BEFORE we ever heard of him. Good old Tracey, Smit and Lacy!

    But, typical BORG, she is pounding the pillow in anger at Tracey, Smit and Lacy.
    Well deserved anger. They deserve every bit of anger and "pounding" they receive AND THEN SOME. I'll repeat myself:


    What a waste of energy.
    I have plenty of energy to go around. Look, I just responded to your post and I'm sure there will be many, including myself, to let me know that responding to the RST BS is a bigger waste of energy!

    Stupid bastards!
    Yes, they are!

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    Barbara, you have a respected profession (unlike jameson), you compose your own original posts and reflect intelligently upon the evidence of the case (unlike jameson who mostly copies and pastes what she finds on other forums and then adds her own one line comments at the end). You source what you post (unlike jameson who wouldn't pass Foundation level here for her repeated failure to provide sources).

    I read this post of hers and what really struck me most was her last sentence. I have never heard any woman call women "b*stards" before. I thought "Is it just me?" So I did a little research and found numerous discussions about this on the Internet and it's not just me. It is apparently VERY unusual for women to be insulted with this particular swear word. It's usually directed at men for some reason. One website drew a comparison with calling a woman a "pr*ck" - most people just wouldn't do it!

    So I'm afraid her use of that particular word was the only thing that I found remotely interesting about the pst!
    This is my opinion and it may not be copied in whole or in part without my written permission

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