We are having a controversial discussion on the Crimelibrary JBR forum as to the scale which was used in the testing of the Ramseys' handwriting

On Larry King Live (March 28, 2000), Patsy said: .

P. RAMSEY: John's definitively was cleared, and I scored a 4.5 out of a 5. Five is definitely no match, and it just -- you know.
In the same interview, John says:
We've looked at leads whose handwriting scored much, much higher than Patsy's on a comparison scale.
Compare this with SteveThomas' statement on
Larry Ling Live (April 14, 2000)

THOMAS: Well, I think the most significant evidence in this case was the pen, the pad, the ransom note and the handwriting. And when we finished an investigation after 18 months and presented our case to the district attorney's office, presumably for them to move it forward, one statistic that was cited in that presentation was that out of 73 people whose handwriting was examined in this case, there was only one whose handwriting showed evidence to suggest authorship, who was in the home that night, who couldn't be eliminated as the author, and that was Patsy Ramsey.

(Pastsy's and John' statements are in this transcript too, inserted as videoclips).

It would interest me which scale Chet Ubowski and his colleagues used.
Was it the same scale which Patsy mentioned? If it was, did Patsy give a correct interpretation of the result?

Why can this scale (where "5" allegedly equals 'elimination') not be found anywhere on official websites?

According to Steve Thomas, out of 73 people whose handwriting was analyzed, only one showed evidence of authorship, and that was Patsy.

John's story is that "they have looked at leads whose handwriting showed scored much highter than Patsy"? Team Ramsey had hired "their own" handwriting experts I supose ...

TIA to anyone who could shed light on which scale was used and where.