I'm redoing my previous post to make it clear that the Ramsey lawyers were provided a photocopy of the ransom note after the Jan. 4 session, not the other way around. I also reworded a couple of other things for clarity. Why not leave the ability to edit alive for a longer time? It helps to go back with fresh eyes after a few days.

Below is an example of how Patsy's manuscript a changed between sessions. I'm using photocopies of Patsy's handwriting from Forensic Linguistics by Gerald McMenamin.

Ransom Note: 10 am

January 4:
Patsy 1: 10 a.m.
Patsy 2: 10 a.m.
Patsy 3: 10 a.m.

Patsy's lawyers are provided a photocopy of ransom note after Jan. 4 session.

February 28:
Patsy 4: 10 A.m.
Patsy 5: 10 A.M.

(The period after the a in Patsy 1 might be a tail on the a. But since the other manuscript a's on the page don't have tails and the dot appears to be separated from the letter, I think it's a period. That would also make it consistent with the other exemplars from that session. I noticed that that particular period appears to be squeezed in there. Was it an afterthought?)