According to the following flight logs posted at:

John Ramsey was busy from last Wednesday through Saturday flying around the country in his private plane to Little Rock, AR to Atlanta, GA to Lafayette, LA and back to Atlanta.

Little Rock, AR? Lafayette, LA? Is John turning into a Suh-thun-ah? What happened to Mr. I'm-A-Charlevoixer-Vote-For-Me?

John sure is burning up a lot of airplane fuel these days in his quest to find JonBenet's killer on all the golf courses he can find. I can't figure out how poor, broke John Ramsey can afford a private plane and jet fuel without having a job or other apparent source of income. No wonder the Ramseys had to build up their nest egg with all those frivolous lawsuits. Between Patsy's gilded redecorating tastes and John's bunny-hopping all over the country like a CEO in heat, they knew they were going to need some major moolah to fund themselves in the manner to which they'd become accustomed! But there's not a dime to find JonBenet's killer, keep their so-called foundation open, or a tipline going. Priorities, priorities.


Date - Type - Origin - Destination - Departure - Arrival - Duration

14-Nov-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Fulton County (KFTY) 01:03PM CST Diverted

14-Nov-2007 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 01:03PM CST 04:24PM EST 2:21

16-Nov-2007 BE35/G Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) Acadiana Rgnl (KARA) 04:43PM EST 06:44PM CST 3:01

17-Nov-2007 BE35/G Lafayette Rgnl (KLFT) Birmingham Intl (KBHM) 06:24PM CST Diverted

17-Nov-2007 BE35/G Lafayette Rgnl (KLFT) Dekalb-Peachtree (KPDK) 06:24PM CST 10:03PM EST 2:39