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He has shed his plane, his boats and his cars

Maybe John meant to say he "shedded" his plane, i.e. put it into storage, not that he actually got rid of it...

"Shed" is a funny word to use here in any case - as if the reporter knew that John had not actually SOLD his plane. Dogs "shed" their coats, people can also "shed" a garment after walking indoors from outside, but to "shed" a plane...is a very odd usage.

At any rate, John has not gotten rid of his plane at all, as is obvious. It amazes me that people can be so stupid these days, not realizing or in denial about technology - what you say is recorded, on tape, and you are up on YouTube before you can blink, yet here you have politicians denying that they said what they said! And here is John, reporting that he has "shed" his private plane, yet the flight logs are recorded as large as life for anyone to see!

Semantics - plain and simple - that is how The Scamseys have always rolled! Word Play at it's Finest....