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I, for one, am extremely interested in JR's love life and where he flys his plane to and from and where he's currently living and what he's currently doing to make money, etc, etc. etc. Maybe I'm just nosy, I don't know but yeah, I'm interested. If I wasn't interested I wouldn't have read every book and website put out about this case and all the players in it.
Speaking of Players, it looks like he may have spent Christmas and New Years with Beth and her parents and/or other siblings and family members. I wonder if this is getting serious. I wonder if Burke was there with them or did he not spend Christmas with Burke at all? I wonder, I wonder I wonder..............!
Okay, then! Just wanted to check and make sure I wasn't boring everyone to death!

So...good questions. I have thought that the "clearing" of the Ramseys might, possibly, or not, have had something to do with JR wanting to "move on" with his life...and Beth sure can't use the negative publicity of hanging with a child murder suspect, can she?

So Lacy fixed it up for JR?

As if anyone buys anything "PERV Karr" Lacy says about this case....