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    Quote Originally Posted by zoomama View Post
    about this at all but it just occurred to me that maybe, just maybe Burke can't talk about it at all because he would lose his money from all the law suits filed in his name. It is just a suggestion but maybe his parents put that restriction on him when he was still little insuring that they would never be named. Just a thought.
    It's a good thought, too.

    We'll NEVER hear from BR. We'll never know what "conditions" were put on his lawsuits. He'll never be the hero in this case.
    This is my Constitutionally protected OPINION. Please do not copy or take it anywhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koldkase View Post
    Hm. Wonder why he doesn't buy his daddy's plane?
    Yeah, and I wondered why John doesn't just keep the plane around for Burke to fly. John must be hard up for money - having to live with friends in Little Rock and selling the plane out from under Burke with his new pilot's license and all.

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    Just when you think nothing can get odder in the Ramsey family, we find that John Ramsey's Twitter account lists his location as Tehran, Iran.

    (Talk about a country that might respect Access Graphics but not the country that it serves!)

    I would say that this is legitimately John Ramsey's Twitter account, since it seems very unlikely that Burke, Burke's (current? former?) girlfriend Alix, and Burke's friends Alex and Josh would have signed up to follow this account if it was not *their* John Ramsey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Why_Nut View Post

    (Talk about a country that might respect Access Graphics but not the country that it serves!)
    You have such a way with words!!!
    It's probably too late to get justice for JonBenét. Maybe it always was. But knowing where things went wrong is the first step to not going there again. **-- Alan Prendergast-Dec 21, 2006--**

    Bring all our Missing Home
    Prayers for our military who are protecting our freedom.

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    Well I guess the people of Iran needed a motivational speaker!

    Doesn't he realize they actually do "behead" people over there? And they kidnap. And $118,000.00 is a boatload of money over there. All that being said, at this time I don't think I could think of a more deserving place for JR to find himself. Well, as long as he's on this side of the dirt anyway.

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    I forgot to check John's airplane logs for several months, so I don't have the information from May 21st to July 9th, but here are the latest air escapades listed for John. Apparently, John hasn't sold his plane since he is still flying it to the same destinations, and back to Little Rock (Adams Field), that he has in the past.

    It's interesting there are no flights listed to Purdue in Indiana where Burke is finishing up his last year of university. John can fly all over the country, but he doesn't go visit his son. Burke worked in Atlanta this past summer, and there are no flights to that location either.

    Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration

    21-Oct-2009 BE35/G Winner Rgnl (KICR) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 03:51PM GMT 03:52PM EDT 4:01
    21-Oct-2009 BE35/G Winner Rgnl (KICR) Boyne City Muni (N98) 03:51PM GMT Diverted
    16-Oct-2009 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Winner Rgnl (KICR) 08:55AM EDT 05:13PM GMT 4:18
    11-Oct-2009 BE35/G Asheville Rgnl (KAVL) Boyne City Muni (N98) 11:06AM EDT 02:58PM EDT 3:52
    08-Oct-2009 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Asheville Rgnl (KAVL) 08:33AM EDT 12:31PM EDT 3:58
    18-Sep-2009 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Boyne City Muni (N98) 01:38PM CDT 07:10PM EDT 4:32
    14-Sep-2009 BE35/G Pellston Rgnl Arpt (KPLN) Adams Field (KLIT) 01:12PM EDT 04:36PM CDT 4:24
    17-Aug-2009 BE35/G Riverview (08C) Boyne City Muni (N98) 01:19PM EDT 02:13PM EDT 0:54
    17-Aug-2009 BE35/G Flying Cloud (KFCM) Riverview (08C) 09:04AM CDT 12:13PM EDT 2:09
    11-Aug-2009 BE35/G Riverview (08C) Flying Cloud (KFCM) 07:54AM EDT 09:24AM CDT 2:30
    10-Aug-2009 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Riverview (08C) 11:41AM EDT 12:39PM EDT 0:58
    27-Jul-2009 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Bishop Intl (KFNT) 09:19AM EDT 10:05AM EDT 0:46
    10-Jul-2009 BE35/G Kingman Airport - Clyde Cessna Field (9K8) Cherry Capital (KTVC) 03:58PM CDT 08:49PM EDT 3:51
    10-Jul-2009 BE35/G Kirksville Rgnl (KIRK) Kingman Airport - Clyde Cessna Field (9K8) 01:00PM CDT 03:13PM CDT 2:13
    10-Jul-2009 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Kirksville Rgnl (KIRK) 09:24AM EDT 11:44AM CDT 3:20
    10-Jul-2009 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) The Eastern Iowa (KCID) 09:24AM EDT Diverted

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    Thank you Cherokee. I'm always interested in what JR is up to.

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    In view of the recent discussion regarding John Ramsey, his new job and finances ... according to the latest registration information, John Ramsey still owns his private plane.

    FAA Aircraft Registration (N2059W)
    Aircraft Summary
    Summary Owner Airworthiness Serial Number
    1965 BEECH V35
    Fixed wing single engine
    (6 seats / 1 engine) BENNETT RAMSEY GROUP INC
    (Corporation) Standard/Utility D-7993

    If you remember, Why_Nut reported in March 2009 that John was trying to sell the plane, but it looks like that listing has expired and John kept it after all.

    The latest flight data available shows John has been keeping the engine hot. He's been flying all around Michigan and the upper Midwest, but there's nary a trip to Atlanta to visit Burke.


    Date Aircraft Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration

    15-Aug-2010 BE35/G Findlay (KFDY) Boyne City Muni (N98) 02:18PM EDT 04:00PM EDT 1:42
    15-Aug-2010 BE35/G Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens (KCUB) Findlay (KFDY) 09:54AM EDT 12:58PM EDT 3:04
    15-Aug-2010 BE35/G Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens (KCUB) Boyne City Muni (N98) 09:54AM EDT Diverted
    15-Aug-2010 BE35/G Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens (KCUB) Fort Wayne Intl (KFWA) 09:54AM EDT Diverted
    14-Aug-2010 BE35/G Greenville/Spartanburg Intl (KGSP) Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens (KCUB) 05:44PM EDT 06:19PM EDT 0:35
    12-Aug-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Greenville/Spartanburg Intl (KGSP) 10:56AM EDT 02:40PM EDT 3:44
    02-Aug-2010 BE35/A Gladwin Zettel Memorial (KGDW) Boyne City Muni (N98) 06:00PM EDT 06:31PM EDT 0:31
    31-Jul-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Bishop Intl (KFNT) 09:21AM EDT 10:13AM EDT 0:52
    23-Jul-2010 BE35/G The Eastern Iowa (KCID) Charlevoix Muni (KCVX) 01:00PM CDT 03:58PM EDT 1:58
    23-Jul-2010 BE35/G The Eastern Iowa (KCID) Boyne City Muni (N98) 01:00PM CDT Diverted
    23-Jul-2010 BE35/G Pratt Industrial (KPTT) The Eastern Iowa (KCID) 09:03AM CDT 11:12AM CDT 2:09
    23-Jul-2010 BE35/G Pratt Industrial (KPTT) Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) 08:40AM CDT 08:24AM EDT n/a
    20-Jul-2010 BE35/G Chariton Muni (KCNC) Pratt Industrial (KPTT) 12:45PM CDT 03:06PM CDT 2:21
    20-Jul-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Chariton Muni (KCNC) 08:58AM EDT 11:08AM CDT 3:10
    08-Jul-2010 BE35/G Adams Field (KLIT) Boyne City Muni (N98) 11:43AM CDT 05:02PM EDT 4:19
    07-Jul-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Adams Field (KLIT) 12:39PM EDT 04:22PM CDT 4:43
    05-Jul-2010 BE35/G Bishop Intl (KFNT) Gaylord Rgnl (KGLR) 02:17PM EDT 03:10PM EDT 0:53
    05-Jul-2010 BE35/G Bishop Intl (KFNT) Boyne City Muni (N98) 02:17PM EDT Diverted
    05-Jul-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Bishop Intl (KFNT) 01:08PM EDT 01:45PM EDT 0:36
    01-Jul-2010 BE35/G Bishop Intl (KFNT) Mackinac Island (KMCD) 11:35AM EDT 12:54PM EDT 1:19
    01-Jul-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Bishop Intl (KFNT) 09:11AM EDT 10:02AM EDT 0:51
    17-Jun-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Baraga (2P4) 08:11AM EDT 01:21PM GMT 1:10
    17-Jun-2010 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Houghton County Memorial (KCMX) 08:11AM EDT Diverted

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    It looks like John is back living in Michigan since all of his flights for the past five months are in that area. So much for John having to sell all his toys; he still has his plane. The current registration is still in the name of John's "Bennett Ramsey Group."

    FAA Aircraft Registration (N2059W) Aircraft Summary

    1965 BEECH V35
    WILMINGTON, DE (Corporation)

    Registration Details

    Last Action Date: 2008-01-10
    Expiration: 2011-12-31

    Here's the URL to John's recent flights.

    20-May-2011 BE35/G Southwest Michigan Rgnl (KBEH) Boyne City Muni (N98) 03:36PM EDT 04:54PM EDT 1:18

    14-Apr-2011 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Southwest Michigan Rgnl (KBEH) 08:32AM EDT 09:22AM EDT 0:50

    07-Feb-2011 BE35/G MBS Intl (KMBS) Boyne City Muni (N98) 03:58PM EST 04:41PM EST 0:43

    07-Feb-2011 BE35/G MBS Intl (KMBS) Boyne City Muni (N98) 12:10PM EST 12:20PM EST 0:10

    31-Jan-2011 BE35/G Boyne City Muni (N98) Ann Arbor Muni (KARB) 08:31AM EST 09:09AM EST 0:38
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    According to John must be living in Charlevoix right now since he flew from there to Joliet, MI and back on April 5, 2012. There was also a trip from Charlevoix to Riverview, MI in February, but no flights in March. Of course, John was busy flogging his book of self-righteous clap-trap in March:


    Originally Posted by cynic

    The lizard will be out of his cage this week…

    March 9, 2012—John Ramsey, father of murder victim JonBenet Ramsey, will release his new book next week while on a full media tour with ABC. The Other Side of Suffering, by John Ramsey with Marie Chapian (FaithWords/Hachette Book Group 2012) will be featured on several programs on the ABC network, including Good Morning America, The View, Nightline, GMA Weekend, in addition to an ABC Radio Network tour. Ramsey will also be a guest on Anderson Cooper’s new daytime show Anderson, CBS This Morning, CNN’s Starting Point and the weekend FOXNEWS program Huckabee.

    Good Morning America:
    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2012

    The View:
    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Anderson Cooper:
    Friday, March 16, 2012

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    So where has John Ramsey been spending his time looking for the killer of his little girl, as promised?

    Hmmm, it seems John is diligently following leads on all of the golf courses in Michigan. Considering John, along with Patsy, was indicted by the Grand Jury for JonBenet's death, I don't think the idea of searching golf courses for an intruder is a good one.
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    Interesting chart, Cherokee. It's amazing how someone who has been on the edge of financial ruin (paraphrasing one of Job Ramsey's whines) can afford that many trips in a personal, private plane.

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