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    Default 6 Years Missing - Rachel Cooke - January 10, 2008

    Tomorrow, January 10, 2008, will mark the 6th anniversary of the disappearance of Rachel Cooke. Rachel disappeared while jogging near her home in Williamson County on January 10, 2002.

    We would like Robert and his family to know we are still here, and still hoping for news...even 6 years later.

    Our condolences to Robert and his family at the passing tomorrow of 6 long years of waiting to hear what happened to his daughter.
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    Bring all our Missing Home
    Prayers for our military who are protecting our freedom.

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    Hanging in there with you RC, Janet, Joann, Grandma, Grandpa, Elaine, Diane and the whole Cooke family. Thoughts and prayers are always with you all.
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    It makes me sad to realize it's been 6 long years since Rachel disappeared. The worst thing is feeling so helpless to do anything to help ease the pain.

    I never forget the Cookes or this nightmare they've been living. I'm still with all of you, too.
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    It seems to me, having spent so many years learning about these predators who troll for victims, Rachel having disappeared in a college town, in a community near a college, that's one likely scenario. Seems these sick monsters go after young women just like this, looking for that one snatch they can make and get away with.

    This killer Hilton in Georgia is starting to look like he did just this in many Southern states, from N.C. to Florida. Wonder if Hilton could be traced to th area Rachel disappeared? He'll be looked at for a lot of missing and murdered victims now, going back decades. He's 61.

    "University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos declared the letter a 'reckless exoneration.' He went on to state, 'Everyone knows that relative immunity from criminal conviction is something money can buy.
    Apparently another thing it can buy is an apology for even being suspected of a crime you probably already would have been convicted of committing if you happened to be poor.'"
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    Default To RC...

    Reaching out to you and your family during this anniversary week of Rachel's disappearance. This tragic crime against the loved one of one of our own, is a case that never is far from the thoughts of FFJ members.

    I was wondering if their has been any further evidence developed in Rachel's case against the man who was arrested and tied to her case a year or so ago. When it was first reported here on FFJ there seemed to be a certainty that he was responsible and then we didn't hear any more.

    Can anyone bring us up to date on the state of the investigation against that suspect?

    And Robert, my prayers are with you and your family this week especially,

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    Default Rachel Cooke--

    We have not forgotten you.

    Hugs going out to Robert, Janet, Joanne, and all the Cookes and friends on the sad anniversary.

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    Default Thinking of the Cookes today...

    ...I guess because it is Mother's Day and I always pray for all bereaved mothers on this day.

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