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    "I can give you Lacy's agenda in three words ... EXONERATE THE RAMSEYS!" - Cherokee

    And Ms. Lacy has done just that. I was watching a media watchdog program on CNN on Sunday called "Reliable Sources." Howard Kurtz, the host, was interviewing a reporter (Diane Dimond?) about a book she just wrote on the Salahis (the couple that "crashed" a White House dinner). Ms. Dimond claims that they did not crash the party at all. They were let through by not one but two security agents and they thought they were just going to be allowed to stay for the pre-dinner affair but they stayed for the entire dinner. Ms. Dimond blames White House and FBI security, not the Salahis, for what happened and she also blames the media for immediately excoriating the couple as reality-show wannabes, when they had already signed a contract to star in a reality show. Anyway, Ms. Dimond concluded that the media has to stop judging people without getting all the facts. She said something along the lines of, Look at what we (the media) did to Richard Jewel and John and Patsy Ramsey. So I guess it's just a given now that the Ramseys are innocent, thanks to Mary Lacy and the touch DNA evidence. I don't think anyone in the media will dare question the innocence of the Ramseys anymore. It's not about justice for JonBenet any longer. It's about how the media wrongly blamed her parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricia View Post
    Punisher you never fail us with your talent.

    Please do what KoldKase suggests so we can hear your lovely singing voice OK?

    Speaking of Whackadoodles . . . for strictly entertainment purposes I have been reading Mame's posts at Topix.

    Did you see the Saturday Night Live Episode with Betty White?

    There was a skit about a census taker. Listening to Betty White reminds me of trying to get Mame to answer a question.

    Mame doesn't talk in circles. At least when someone talks in circles they go around and around. Mame can't even do that. She makes no sense.

    In case you missed the skit here it is. My apologies to Betty White for comparing her character in this skit to Mame. Her character makes much more sense than Mame could ever hope to.


    PS. Sorry about the Spanish sub titles but it's the only one I could fine.
    Hey, guys. I just can't resist when the spirit hits me!

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    Saw the Betty White Skit months ago, Tricia. Hilarious! She is such a character! Sharp as a tack!
    elle: The RST can't handle the truth!
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