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    Default Tracey 'splains everything

    This is from Scholars & Rogues.

    I guess Tracey fancies himself a scholar? He 'splains how he was furious with Dominick Dunne on the Lary King show bla bla bla. Of course Jameson has to add her comments to this.
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    And once again, Tracey THE HYPOCRITE, in typical RST blindness, fails to see HIS OWN CHARACTER AND PROFESSIONAL FLAWS, which he denounces himself. On his sanctimonious soapbox:

    The burden of proof is on the prosecution to convince the court that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This right to be presumed innocent is so important to democratic culture that many societies, not just the United States, have included it in legal codes and constitutional documents. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Article 11, recognizes the presumption of innocence, as does the Council of Europe’s Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. In many countries journalistic codes of ethics clearly state that journalists should clearly refrain from referring to suspects as if their guilt was clear and certain.
    So...why did Tracey create CROCUMENTARIES repeatedly fingering "suspects" that he definitely implied were GUILTY, CLEARLY AND CERTAINLY? I'm thinking about the suicide Helgoth and his friend, who were CLEARLY LIED ABOUT in such a scandalous display of GOSSIP AND ACCUSATION by NUTJOB KENADY, given international airwaves to tell the world they were NINJA-TYPE burglars and criminals.... And then there was the homeless man the RST fingered for YEARS, Oliva, paraded around on camera as a "suspected" child killer with NO PROOF AT ALL WHATSOEVER! (I mean, REALLY, HOW STUPID and DESPERATE is Tracey?)

    Of course Tracey completely LEAVES OUT his role in the TOTAL PERSONAL DEVASTATION of the Whites based on A MENTAL PATIENT'S LIES. Nancy Krebs had a CLEAR HISTORY OF LYING TO LE IN HIGH PROFILE MURDER CASES, but there was Tracey, behind the scenes promoting that swill like he did the PERV KARR mess.

    Speaking of the PERV KARR mess, Tracey gets fully OPERATIC about his HEROIC and BRILLIANT part in bringing Boulder to that pinacle of public derision. Bring in the symphony and wait for the FAT LADY TO SING!

    But alas, with Tracy at last revealing his LIFE-TIME COMMITTMENT to making money on the BACK OF A MURDERED CHILD, the fat lady can take off her costume and make-up and go home, because Tracey has made it clear he'll be pointing fingers at suspects all the way to Mars if necessary, in his CROC'S 10 THROUGH 20. To wit: NOW TRACEY AND SMIT ARE USING "PSYCHICS"! Never mind that the "psychics" are so obviously SCRIPTED with SMIT'S INTRUDER THEORY they recite it word for word in their "readings", they have a lead! It's a man! Carrying a bag!! Who was in Boulder!

    Nice to know in the tough times, Tracey's bank account won't suffer....

    So to have Tracey decrying ANYONE not apolgizing for their RABID AND UNETHICAL journalistic attacks on INNOCENT PEOPLE is nothing more than pure HYPOCRISY. Has Tracey apologized to the MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE he disgraced with his SO-CALLED JOURNALISM? No, and that demonstrates the PRIMARY quality of a rabid Ramsey supporter: the ability to attack many "suspects" with NO EVIDENCE linking them to the murder, while endlessly chiding the public for noticing that the Ramseys, who made THEMSELVES public figures, have PLENTY of evidence leading to their involvement in the murder.

    Tracey reiterates his TRUE HATRED of all things American: "slack-jawed", he calls us. He's also very derisive of parents who had their children murdered and went on to advocate for victims, singling out John Walsh, Mark Klaas, and as you mentioned, Jayelles, Dominick Dunne, who gets special vitriol. Tracey calls these people "...three men made bitter and angry by the terrible experience of having a child murdered...." Apparently, anyone who doesn't agree with Tracey's ill informed, self-serving, and truly cut-rate efforts to clear the Ramseys is in line to be given "payback" for it. It appears to me TRACEY is the one who is bitter, and with FAR LESS REASON other than HIS EGO HAS BEEN PUT UPON.

    Michael Tracey, GROW UP, YOU HORSE'S AZZ.
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    "University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos declared the letter a 'reckless exoneration.' He went on to state, 'Everyone knows that relative immunity from criminal conviction is something money can buy.
    Apparently another thing it can buy is an apology for even being suspected of a crime you probably already would have been convicted of committing if you happened to be poor.'"
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    Default Michael Tracey and journalism

    Michael Tracey, CU prof in Ramsey family-John Mark Karr debacle: Negative job evaluations

    By Michael Roberts
    Wed., Jul. 18 2012 at 6:54 AM

    Remember Michael Tracey? He's the CU journalism professor whose obsession with the JonBenét Ramsey murder helped lead to a media frenzy over false confessor John Mark Karr back in 2006. Could his apparent disinterest in actual student instruction have finally caught up with him? One possible indication: two consecutive negative job evaluations, which will trigger what's termed an "extensive post-tenure review."

    The info comes to us courtesy of's Todd Shepherd, whose report, headlined "CU Professor Involved in John Mark Karr Arrest Rated 'Below Expectations'" features the pair of evaluations; they appear below. Shepherd also spoke with CU Boulder spokesman Bronson Hilliard (disclosure: a longtime friend of yours truly), who confirms that two consecutive below-expectations evals typically trigger a review of the individual in question.


    (Read the full article at link provided above.)

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