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    So well expressed...And I could never believe that after his making such an ignorant, uniformed, unscientific, bizzare observation, that anyone would ever listen to his mirranderings again....

    Lou Smidt is one of the most foolish and yet damaging characters in the entire Ramsey case and this fool somehow does not even realize how he was used by the Ramsey family and supporters to divert suspision and evidence from them and on to other innocent people....He is an arrogant fool. If he has not benefited financially (I actually believe he has) he has had an ego trip of major proportions...

    Well, I am here to tell him that he is a fool who is abhord by those who have studied this case and who know the truth about the Ramsey family...The Final Judgement will most likely be the only place where Lou and the Ramseys will receive their just rewards....We know that their judgement is coming...


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    Default A vivid dream...

    This has nothing to do with ghosts, but, after reading through this thread, a poignant moment came to mind, in my early association with the first Ramsey Forum.
    A few weeks after JonBenet's death, and while I was only vaguely familiar with all the players in this tragedy, I had the most vivid dream of my life. It was a long time afterwards that I shared it with the Forum, but received little response. Except, that is, from "Ruthie," our late great poster. She sent me a note, via P.M., and we shared emails and telephone numbers. We had several conversations about the case in general and one about my dream in particular.
    This was my dream:
    I saw JB's body laid out on a table or some kind of trunk. It was covered in a red cloth. Patsy was standing over it, crying and shaking. She was holding a gold ring in her right hand.
    The following is the part that I have never before or since experienced:
    I actually felt her tremendous grief. I awoke, trembling in despair. It upset me so much that I stayed away from the forum for a period of time.
    That dream convinced me that J.B.'S demise was the result of an accident, at Patsy's hands. I believe that somehow I was able to tap into her tremendous sense of grief. I never want to tap into anything like that again. Even now, I shutter at the thought of rethinking, however briefly, that horrible moment.
    When I think of all the people who really know what happened to J.B.R., like Pam and J.R., I wonder how they live with themselves. Imagine how deeply they have buried the truth and how committed they are to their evil "rationalizations." Yes, they continue to eat, sleep and carry on their daily functions, seemingly without remorse, but, from what little I know of life, I believe that someday, perhaps, a sense of guilt, that they have kept so neatly bottled up for so long, will surface in strange and unforgiving nightmares, and the "ghosts" of all those they have defiled (in blatant efforts to keep suspicions from themselves at bay) will expose them for what they really are.

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    Wow, Greenleaf. That is an amazing post.

    I, too, believe that whatever happened that night, the Ramseys have spent 12 years compartmentalizing and burying the truth, hiding it even from themselves.

    What you said about the bus victims, though, is the part that I find is key to who the Ramseys really are. I would have felt a lot of compassion for their tragedy, based in human weakness that we all can empathize with, none of us being perfect beings. But the fact of the Ramseys is their characters are completely narcissistic. IMO. They have no compunction when using and abusing anyone and everyone to save themselves from facing the truth and abiding by the laws. They have laid their sins at the feet of completely innocent people, and they haven't hesitated for an instant to do that.

    Whatever you felt, Greenleaf, I imagine you did tap into some Universal thread of human grief which Patsy did suffer through. I have no doubt she suffered deeply from the events of that night, the aftermath, and from losing her little girl. But what Patsy did not do is TELL THE TRUTH about it. Instead, she perpetuated a web of lies so evil, we're all still caught up in them 12 years later. Finally, that became the core of her life on earth: lies, deceit, immeasureable injury to others.

    Patsy wanted to be famous, rich, and powerful. She achieved all that. But it's the old "be careful what you wish for" adage: her money, fame, and power was her undoing.

    "University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos declared the letter a 'reckless exoneration.' He went on to state, 'Everyone knows that relative immunity from criminal conviction is something money can buy.
    Apparently another thing it can buy is an apology for even being suspected of a crime you probably already would have been convicted of committing if you happened to be poor.'"
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