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That is not a problem, Elle! I think everyone knows that I am a Florida for Life Lady! I'm pretty far away from Boulder, but always willing to hop on a plane if need BEE...but Jonbenet is buried in Marietta, Georgia and I do travel to a location close to there, but with my Back misbehaving there for a while, I was not able to travel again until this past Christmas and I couldn't let it go when the thought of JonBenet's Grave looking sooo Ignored when I did arrive there at Christmas time 2 years ago, had the Snow Storm not INTRUDED, FFJ would have acknowledged her existance once more. Now, I have no clue if anyone in this huge world cared enough to, at the very least, place an order over the phone for fresh flowers - if it were to be from her own FAMILY, that would be even nicer.

What a lovely statement RR ... "I am a Florida for Life lady!" I wish I was one. I know you have to be careful with your back. Your heart is sure in the right place when you make this visit to Georgia and give JonBenét. special time. Yes it's Marietta, Georgia. I forgot about that. Thank you RR!