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    I've seen these kind of colored patterns in old concrete floors. As I recall, on the floors I've seen these patterns in, it generally is a piece of gravel that is exposed and just happens to be a different color. As you may know, concrete has gravel mixed in with it. This is what this pattern reminds me of but I'm not sure why they circled it.....
    Depending on how this is going to be arranged. I see a child's footprints, plus the sole of an adult's boot or shoe(?). I also see Hi Tech imprinted from the sole of Hi Tech boots.

    I do remember them talking about Burke having a pair of these Hi Tech boots, but what would be the significance of these?

    Before the Ramseys moved into their home,many workmen were walking all over this house and probably in the basement, and I'm sure with wet cement around footprints must have been found, but it appears JonBenét and Burke may well have been playing down there at one time; who knows (?) maybe with wet cement, but I hardly think this would have been Christmas night(?)

    Another odd thing which strikes me is the different colour of the child's shoe prints from a normal concrete impression (?). Have these been outlined in any way with photography die to make them stand out, or, are these the original shoe prints?
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