Lou Smit is full of crap. Who did those "mold experiments"? What conditions were these done under? How much or little did they actually replicate the conditions of that basement, at that time of year, etc.?

Smit needs to SHOW the specifics of those "tests" and results. Otherwise, JUST MORE TEAM RAMSEY SPIN TO HIDE THE TRUTH. Instead of being truthful and open with the FACTS, they MAKE UP CRAP and then claim they can't give FULL DISCLOSURE because it's secret! LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES. If jams has it, IT'S NO SECRET. Team Ramsey is a group of MORONS.

God knows we've had enough of LOU BULLSMIT to know that's ALL THIS DISINFORMATION IS.

The SAS shoeprint belonged to Patsy, as well. She admitted that she owned that brand of shoes.