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If Lou really wants to ID that footprint he only has to ask the FBI. They have a databank with shoe logos and tread patterns that is probably the best source. Lou just says he and others haven't figured it out, he doesn't say " I have even taken this print to the FBI and they haven't been able to ID it." If he did then maybe I would think he REALLY believed that it was the footprint of the killer. Otherwise, he wants it to remain unidentified so he can say there is something there left by the killer and not something that could be traced to one of the many LE who tramped through the basement.
Well, I agree with the last sentence, for sure. Not just with the shoe prints but other factors in this case as well, such as the supposed stun gun marks. The RST WANTS that to remain unknown, because it casts a shadow of doubt. It COULD be stun gun marks (more likely to be seen as having been done by an untruder, though I disagree). So rather than settle the question one way or another, the Rs and their minions would rather leave it open.