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But Patsy is always at the heart of the evidence, no matter how you interpret what happened: her refusal to speak with LE for four months, lawyering up and making deals for evidence results instead, yet agreeing to be interviewed by the media the day after the funeral; her clothing fibers tied into the garrote knots; her paintbrush; her handwriting on her pad with her pen; her linguistics; her plethora of lies to LE; her plethora of lies to the public; her history of personal style and character; her words to her friend about JonBenet being too friendly and flirting; her calls to Dr. Beuf; her astonishingly choosey memory about the habits and activities of her own murdered child; her repeated inability to pass a lie detector test without multiple tries with multiple self-sponsored polygraphers, even years after the murder; etc.
KK, do you have a theory regarding the sequence of events?
If JonBenet was sexually abused, who do you believe was her abuser?
The item of evidence I find difficult to interpret is the Bloomies underwear.
For if the paintbrush was jabbed into JonBenet' body to stage a sexual assault (the purpose being to cover up signs of chronic sexual abuse), then why did the stager of the scene wipe off the blood and (re)dress the body in underwear and longjohns?