Since the depositions we have seen from the Wolf case are limited to being leaked by whoever gets to see them, Hunter's is one we only get to see in Ramsey spin excerpts. Still, there is something to be learned from this which is more than Hunter spinning for Team Ramsey: we see Wood leading Hunter into the non-existent "4.5" handwriting scale propaganda, for one thing.

[Jams put this up on her forum, hoping to use it to prove Patsy didn't write the note--but in her usual foot-in-mouth style, even she eventually admits in a later post that Patsy's writing was simliar to the note.]

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#0, Exerpts from Hunter's Deposition

Posted by jameson on Dec-28-02 at 11:38 AM

Former DA Alex Hunter was deposed on 11/27/01 -- it was relatedto the Wolf case. Here are some exerpts that should be public now - - let's discuss them - - and PLEASE - - DO carry these to the other forums - - they are the actual deposition questions and answers - - the TRUTH.

#1, RE: Exerpts from Hunter's Deposition
Posted by jameson on Dec-28-02 at 11:42 AM
In response to message #0

9 Wood: Chief Beckner confirmed yesterday that the

10 investigation had retained the services of Chet

11 Ubowski, obviously through CBI, Leonard Speckin,

12 Edwin Alford and Richard Dusak to at various times

13 perform handwriting analysis on the ransom note in

14 comparing it and analyzing other individuals'

15 writings. You were familiar with those four

16 individuals?

17 Hunter: Yes.

18 Wood: Are you familiar with their results as

19 they pertain to Patsy Ramsey?

20 Hunter: Yes.

21 Wood: Those four individuals are well respected,

22 are they not?

23 Hunter: Yes.

24 Wood: You also know Howard Ryle and Lloyd

25 Cunningham?


1 Hunter: Yes.

2 Wood: Within the community Howard Ryle and Lloyd

3 Cunningham are highly regarded and well respected,

4 aren't they?

5 Hunter: Yes.

6 Wood: You were given the benefit of Howard Ryle

7 and Lloyd Cunningham's opinions in this matter in a

8 presentation that was done for the investigation

9 through the Ramsey attorneys, correct?

10 Hunter: Yes.

11 Wood: I'm correct that there was not of the six

12 individuals any examiner that identified Patsy Ramsey

13 as the author of the note; am I right?

14 Hunter: That's right.

15 Wood: These were not people who came there to

16 identify her or not identify. These six individuals,

17 understanding two of them were employed by the

18 defense, I think you fairly agreed were trying to be

19 professional, thorough, and objective and reach the

20 right result under their standards of handwriting

21 analysis; am I right?

22 Hunter: Yes.

23 Wood: The sum total of the investigators and the

24 individuals I've been over that with were hired by

25 the Boulder Police Department along with Mr. Ubowski.


1 With respect to Patsy Ramsey, you have -- it's been

2 described at one point again on a scale that we don't

3 necessarily, I don't know if it's an agreed-upon

4 scale, butfor purposes of trying to discuss the

5 reports, there was a description of a one-to-five

6 scale with five being elimination. And you have

7 publicly acknowledged that the sum total of the

8 handwriting analysis done by the investigation on

9 Patsy Ramsey that you would agree that she was

10 somewhere about a 4.5; is that right, on that scale?

11 Hunter: That's roughly right.

12 Wood: Not eliminated but very close to it, am I

13 right?

14 Hunter: Yeah, I can't remember, you know, I would

15 be more comfortable saying four on that scale. I

16 can't remember the 4.5.

17 Wood: And I think when you were asked about it,

18 you said that that was close, the bottom line being

19 that they placed the chances of her writing the note

20 as I believe you described it as very low --

21 Hunter: Right.

22 Wood: -- is that right?

23 Hunter: Yes, very low.

24 Wood: And without asking for names, there were

25 other individuals who were under suspicion whose


1 handwriting was analyzed that were not eliminated as

2 the author of the note; am I right?

3 Hunter: That's correct.