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"Dr. Bea," the online psuedonym of a practicing clinical psychologist, as a member of Forums for Justice participates to present her opinions, and her opinions only on the subject matter contained as content on the forum.

Although an accredited professional in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Bea is participates on Forums for Justice with the same rights of privacy and anonymity of all other forum members.

Dr. Bea will make no claims to her opinions regarding specific individuals in any form other than to present her personal opinion based on the information she has been given. She is not now, and cannot be held accountable regarding the accuracy of information provided to her or posted by other forum members.

Questions tendered to Dr. Bea, and Dr. Bea's answers are to be considered opinion only, a hypothesis of generality, and not construed to be a diagnosis of or for any specific individual.

Any similarities to information posted on this forum and occurrences in a poster's life off the forum cannot and must not be related.

If a topic is discussed on Forums for Justice which may resemble happenings in your private life, you are encouraged to see a professional regarding these incidents. As always, check with your personal physician or licensed health care professional regarding any and all matters involving your own health.

For all other disclaimers regarding the contractual overview of Forums for Justice, please refer to the Forums Disclaimer.

If you have any specific questions regarding Dr. Bea, please contact the webmaster.

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