A Doll Was Placed Next To JonBenet's Body In The Cellar!

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    Just to make sure we are all looking at the same picture - is it about this picture of the wine cellar showing the white blanket and the pink nightgown, where some can see the part of a barbie doll?


    Another question: could it be definitely established that there was blood on the nightgown? In this source it has "Bloodstains from nightgown" with question marks:

    Thank you Ames for providing this source at WBS: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116359&page=14
  2. koldkase

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    I put the best source we have for the bloodstain on the nightgown in the case library here for you, Rashomon. I'll just put the link as I also included info from a WBB thread about it where the transcriptions were put together, more or less:


    The transcription with the question marks came from swamp poster Margoo, and those were inserted by her when she wasn't sure what the report actually said. I believe Why Nut, who made the original screen capture, I believe, and Jayelles correctly transcribed the images and filled in the question marks accurately.
  3. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Yes, that's the one being discussed at WS that I brought over with a link, for anyone who is interested.

    Of course, the other photo I originally posed the question about whether or not it had a doll in it came from the basment/cellar room and is on this thread earlier posts. That's the one I'm being accused of heinous acts over by the usual suspects on other forums. :rolleyes:
  4. AMES

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    KK, I thought that it was also this one...the last picture in this post by you over at WBS


    This is the picture that I can really see a doll in.
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    Margoo the Manipulator!

    Thanks so much KK for clearing up the question. Thanks also once more to Why_Nut, for his acribic JBR case work.
    So it was Margoo who put those question marks there!! I bet the die-hard IDI Margoo did this with the intention to obfuscate matters, and not because she was unable to decipher it.

    Maybe the blood on the nightgown was the main reason why the Ramseys placed it the wine cellar together with with the dead body? To make it appear as if the perp had molested and killed JonBenet down there, thus concealing that a violent encounter involving bleeding had occurred upstairs, in JonBenet's own bedroom, between the child and a family member.
    And hadn't Patsy also been asked if JonBenet had nosebleeds? I think was Ames who posted this section from the interviews. I can't find the passage right now - if someone could post it,TIA. And where did Patsy say something like "I don't see any blood?"
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    I can't post it (don't actually know how to do that), but I remember it. Patsy was speaking to LE, and was being shown photos of JB's bed. JB's room, as we all know, had twin beds, and over each bed was a "fake" window with curtains that matched the bedspreads. One of the tiebacks had pulled open and was lying over the headboard. Patsy then says that it wasn't supposed to be that way (duh), and then she just pops out with "I don't see any blood, do you"? No one mentioned blood at all. As a matter of fact, JB's death, gruesome as it was, had very little blood, none visible. The blood under her scalp and the small amount of blood in her vagina were only seen at autopsy. The mucus on her cheek and in her nostrils were "tan", which probably indicated blood, but Mayer never determined that or if he did, did not state it in the report. The blood on her thighs and pubic area that evidence showed was wiped down was, well, wiped away. So for Patsy to just come out and mention the lack of blood tells me that she knew there WAS blood, wiped away and the absence of it from her room, the last place the parents CLAIMED to have seen her alive, meant it couldn't possibly have anything to do with them. As if her statement alone meant anything.
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