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  1. Elle

    Elle Member

    Good question, KK. How indeed would John Ramsey know anything about her bruises, while Patsy didn't? Or was this a crafty statement made to make everyone think she hadn't harmed Jonbenét?

    Here is Tricia's post on The Bonita Papers.

  2. JC

    JC Superior Cool Member

    That is a very sad experience, Elle, for a four-year-old. :-(

    I read last night that JonBenet wore blue contacts. Is that so? Surely not.
  3. wombat

    wombat Member

    I've never read that she wore blue contacts, but how not suprising would that be, really?

    I read last night (we are under two feet of snow so there will be lots of reading!) in Steve Thomas' book that the cops had approached a therapist that they believed had been seeing JonBenet and the therapist rebuffed their approach with a "talk to her parents". WHich to me sounds like the girl was in therapy. This is the first time I noticed that as well.

    What would a therapist think of a six year old who showed up with bleached hair and blue contacts? How about, can I talk to Mom, please?
  4. Elle

    Elle Member



    Sadness for many years JC. I was brought up by an older sister.

    About the contacts. I don't know, but to me anything which improved the "winning" situation in these pageants, was on the menu for Patsy Ramsey.
  5. wombat

    wombat Member

    Gosh, Elle, I am sorry about your mother and that you lost her so young.

    I also got freaked out early about open caskets and wouldn't view a body until I was an adult. Here in NJ it's still a tradition to have open caskets with three-day wakes with catered receptions after the funeral. If you watch the Sopranos you get the idea (without the crime, of course). We buried both my parents that way, which is how they wanted it.
  6. Elle

    Elle Member

    I guess my oldest sister was my mother, and she was just wonderful. She is still in Scotland and in her 80's but I can go back as far as three years old, and I remember my mother, so I am so happy about that. I have a few memories saved. :)

    Funerals are very personal, but things are changing in our small town, Wombat. I don't know about the bigger cities (?). It pays to let your family know what you want, but who wants to talk about it, it's such a touchy subject? Not too many. Good to have a will made out too. :)

    No! I don't watch the Sopranos.
  7. Cleej2

    Cleej2 Member

    Right Elle

    I have to totally agree with you Elle. A funeral is no place for young children.

    My first viewing was also when I was too young to understand. It scared me very much and left a lasting impression.

    I agree with you about remembering the person how they were when they were alive. It makes no sense to me either. If the children must go to a funeral, they should remain in their seats and not be made to look at the deceased person. Oh what a mistake this is!!!!! I don't care what anyone says or how it looks, I do what I want anymore.

    Your saying that a funeral is a private thing.........yes I agree.

  8. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    Sorry you lost your mom, too, Elle. I'm glad you had such a loving sis to help you grow up. She did a good job, obviously.
  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    To each his own Cleej! You're right. Not a pleasant thing for a small child to view the dead.
  10. koldkase

    koldkase FFJ Senior Member

    As to the Bonita papers, and as to who "reported" that Patsy said this and John said that...I still don't get that the source is named. It's been a long time since I read the papers, though, so maybe I've just forgotten. But thanks for posting that. I'll try to get to it and see if the source is mentioned for those statements.
  11. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    Elle, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your mother at such an early age. I'm so glad you had a loving sister to raise you.
  12. Elle

    Elle Member

    Thank you, kindly, Cherokee. My sister is a treasure. I do have another one in Houston.
  13. coralie

    coralie Member


    Hi Elle
    I am Coralie from UK, and have just come back on here after a 3 year absence...sold computer, and lost 6 stone!! am looking after a friends cottage in middle of no where , (heaven) and this pc just happened to be herre. Thing is , I remeber your name ...but cant think from what ?? or where ...I think it was on a forum after 9/11 and I remember you were so nice!! and I too am so sorry to hear about your memory of your mum!!

  14. Elle

    Elle Member

    I just posted a one liner to you saying I remember you from way back. It may have been with CN2000 (?). You lost 6 stone. Wow! 84 lbs. That's a lot to lose. Congratulations! I know you weren't a Senior, like me. You had a daughter/son who were interested in the JonBenét case. You were actually making a video or something. Didn't I send you a copy of PMPT? Something like that. :)
  15. icedtea4me

    icedtea4me Member

    I saw this at the BB. (Color change is mine.)

    Member since 5-8-02
    07-02-06, 10:19 AM (EST)

    "Responding to posts elsewhere"

    A BORG poster has listed things that cause her to believe the family was involved. I want to reply to the list.
    1. I also believe they called all their friends over there to muddy the crime scene. What parent would invite friends over to the house, when their child had been kidnapped, and the ransom note said they'd behead her if they talked to a stray dog. Maybe the kidnapper should have been more specific and said, "If you call all your friends."

    I would have called my friends and hoped they would go out and knock on doors, check out the airport and bus stations. Blocked the streets out of Boulder. Driven the streets looking - and listening.
    I am sure the police told the family and friends NOT to do that - - to sit tight and let them do their jobs. (botch their jobs)

    I remember the report that Patsy watched through splayed fingers.

    She crossed he legs at the ankles as well. My GOD, what moredo we NEED???

    John told someone (can't remember who), that he found JonBenet at 10:00 (or something like that). Of course the RDDO said he was saying 10:00 and it had something to do with a different time zone...oh sure.

    No, isn't what happened. The BORG police misrepresented something John said to Stewart Long when the kids got to the house.

    And Patsy having the same clothes on and it took her how long to send those in? And then one of the items was thought to be new, not worn before.

    She wore the outfit for a few hours on Christmas day and wanted to wear her favorite jeans again - - and her Christmas sweater. Big deal.
    If she had worn them all night and been in that nasty basement, I assure you she would have been in different clothes.
    The clothes were sent in immediately after the police asked for them. They had to go through boxes of packed clothes, but wasted no time doing so.
    None of the items sent in were new. They sent in the clothes they wore - - and an extra item that was very similar - - they weren't positive which she had worn and had no photographs to check - - so they sent both.

    And the balled-up red shirt in the bathroom.
    not balled up, just tossed aside. clean, tossed aside when JonBenet said she wanted to wear the white sweater.

    The diaper-like things hanging out of the cabinet next to JonBenet's room.

    Are you referrig to the package of pull-ups that police found in a closed cabinet in the hall? They weren't hanging out in the first photos of the house - - only after the police opened the doors and pulled things out.

    And Burke being heard on the 911 call.
    We all have the tape - - he isn't there. Even Tricia couldn't get her "experts" to "enhance" a copy of that tape so they could air one that included Burke's voice.

    They knew...at least Patsy did. She was dead. I think John knew it also, at least after 10:00. This is why she acted the way she did. She knew.

    If she had been planning a funeral, writing something for the gravestone or picking out her burial clothing, I would agree with you. As it is, I think she was acting just like a mother whose child was MISSING. I see nothing in her actions that indicated she knew JonBenet was dead - orin the basement.

    Jameson's still distancing herself from John Ramsey's own words.

  16. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    On the plus side, Candy, why_nut and docg are giving them hell over there.
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