Another False Lead by Someone Seeking 15 Minutes of Fame?

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    This article ran today in the Rocky Mountain News about a man who saw a strange man board a bus on Christmas 1996.,1299,DRMN_15_4946895,00.html

    Man says he might have seen Karr in '96
    Email this story | Print By Todd Hartman, Rocky Mountain News
    August 26, 2006
    Boulder District Attorney investigator Mark Spray has contacted a man who believes he could have encountered the JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect on a bus in the early morning hours of Dec. 26, 1996.
    Daniel Pride, now of Portsmouth, N.H., said he was at the downtown bus station in Boulder sometime shortly after 12:30 a.m. when a man arrived, behaving strangely and bearing a resemblance to John Mark Karr, arrested last week in the case.

    He said the man didn't want to be noticed and pulled away when Pride asked if he had a light for a cigarette. The man boarded the same bus as Pride, and exchanged strange glances with him once aboard, Pride said.

    Pride said the individual was wearing a Western fleece vest with a "shiny red spot" that Pride took to be a stain.

    Asked how he could remember the event in such detail, Pride said it was because the man acted so strangely, and because he found out about JonBenet's death soon after. At some point after the murder, Pride said he called the tip into Boulder police.

    Pride decided to again leave his tip with the DA's office Aug. 18. Spray contacted him five days later, and interviewed him over the phone, Pride said.

    Pride provided an e-mail from Spray in which the investigator said he was interested in talking to him. Spray wanted to know what Pride was wearing on the same night, said Pride, who said he thought he could obtain the information from friends who had photos of a gathering that Pride attended on Christmas of 1996.

    It's impossible to know the significance of the interview. Those familiar with investigations said Spray could simply be following a lead that could put Karr in Boulder, or might have been trying to corroborate information that he'd already obtained elsewhere.

    Pride said the stranger got off the bus on the highway outside of Boulder.

    Pride's story seems to have at least one hitch: The Ramsey house is some distance from the downtown Boulder bus station. Even if JonBenet's death occurred prior to midnight - the exact time is unknown - it's a significant walk from that property on 15th Street to the bus depot.


    It was all very familiar to me, and I thought it $trange that this person would tip authorities AND then call the media. ACR was able to locate a posting done by "a bus driver" on Purgatory:

    JonBenet Ramsey Case - Boulder Bus Station Midnight Christmas (53 views) Subscribe
    From: ABUSRIDER Jan-20 12:21 am
    To: ALL (1 of 11)



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    From: SABREENAKATZ Jan-20 10:50 am
    To: ABUSRIDER (2 of 11)

    1684.2 in reply to 1684.1

    Oh no, another internet confession/hoax.

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    From: MEANOLDHAG Jan-20 1:34 pm
    To: SABREENAKATZ (3 of 11)

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    I call ********. In any event, this bus ride appears to have happened to early in the evening for this "emaciated person" to have been the murderer. And wasn't McReynolds fat?

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    From: TJ (THANKLESSJOB) Jan-20 3:06 pm
    To: MEANOLDHAG (4 of 11)

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    When you open that site, do a right click go to properties and click, you will see that this document was created today. I agree, total hoax.

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    From: SABREENAKATZ Jan-20 9:28 pm
    To: TJ (THANKLESSJOB) (5 of 11)

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    Quick, someone ought to send this to the tabs and maybe they'll pay $100 or so. Quick! Before Jammy beats you to it!
    (I would let her be the one to send it to Keenan though....)

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    From: carpaltee Jan-20 9:33 pm
    To: TJ (THANKLESSJOB) (6 of 11)

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    That's pretty funny. Do you think "ABusRider" will return?


    The url they were referring to is no longer up, you must access it through the Way Back Machine:

    December 25, 1996
    Midnight, Boulder Colorado Bus Station

    Christmas day 1996

    at Mac Reads house, and the ride back.

    Wild Thing went from software to a description of a pattern of existence.

    The long wait for the second bus, the Boulder transfer from Longmont.

    No fuss, just a twice missed 7 o'clock bus.

    Got a light ? I asked holding up my cigarette.

    oooooooooooh nooooooooo he said,

    withdrawing from the question with fright and abject horror...

    He stared back at me as we rode the midnight bus to Denver.

    It felt better when he got off at the second roadside stop.

    I still wonder about the red stains on the tan fleece Jacket.

    For me he was no Santa Claus, but sometimes I stutteringly think he was.*

    *Jan 20 2004 web rumors indicate DNA ruled out Phil McReynolds as a suspect in JonBenet's murder, leaving the significance of this event in limbo. The individual I asked for a cigarette light that night was 35 to 50 years old, emaciated, pot bellied, thin, about 5'11 and really terrified of something, perhaps just a schizophrenic having a bad day, perhaps someone who did not want to be seen. His physique reminded me of my father's after years of congestive heart failure. Vaguely cow boyish, He looked sort of like McReynolds from a two second flashed TV photo I saw years later after he died. After the encounter while waiting for the bus, the skitz boarded it also. The jacket had a ruddy stain about two inches wide and five vertical center chest left, the heart area. He sat one quarter the way back on the midnight Denver greyhound bus from Boulder that night on the right hand side. The individual constantly looked back over his shoulder at me (sitting half way back on the left) giving me the evil eye repeatedly and making me very uncomfortable until he got off at the second stop. (the highway intersection, I think?). James "Mac" Read, a fellow software (4D) developer at US West, had put me on the 6 o'clock bus from Longmont, It missed the connection, I went for coffee and missed the 7/8 and the 9/10 bus never showed that night leaving me with an unlit cigarette in the boulder station just before midnight. Weird. An odd time for ME to be stuck in the Boulder Bus Station...minutes after JonBenet Ramsey's Christmas day murder a short distance away a few minutes before. Board Comments The slaughter of innocence linked to the anniversary of the birth. (but no Herod in sight)

    I thought this was interesting because now the witness thinks he looked like John Karr when before he looked like Santa mcReynolds!!!
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    I was thinking about that "dirty santa on the bus" story from long ago.

    So...we have killer santa on the bus...along with pedophile from Alabama John Karr...on Christmas night...or early the next morning....

    That's Evening2's theory, isn't it?

    If they can only get Fleet White on there, it's a done deal!
  3. Ribaldone

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    "A shiny red spot" that looked like a stain? I guess he's implying a blood stain on Karr's clothing. I guess it must have come from all blood that left at the crime scene. :nono: :nono: :nono:
  4. sue

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  5. LurkerXIV

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    Todd Hartman

    Todd Hartman and his father seem to have a cottage industry going, manufacturing false witnesses in the Ramsey case.

    Remember, it was Barrie Hartman who brought us the incredible Nancy Krebs.
  6. icedtea4me

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    OMG! Look at what I just discovered!

    b = 2nd letter of alphabet
    u = 21st letter
    s = 19th letter

    2+21+19 = 42 and 4+2 = 6. And JonBenet was 6 years old when she was killed!

    It's so obvious!

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