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  1. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    BORG = Believer of Ramsey Guilt

    What being a BORG means to me.

    Because I have been able to separate real evidence from non-evidence, I can see clearly that there was no evidence of an intruder in the Ramsey home on the night of JB’s murder. Because I am wise enough not to blindly accept that the faces the Ramseys presented to the public were, without question, the same as their private faces when behind closed doors (as the RST blindly accepts), I do not block out the possibility they were involved. I have been able to see evidence of obstruction by the Ramsey family, and because I know what the evidence is, I am aware of the false information that has been distributed via henchmen like jameson, Tracey, Smit, Wood, and others.

    Obvious clues, such as Patsy Ramsey’s jacket fibers entwined in the knot fashioned in the garrote; the willingness of the perp to remain in the home without fear of being discovered by the occupants, making use of a tablet and writing utensil, writing a three-page ransom note meant to stall and perhaps prevent altogether the discovery of JB’s body in the basement (perhaps hoping the note would turn investigators away from the house, looking for a kidnapper, long enough for them to transport the body out of the house and to a remote area) – a note positively identified by several handwriting experts (including our own Cherokee, who demonstrates in clear and unambiguous manner to all who are not wearing blinders) as being written by Patsy Ramsey; contradictory statements made by both John and Patsy Ramsey in their book and in their interviews; and, in spite of claims by the RST to the contrary, clear and convincing evidence that the Ramseys refused to cooperate with BPD investigators and refusing an FBI-administered polygraph examination while hiring their own “expert†to run the polygraph exam, unobserved by the BPD or other neutral observers who could attest to the accuracy and honesty of the results; and the intense efforts of the RST to throw others under the bus and lie about where the evidence really leads are indications to this BORG, who isn’t so easily led, that the road leads right back to the Ramseys. These are only a few of the evidentiary reasons I am BORG. My fellow BORGs are invited to add their evidentiary reasons.

    Realism and truth solve cases, not shower visions and twisting of facts. One can’t fit a square peg into a round hole, and that is exactly what Lou Smit and his faithful followers have tried to do. Refusal by the RST to accept that the foreign DNA may be, and probably is, an artifact, or is too incomplete to ever conclusively identify anyone, has seriously damaged their credibility. To continue claiming the DNA will “nail the killer,†just shows their ignorance about the weaknesses of DNA identification under these very circumstances and how the DNA issue would be played out in court. There are so many holes the size of huge craters in their interpretation of the evidence (including Smit’s baby, the stun gun), it’s obvious they have shown little ability to look at the evidence and see the reality instead of their own biased vision of what they want that evidence to say.

    Good hearts blended with real Grief over the senseless death of a sweet little girl who was defenseless against a brutal attack, probably perpetrated by someone she loved, moved decent people with a thirst for justice to become involved. We’ve been denigrated by the RST, mocked by the Ramseys’ lawyer, Lin Wood, called every indecent name known to man, and yet, we are still here. History proves that none of the BORG on this forum has ever been influenced by greed or self-glorification. We are not here because we’ve had nothing else to do for the past 10 years. We are here not only to continue to dig into the corruption roiling beneath the surface of this case but also to keep hope alive that JonBenet’s death won’t be in vain, and other little girls, and boys, might be saved. Only by exposing the evil core of the corruption and cover-up in this case will society rise up and demand an end to the subterfuge and self-promoting political BS that has run rampant in this case. Only then will our kids begin to be more than political pawns for incompetent and biased district attorneys and every needy civilian who thinks it's okay to interfere in a murder case.

    I’m damn proud to be BORG, and I’m equally proud to be part of the BORG community on FFJ.
  2. heymom

    heymom Member

    Wow, great post!! Thanks for that. I guess we can expect a rebuttal on the "other" forum within a few minutes...

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :jumpie: :balloons:

  3. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    If you mean W2 forum, it doesn't matter. I won't read it. I'm up for a critique, but I prefer someone of intelligence to do it. That leaves out anyone at the swamp.
  4. heymom

    heymom Member

    I was curious and visited yesterday when I couldn't get here. I was amazed at the messages. Just amazed. :eek:

  5. cindysnow3

    cindysnow3 Member

    Way to Go WY You did a great job.. Just adding a small bit, I could never in a million years match you. But I feel also it was a Ramsey. I truly want justice for this precious girl. I pray one day she gets it.



    Of a
  6. Barbara

    Barbara FFJ Senior Member


    Excellent, as always. Right to the point

    Bravo :jumpie: :bowdown:

    I too, am proud to be BORG and especially proud to be here at FFJ

    This is yours today WY


    Anyone remember the TV show Queen for a Day?

    Actually BORG might be a better name for

  7. heymom

    heymom Member

    Definitely remember Queen for a Day!!! That was back in the day before color TV. Yes, I'm that old.

    Heymom :wave:
  8. BluesStrat

    BluesStrat BANNED !!!!!

    I believe you are refering to the BARF


    Members of the BARF community are easily recognized due to having a head full of vomit.
  9. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    Ooooh, I really like that. BARF = RST
  10. adair

    adair Member


    Now I know what BORG stands for ... was to chicken to ask b4.

  11. heymom

    heymom Member

    If you write it all together, it's BARFRST - Barf first.

  12. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    The swamp queen says it's Bent on Ramsey Guilt.

    She's wrong.
  13. BluesStrat

    BluesStrat BANNED !!!!!

    To all those interested, Susan Bennett has opened up her public forum so people can post their favorite Crow recipes which her BARF members are ready to swallow.

    Here's my favorite:

    Crow Pie (Karr style)
    Grease large Lacy pan.
    Mix large amount of Tracey crust, bend over and pound crust into bottom of Lacy pan.
    Place 4 large crows in pan on top of crust.
    Coat crows with generous amount of Smit sauce.
    Cook pie over Wood fire until crows begin to fall apart.

    Serve hot to all Ramsey supporters on Karr platter garnished with pineapple. And don't forget to do the "Lou got his man!" dance when finished eating.

  14. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

  15. Cherokee

    Cherokee FFJ Senior Member

    :floor: I love it, BlueStrat!
  16. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    Let me rap on this:

    He's a BORG man, he's invading your space

    Makes pro-Rammers scared, they be knowing their place

    Shock the world now I'm standing alone

    I flip fools like them clamshell cellular phones

    You can't help but nod your head to this track

    DA tanking the case, I be taking it back

    Lacy going soft, ain't no chasing it

    Check yourself in the mirror ain't no facing it

    You playing the role and you planning to fold

    This the master plan I got the planet on hold

    I'm all over the streets like a favorite sneaker

    Breaking up the spin like a drive-thru speaker

    Everything that I be spittin' is strong

    After i rock, fast forward through the rest of the song

    I'm the monkeywrench gonna ruin your plan

    Don't mess with Super, he's a BORG, BORG man!

    With a mic in my hands, I'm a BORG man

    In a fight with my hands I'm a BORG man

    Studying this case all these years, I'm a BORG man

    I'm a devil, rocking ambient level

    I set loose evidence that's instrumental

    Cat's got one-liners, I drop several

    Man, I think it's funny you choose "Lousing" progress and

    running in place, I making moves, y'all settle

    I rip Rammers and take responsiblity for making future hall-

    of-famers look third rate

    Y'all are lost for words like conversation on your worst

    first date; Crime beats, creep through side streets, loose-

    leaf notepads, that's where clues leak

    intruder, man, don't even beg

    I got knee-slapping tracks, y'all bruising your leg

    You a great detective Lou? That's a joke

    You ain't worthy of being my secretary man, that's a quote

    I flood papers like cracks in boats

    while weak DA choke up with arguments in they throat

    With a mic in my hands I'm a BORG man

    In a fight with my hands I'm a BORG man

    Studying this case all these years, I'm a BORG man

    TURN UP THE MICROPHONE and feed me I'm a beast

    RSTs is what I eat

    Your stuff is sicker than gangrene in both feet

    Spreading up the leg and headed for the head

    Your stuff is weak, your style proof that the brain corrosion

    is messing with your chosen flows; I'm nice with mics, my hands

    will break your nose like Mike Tyson

    Fighting in his prime, one rhyme

    I shake up the room one time, BOOM

    To the jaw

    Your face is a coat type raw

    I'm a BORG MAN!

  17. Why_Nut

    Why_Nut FFJ Senior Member

    Line of the day.
  18. tylin

    tylin Banned

    Well said, WY.
    :scale: :curtsey: :yay:

    Omg, that's one heck of a rap song! :star: :thumbsup: :foshizzle :flash:
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2006
  19. Watching You

    Watching You Superior Bee Admin

    OMG, Punisher, you are a creative genius, because I hate rap, but I love this. I'm sitting at my desk rapping. Now, how good is that?
  20. The Punisher

    The Punisher Member

    I blush at my accomplishments!
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