Breaking news!!! Attempted Abduction!

Discussion in 'The Search for Rachel Cooke' started by JR, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. JR

    JR FFJ Senior Member

    We have been sitting on this story until we could confirm it. The story broke on local news this evening.

    There was an attempted abduction of a 15 year old girl in Taylor, (Williamson County) Texas on Sunday. Taylor is about 25 miles from Georgetown where Rachel Louise Cooke was abducted January 10, 2002. It is too early to know if there is a connection between the cases but there are similarities.

    The young lady was helping her father do some yard work at a friend's house in Taylor. The father had to leave to get some tools and during the 15 minutes he was gone, 2 men tried to grab his daughter. This happened in broad daylight near a main highway. One man approached the girl and told her that her father had been hurt and she needed to come with him. As he continued to try to convince the girl to come with him, the other suspect snuck up behind her and grabbed her shirt. Fortunately, the girl used her head and kicked the guy and was able to break free. The young lady runs cross country and track and was able to run from the suspects and hid.

    There is a state wide APB on the following:

    Black Chevy single cab truck (2000-2002) cheap stock steel wheels, very light tint windows, manual trans.

    Suspect #1

    5'7",150#, very pale white, mustache, black cowboy hat, blue Levi's shirt, black baggy jeans, age 30's-40's

    Suspect #2 6'1", 250#, big burly guy, limping because the girl kicked him, white, curly brown hair, dark sweat suit.

    If you see a vehicle matching this description please call 911. (Williamson County)

    or call

    Williamson Country Crime Stoppers
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  2. Gail

    Gail Member

    Thank Goodness

    That this girl was able to fight off this abduction, good for her, and it looks like she managed to get a pretty good description of the truck and the abductors!!!!

    Perhaps this will be a break in the Rachel Cooke case!
  3. LurkerXIV

    LurkerXIV Moderator


    I hope they catch the SOB's right quick! And do to them what Texans do to rattlesnakes.
  4. Voyager

    Voyager Active Member

    JR and RC......

    This is positive news in the sense that it may lead to information pointing to Rachel's abductors.....hoping and praying that the vehicle ID and the descriptions may lead to the despicable cowards who tried to abduct the brave young woman who fought them off, and that it may also lead to the captors who are holding Rachel.....

    RC and Janet, we are with you here, and are with you mentally and spiritually as you reach out to law enforcement and to community to identify and stop these forces of evil.....God be with you.....please know that we are here and praying, and that you only need to ask for any help that is needed.....

    Strength and Blessings for Rachel during this trying time,
    Watching and Waiting With You,

    PS JR, thanks so very much for bringing us this breaking news, we know how very much you care and try to keep us on top of things......
  5. JR

    JR FFJ Senior Member

    It's too early to say but...

    Since this happened in the same county perhaps the Williamson County Sheriff's Office will now realize they must do everything within their power to solve Rachel's case. These perps rarely ever strike just once especially when they think they got away with it.
  6. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Thanks JR

    Hopefully they will hop on this one...good vibes heading to Georgetown from Utah!
  7. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    The gloves are off

    Here is my journal entry for yesterday.

    Tuesday June 25

    I received an e-mail from another father this last weekend. The e-mail explained how his 15 year old daughter was almost abducted from a friend's front yard in Taylor. His daughter was able to escape and she got a description of the two men and the late model black pickup that they left in. I was relieved that his daughter got away from the two men.

    For two days I have tried to confirm this e-mail. Today, I found out that the e-mail was real and that a composite sketch of each man has been released. We don't know if this attempted abduction is related to Rachel's abduction yet. It could be the same two guys, a copycat attempt, or totally unrelated.

    What it does show, is that there is a growing problem in Williamson County and Central Texas. A problem that is just going to get worse if the perpetrators are not actively pursued. Young men and women in Texas need to have the same rights as those in Utah, California, Oregon and other states. Everything agency available should be brought in to stop these perverts cold. They need to be brought to justice. We need the FBI, the Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and anyone else available to do this.

    It's time for the good people to take the community back. It's time for justice. It's time for normal law abiding citizens to prevail.

    I met with our search and investigation team tonight. We have decided that the searches have covered most of what we needed to cover. The Rachel Cooke Search organization is about to change it's concentration from searches to getting the law enforcement cross agency task force formed. We are committed to that goal and we will be enlisting over 100 other Williamson County residents from across the county to help with it. Details about this movement will be announced soon.
  8. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member

    Your efforts are to be commended RC, and remember you have a bunch more people out-of-state to help you from the forum.

    You just need to tell us what your objective is with each avenue, and let us know what specifically we can do...
  9. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    News Ariticle

    Video and sketches can be found at:

    Two men suspected of an attempted kidnapping are on the loose, and Taylor police are asking for your help in solving what seems an atypical crime for the small town.

    At just 15 years old, police said the young girl’s quick thinking may have saved her life.

    The Collins family wanted to help an elderly woman in need by mowing her lawn. But what started out as a Saturday morning good deed by a father and daughter turned into their worst nightmare.

    "One lawn mower wasn't working properly, and the dad had left to repair the lawn mower, at which time the 15-year old daughter, stayed behind to finish up with the second lawn mower, when she was approached by two white males,†said Lt. Don Georgens of the Taylor Police Department.

    It happened just off Gravel Pit Road and Highway 79 in a secluded area with so much brush, the homes can barely be seen from the street. Police said the first man who approached the girl told her that her father was in an accident and she needed to come with them.

    What makes this case unusual is the man called her by name – and also knew her father's name and the type of truck he was driving. But the girl was still skeptical.

    "The thing that tipped her off was she caught the fact he used the plural – ‘we’ and ‘us’ – and she only saw the one guy. And also he wouldn't make eye contact with her," the father, Paul Collins, said.

    "At that time the one male with the cowboy hat screamed, ‘Get her!’ And another man approached her from behind and happened to grab her shirt, in which she was able to break free and sprint down the street and hide in the corn field," Georgens said.

    Police believe the suspects may actually be stalkers, since evidence insinuates that the suspects knew their victim.

    The father said he was gone for less than 15 minutes, and his daughter could not be seen mowing the lawn from the street. Those details lead police to believe the suspects knew she was there. Now they're on a search for two men they claim may be stalkers rather than just strangers.

    Taylor police said it's too soon to tell if this kidnapping attempt is linked to Rachel Cooke's disappearance in Williamson County, but they have consulted with the detectives working that case.

    In the meantime, they are looking for a white man in his late 30s or early 40s with a pale complexion and freckles. He also has a salt and pepper mustache.

    Police said the second suspect is also a white man who appears to have a dark tan. He's in his late 20s with reddish-brown, curly hair.

    Both men were driving a late model black Chevy truck.

    If you have any information, call the Taylor Police Department at (512) 352-6147 or (512) 365-2733.
  10. Ayeka

    Ayeka Member

    holy $h...!

    Wow.... I am speechless....

    Thank goodness she was able to break away!

    I hope and pray this leads to Rachel!

  11. Moab

    Moab Admin Staff Member


    Where is this area in relationship to where Rachel was jogging, and where is it in relationship to the Wall-Mart, where the carjacker was caught on tape?

    Are they in close proximity to one another? Has that area been previously searched? It sounds like it is away from Rachel's jogging route...does that mean it is "home" to the two guys in the truck.

    Please keep us shouldn't take them long to obtain a list of matching vehicles...with which to start their elimination process.
  12. RC

    RC FFJ Senior Member

    Taylor to Georgetown

    Taylor is 25-30 miles southeast of Georgetown. The cities are about the same size. The Walmart that they are referring to is in Taylor, so it's about the same distance from our house as the abduption attempt.

    The area has not been searched since it is well outside of the 12 mile radius that we used. If I remember the search records correctly there were some horse and ATV searches that went out over 20 miles east of Georgetown. Those ended in an area just about 2-3 miles west of Taylor.
  13. JR

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  14. JR

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  15. JR

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