Burke Ramsey to be on Dr. Phil

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    That's what Steve Thomas believed, and Patsy's acting was part of what threw the trail in her direction. To her credit, really, because she was sacrificing herself in the interest of keeping Burke out of police & psychiatric custody. It was a high-stakes game John and Patsy played that morning, because both of them could have gone to prison for obstructing justice at least. But the lawyers kept them out of prison. Anyone with fewer resources would have been behind bars and Burke would have been in whatever treatment the court system deemed appropriate. Maybe in a state institution for years?

    It does make one wonder if the psychiatric treatment he had after the murder had any effect on him...The way he smiled and smiled during the Dr. Phil interview...just as inappropriate as he was at JonBenet's funeral and the taped interviews....Happy about the whole thing?
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    I finally had an opportunity to run through the interview series this past evening.

    This is all in my humble opinion;

    One thing was astoundingly clear to me as I watched. I have personal experience with Asperger's/Autism in my family. The way Burke presents himself, his affect, the socially "inappropriate" expressions etc... I feel very strongly that he is most likely a high-functioning individual with Asperger's Syndrome. This is a link to an article which sheds some light on Asperger's. http://www.autismspeaks.ca/about-autism/what-is-autism/asperger-syndrome/ I also think that Dr Phil is aware or, at the very least, suspects this to be the case because of how he chose to explain/defend Burke's behaviour without labelling it. To me, this would make sense of so much to do with Burke.

    I don't believe that Burke would have deliberately hurt his sister.

    I still can't believe that officials took him for a psychiatric assessment at the age of 9 without parental consent, nor representation and that they recorded and kept it all these years. That is appalling. Am I the only one disgusted at the blatant disregard of the rights of a child? Because that's exactly what that was, regardless of who was suspected..
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    A refresher while we await the judicial processes of the lawsuits

    Does anyone remember much of what BR said, or does his image of darting eyes, inappropriate grins and nonchalant responses to his sister’s homicide override any recollection of his explanations?

    A review of the statements given during BR’s Atlanta interview in 1998 as compared to his statements during the Dr. P interview may raise questions for those who’ve followed the case. To quote Chris Rock in one of his comedy acts, it’s not ‘rocket surgery’ to figure ‘Houston, we have discrepancies.’ (Sorry, the statement contradictions bring out the mixed clichés in me. :D )

    Here are only a few of the puzzling/conflicting comments which raised flags. My comments in red italic:

    1) According to Dr. P JR used a flashlight to walk BR to bed. Although BR couldn’t remember if he used the same flashlight when he came downstairs after everyone was asleep, he claimed everyone else was asleep in bed.

    In his ’97 interview JR’s stated he was helping Burke put together a toy in order to get him to go to bed. JB and Patsy were upstairs asleep.

    Whoa, the creeping downstairs possibly with the notorious flashlight was a big surprise. Since BR and JR knew that Spitz was going to be on the CBS program Case of, perhaps pointing to the flashlight used as a bludgeon on JB, was this a motivation to get out front of any story involving a flashlight?

    2) BR explains he may have eaten pineapple with JB that night. Says he can’t remember. He asks Dr. P “Would you remember what you ate 20 years ago?â€

    A clip of BR speaking to the ’98 detective and identifying items on the dining room table illustrated his ability to identify a glass with tea bags, but the bowl of pineapple which had his prints, has him completely flummoxed. This was only a year and a half after JB’s death.

    3) JB fell off her bike.

    No parent mentioned this.

    In DOI JR claimed JB did not get to ride her bike that day.
    PR says she rode her bike in the driveway.
    In TOSOS JR said he accompanied her around the block on Christmas Day.

    And speaking of bikes, JR and BR do not agree on whether he received a bike that Christmas. JR said BR did not receive a bike that Christmas; BR tells Dr. P that he did receive a bike.

    4) BR starts to say he thought his father might have been chasing someone with a b. . . shifts quickly to gun.

    Did he mean to say bat? Does this explain the bat on the back patio?

    5) Oh, the window, the window. BR told Dr. P he was with his father when JR broke the small basement window.

    -1997 interview JR - JR responds that he was alone when the window was broken:
    Well, I think it was last summer. Because Patsy was up at Lake (inaudible) all summer, and it would have been July or August probably, somewhere in that time frame.
    -1997 interview Patsy: TT: When did John break that window in the basement?
    PR: He, I don’t know exactly when he did it, but I think it was last summer sometime when we, the kids and I were at the lake.
    TT: In Charlevoix.
    PR: In Charlevoix and he told me to come back from out of town or whatever and he didn’t have a key and the only way he could get in was to break the window.

    Flag another contradiction.

    6) The Dr. P discussion also touches on whether he was in bed during the 911 call. BR claims to have stayed in bed during the call.

    Matches his mother’s story that he was nowhere around when she made that call.

    Yet apparently BR told the GJ that it sounded like his voice on the 911 call.

    7) In response to Dr. P’s question about the last time he saw his sister, BR said it was when she was asleep in the car.

    Matches his parents’ story that JB was ‘zonked’ and carried up to bed by JR.

    According to ST’s book, BR claimed he saw JB walk up the stairs.

    BR’s explanations at times seem to evolve to match his parents’ statements. This transformation into a riotous display of obfuscation, well it just seems so ‘Ram-see.’ Kudos to JR and PR, it’s a fait accompli.
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    Thanks for listing the contradictions, quest. I can’t think of any to add. I guess I’d have to go back and watch all the Phil interviews again, but kudos to you for doing this.

    One has to wonder if these inconsistencies were unintended missteps or deliberate statements to get out ahead of what they expected to be shown in the upcoming CBS series. I do have a few comments to add to your list. Maybe it’ll help others to think of something I’ve missed.

    Why on earth would John need to use a flashlight to walk Burke to his bedroom? Would his looking first for a flashlight (which in interviews they seemed to have difficulty remembering where it was kept) be easier than simply using light switches? They even had the spiral staircase illuminated with Christmas lights. And then after (supposedly) using it to get Burke to bed, did he then go back downstairs to place it on the table where it showed up in CSI photos; or did he leave it in Burke’s room so he could use it to sneak downstairs to play some more with his new toys? And as others have noted, Burke’s trip downstairs would have put him there when the alleged “intruder†was lurking around looking for his victim.

    All very strange. The only thing I can figure here is that John wanted to make a preemptory explanation to account for any tDNA belonging to them that might be found on the Maglite should further testing be done on it.

    What any one of us might have eaten 20 years ago wouldn’t be as significant as what we ate 20 years ago with a loved one who died shortly after that meal. I can remember (as I’m sure others can) minute details of things that happened, that I did, that others said when a significant event occurred. The significance of the event makes these things unforgettable. But then, the Ramseys have a remarkable ability to “move on with their lives†after such events. The only thing (IMO) Lou Smit got right about this case was his tagging the pineapple as “the big bugaboo.â€

    This is an area that changes each time one of the Ramseys speaks about it. So why did Burke add the “falling off her bike†to his story of the events from that day? As I recall, he said he remembered JonBenet falling off and then just sitting there on it afterwards. Could this be his/their way of planting the idea to account for some of the injuries found on her body during the autopsy?

    I didn’t catch that stumble at all. Now I’ll have to go back and watch it.

    This is truly strange. Why would this story change? John has maintained until now that he broke in while Patsy and the kids were up at Charlevoix. How could Burke now, 20 years later, remember being with his father when he broke in? And why? I can’t think of anything they could anticipate coming out in the CBS series that they would feel compelled to add this little tidbit. I’m flummoxed. Anyone?

    Yeah, well, we know this is a lie. Burke was there in the room while Patsy made the 911 call. I still wonder about where they were located when the call was made. Were they in another room where the phone was not a wall phone, or was John on another line listening and didn’t hang up when Patsy did accounting for the additional time after Patsy thought she had hung up the phone?

    I think here Burke simply knew he had to get his story straight with that of his parents. Using another mixed metaphor: “They had to get all their ducks on the same page.†:D

    (BTW, I love mixed clichés/metaphors -- if it’s not apparent. For anyone else who does, here’s a few more just for grins.):

    • We could stand here and talk until the cows turn blue.
    • We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.
    • “Some people think I’m green behind the ears.†(Pres. B. Obama)
    • It’s time to grab the bull by the tail and look him in the eye.

    Thanks for a trope down Memory Lane. (Actually, that’s not a mixed cliché -- that’s a malapropism, or a pun, or both, or something else, I don’t know.)
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    Recently I watched a program about the Rafay family murders, True East. Based on demeanor and behavior, detectives quickly decided that the murders were committed by the son and his friend, Sebastian Burns. After that, everything was interpreted as pointing to their guilt: their alibi was too perfect; the absence of physical evidence on them just showed how clever they were (though LE would talk about how stupid they were). Evidence pointing to others? Nevermind. Sebastian is weird.

    It's tempting to work demeanor and behavior too hard.​
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    How, pray tell, was Burke able to tell Det Arndt to check the house to see if JonBenet could be hiding somewhere when he left the house with Fleet White around 7 a.m. and Det Arndt didn't arrive at the Ramsey home until approximately 8:10 a.m.?
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    I dare you to prove that Burke is coming out of Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA on 31 Dec 96 at JonBenet's funeral with guilty written all over his face.

    Article from BoulderNews Ramsey Archive
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    Patsy also knew where the knife was hidden and Patsy's kitchen knife was on the 2nd floor laundry area counter.
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