But he was such a wonderful man...

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  1. Elle

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    I liked both books, and I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code movie too, and will go to the Angels and Demons movie when it comes out. The title probably depicts the wrong type of thoughts, I'm thinking. Not really about angels with wings and demons spitting fire in hell.

    I saw The Da Vinci Code in the theatre, and I also have the DVD. I liked the accompanying CD discussing the making of the movie. I really did enjoy seeing some of the fantastic paintings in the Louvre Museum, which were discussed in the movie. because they were real not fakes.

    It's not a movie one could discuss here, Paradox. No need to go into all the reason why we shouldn't. You already know them. :)
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  2. Paradox

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    Catal Huyuk is a great indication that people were far more organized, capable and knowledgeable far earlier than we have been taught. The implications of the dominance of The Female Deity is profound, something we really don't understand even though we are experiencing a return of it.

    It is my idea that migrating people with their myth systems were active in the Levant for tens of thousands of years and settlements arose when people were forced as lower classes to stay in one area to raise grain to supplement the feeding of ritually slain animals. In otherwords, civilization was an unseen consequence rather than a logical progressional development.

    The remnants of the war between these two ways of life is what drives the unrest in the Middle East (and thus here) today.

    The ancient Goddess cultures of old Europe were based on ritually induced visionary experiences. The development of geometry, pictographs and early writing occured in what we call eastern Anatolia. The images were used as part of a myth system that was designed to raise people up to communicate with the Gods. The advancing settlement system wiped out these rituals and the knowledge they provided. The city state power structure co-opted the images. What once belonged to the common man was restricted to priests and their distant Gods. The horrilbe pattern of keeping people self ignorant for the sake of the city state is what drives civilization.

    Dan Brown (and the genre he represents) ripped off the work of people who are on the edge of rediscovering what was lost to humanity ten thousand years ago.

    If you're wondering what this has to do with the Ramsey case: the rise of The Feminine is what the Culture of Boulder is based on. This is an extremely powerful thing, one that cannot be penetrated easily. (No pun intended.)
  3. Elle

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    Dan Brown admits that all this information has been around for a very long time, and that he just wrote a story around it. What's wrong with that, Paradox? It's done every minute of every single day, but when it comes to the Vatican and their secrets, being discussed, all hell breaks loose.

    I just watched a documentary on Frontline just two nights ago about the Boston priest sex scandals. I prefer all of this to come out in the open, rather than priests being sent from Parish to Parish committing the same sins all over again to altar boys. It's time it was all stopped
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  4. Jayelles

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    We just don't know what goes on behind closed doors. I've written several times about a friend of mine who really reminded me of Patsy Ramsey - she is even a former beauty queen! She's attractive, witty, smart and simply oozes good taste and a flair for style. She and her husband are devout Christians and are heavily involved in their church. They appeared to have the perfect life, perfect marriage. At Christmas, I got a card from her and the kids only with a note inside saying that she and her husband had separated. I was really, really shocked and sent a note back saying how sorry I was to hear her news. She called me this week and told me that during their 20 plus years of marriage, he had cheated on her constantly and had been violent on a number of occasions. She'd even had to call the police latterly. Not a soul suspected and she went to great lengths to hide the fact that their perfect marriage was very far from perfect. She is so relieved to be away from him and is living in a secret location without a phone to stop him harassing her.

    She told me that everyone was really shocked and that only her close family knew the extent of their problems.

    So - you never know what goes on behind closed doors.
  5. Paradox

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    What was lost to us through the depreciation of the Goddess shows up as systemic psychopathological behavioral symptoms. (The Middle East).

    A misunderstanding of the rise of The Feminine can do the same thing. (Boulder).

    A person cannot just simply write a story about the centuries old deprivation of humanity's birthright and the implications of it's recovery. Maybe if the authors of that genre had had an experience of God they wouldn't have been so cavalier for cash.
  6. Amber

    Amber Member

    Can you elaborate on the Boulder/goddess aspect Paradox?

    As for Brown, I believe he was tapping into the re-emergence of the Goddess. I know many, many people have read the book and been inspired to find out more about the feminine and question why it was lost and at what cost. I believe his book is a catalyst disguised as fiction :yes:
  7. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Amazing she is forced to hide....glad she is out of a bad relationship.

    Another example of a perfect family, not so perfect.
  8. Show Me

    Show Me FFJ Senior Member

    Paradox thank you for the posts, interesting and food for thought! Seems the earliest civilzations worshipped the well fed female goddess, giver of life.
    I think it's fastinating the earliest form of 'writing' or pictographs, on the little bits of pottery or clay found long before the first cuniform writing. Were the symbols a sign of power, status, tokens of wealth or religious protection?

    As for the Boulder DA's office...I'd say Lazy worships in the Cult of Stupidity. Tracey is definetly a storyteller or more like a jester....still looking for a 'book deal'. Anything so he can retire in a huge new hut full of hides and obsidian.
  9. Elle

    Elle Member

    What a shame, Jay, there isn't a way to find out about a partner's evil side before a marriage, or living agreement takes place (?). Maybe in the future, there might be some kind of test (?).
  10. Paradox

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    Psychologically, the many images of male and female (sun/moon, lingam/yoni, blade/chalice, upward pointing chevron/ downward pointing chevron) can be understood as "generation" and "reception". What is generated is the psychic libido or energy of the body. That energy, in the form of visions is recieved by the conscious ego. This can happen naturally or as the result of trauma or it can be induced by ritual. Many of the worlds' religious traditions are based on these experiences and rituals. The image of "union" is the goal of having visions. The ancient Goddess cultures were absorbed with going in to dark places to have visions. Those places were first caves and then constructed pits or huts.

    These psychological processes are projected onto objects in the temporal world and they then become misread according to the qualitites of the objects that carry the projection. In other words, the rise of the feminine has little or nothing to do with women as much as it has to do with openness and receptivity to information from the objective psyche, the unconscious, the archetypal psyche.

    Boulder is one of the Meccas for the subculture of assimilation of eastern thought and the rise of the feminine. Ultimately they are failures because they think actuall women are supposed to be dominant merely for being women. They think they have accomplished something merely by aping Budhism, Tantraism, Hinduism etc.

    Dan Brown and the genre he came from contribute to the misunderstanding by concretizing the rise of the feminine onto the cleansing of the reputation of Mary Magdalene. The much sought after balance of forces (yin/yang) is concretized onto the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And the product of the union is concretized onto their daughter.
  11. heymom

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    Oh, there is a test, but many women ignore their better instincts, or they have other needs that abusers satisfy. Just because this woman managed to protect her abuser for 20 years does not mean she had no clue about who he was in the beginning. The sick thing is that she stayed with him so long, presumably raising kids in the midst of all that abuse. What their legacy will be is hardly a question.

    I would be willing to bet that her family warned her from pretty early on, but she ignored them. Also, her father was either ineffectual or abusive himself. Women with loving fathers do not seek out these men.
  12. Elle

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    Show Me,

    A Jester's hat does go along with Tracey's Rat Fink Face. :)
  13. Paradox

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    Most of the earliest images can be put under the rubric of "magic". The other catagory would be "counting" (notches) and a third would be protogeometry (cross hatching). They were put on rock and bone long before they were put on pottery.
  14. Elle

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    It's the victim's staying power which baffles me, but I think the family members who do know should be ashamed of themselves for knowing, and doing nothing to prevent it for the sake of holding heads high in the neighbourhood; however this is easier said than done. One has to live it to know it, and this must be horrendous. Many victims end up dead.
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    I agree that you have to go through it to understand completely. I couldn't see the danger I was in until I had gotten away and had been in counseling for a long time. And I wasn't even married to the guy!

    I feel pity for the woman but extremely sad about their children, if they had children. The sins of the fathers...
  16. Elle

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    Sorry to hear this HM, then you know more than the rest of us. I am glad you did escape. There are so many facets in this dangerous situation.
  17. Cranberry

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  18. Paradox

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    It's often seen in those terms, such as eating the wheat wafer and drinking the wine at Mass, the Last Supper, the parable of loaves and fishes etc.

    The blood of Christ is an image of psychic libido, the cup that held his blood, the Grail is an image of receptivity. The genetic bloodline of Jesus and Mary is also an image of libido. The Holy Grail, in the form of the offspring of that marriage is another image of receptivity as the girl "holds" the blood within her body.

    The re-emergence of the Feminine can be seen as nourishing. The interest in Brown's work certainly has energized a lot of people. Visionary experiences can be seen as nourishing, providing energy and direction for a psyche that is unbalanced or underdeveloped.
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    Thanks, it was one of the most confusing and harrowing times in my life. I looked over my shoulder for a long time, and sometimes I still wonder if this guy will somehow show up - that is how they are. It's been over 20 years but I would never underestimate a person like this. The women who get killed are in denial that no one can break through.

    The internet does one no favors, if you don't want to be found. All the locator services can provide addresses and phone numbers and more info than that. Very dangerous.
  20. Amber

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    As Heymom said...it's not so cut and dried from the inside. My best friend suffered for five years off and on. Her family knew and I knew...we packed her stuff up and moved her out three times and still she went back. Ultimately as a friend or or as family you can only be there for them whilst they go through it and be there when they finally leave.

    She has fled to another country now, but she too still has to look over her shoulder.
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