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    It’s almost 23 years now, since JonBenét lost her life. Nothing has changed much in the tabloids. Those who recall the former editor of the National Enquirer, Dylan Howard, will not be surprised that he has remade himself into a podcast celebrity peddling famous case propaganda. His recent podcast is titled “The Killing of JonBenet: The Final Suspects”. Yes, the podcast is as slanted toward R innocence as one can imagine. And yes, the same old suspects and DNA hokum are dredged up to deliver more drivel.

    Though it’s not necessary to mention this latest IDI fantasy production it serves to remind us of the contrast to Tricia’s and FFJ’s unwavering goal to speak the truth about JonBenét’s life and death.

    In the past few years as I’ve read and spoken with long-time case followers, it’s not that difficult to find agreement on one troubling conclusion - JonBenét’s homicide accomplished the cover up of abuse. Some believe fervently it may have been a motive to not seek help for her.

    This brings me to discussing another small truth discovered. Recently I was reviewing material in the autopsy, I read a sentence which I previously hadn’t noted. But before I discuss that sentence I wanted to first reference the opinion of noted abuse expert John McCann. Even though his report has only appeared in the Bonita papers, it has been relied upon for many years as testament to a description of chronic sexual abuse or, by the BPD’s account, prior vaginal trauma.

    The following is an excerpt from the Bonita papers. McCann also noted that in children of this age group the labia, or vaginal lips, remain closed until literally manually separated. In order for there to be an injury to the hymen without injuring the labia, the labia would have to be manually separated before the object was inserted. The examination also indicated that the assault was done while the child was still alive because of the redness in the surrounding tissue and blood in the area.

    He also called attention to a bruise on her right thigh which he thought might represent a thumb imprint from forcing the legs apart.

    For some reason I never digested there was another bruise uncovered during the autopsy. Dr. Meyer stated the following: On the right labia majora is a very faint area of violet discoloration measuring approximately one inch by three-eighths of an inch. Incision into the underlying subcutaneous tissue discloses no hemorrhage. In common terminology, this faint area of violet discoloration is called a bruise. Very specifically Meyer indicated “there was no underlying hemorrhage.”

    According to experts bruises in children will usually disappear completely in about two weeks. JonBenét’s autopsy was performed on Dec. 27th, and the presence of this bruise, though faint, aligns with a prior genital injury occurring either on or in proximity to Dec. 17th. This was the date of Patsy’s after-hours calls to Dr. Beuf. It’s not hard to imagine that JonBenét was in distress, prompting Patsy to place emergency calls. Whatever theory anyone holds, the mention of this fading bruise in the autopsy suggests what many have suspected. There’s a good possibility Patsy called on JonBenét’s behalf as well as a good possibility of the reason. Moreover it would be a reasonable assumption that JonBenét had suffered an assault on the 17th.

    Under questioning by Haney Patsy could not remember why she placed those calls. (Neither could Dr. Beuf.) But it seems obvious Patsy knew something had happened to her daughter, and she lied to Haney about it. JonBenét’s abuse was never supposed to be discovered.

    This family “situation” compels one to another heartbreaking truth in this case. Patsy did not have enough fortitude, ability or whatever, to safeguard her daughter’s life. After realizing her role one can now understand Patsy’s question for JonBenét when they would meet in Heaven. :( Her three-word question was to be “Can we talk?”

    For additional info on the December 17th pageant day, this post fills in some back-story about that day. Autopsy evidence of ONGOING SEXUAL ABUSE
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